Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 39

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 39

It was secluded and graceful of this woods, but the life in it was not suitable for the young.

Old people may enjoy this peace and seclusion, but the young felt it too boring without any entertainment.

Any way, they couldn’t count ants as their entertainment.

Thus after dinner, Han Jin and the others would sit in a circle and talk about everything.

Even Sunier, who rarely talk in the usual, would join them.

“Tell us about it, Sunier!” Miss Keeley looked at her with sparkling eyes.

She began to worship Sunier since they knew she had once served as the commander of a troop, especially of the Heroic Troop in that famous war.

“It’s nothing to talk about.

” She said in a dispirited tone.

“You’re a hero, and everyone is waiting to hear your story.

” Cessacioun laughed.

“Hero?” Her voice was full of cynicism: “It’s not easy to be hero.

I served as the ninth commander of the troop, do you know why I could have this position? Because all the previous commanders had been killed in the war.

” They were all stunned.

They did not know why Sunier would become so furious.

She bit her lips and sighed: “Forget it.

Don’t ask me any more about this.

War was not as interest and meaningful as you think.

It’s ugly, cruel and bloody.

If you are in a battlefield one day, you will understand this.

But, I wish you will never have this opportunity.

” “Don’t look down upon our bearing capacity, Sunier” Han Jin said lightly: “Of course, I didn’t mean Miss Keeley.

” “What do you mean?” Hearing this, Miss Keeley was dissatisfied and she rolled her eyes to Han Jin.

“Yes, I agree.

” Moxinke patted Han Jin on the shoulder and pleaded to Sunier: “We’re so interested in your experience, tell us about it, please.

” “You…” Sunier said helplessly: “In the past, Elves lived on fruit, but now, we eat the same food as you, don’t you feel it strange?” .



They gaped at each other.

Actually, they all had neglected this truth.

“Because the war has completely changed our civilization.

” Sunier said slowly: “Sometimes we have to give up our traditional civilization for living.

We no longer have the right to be critical, especially in wars.

We once cooked our soft armors as food.

For living, we could eat everything!” Miss Keeley covered her mouth unconsciously.

She couldn’t image one eating such tough leather.

“In fact, I was not a real commander in the final battle.

We were going to win.

But we were suddenly attacked by five red dragons.

Under such circumstance, we had no choice but to scatter for escape.

There were at the beginning one hundred or more soldiers with me.

They chose me as their commander, and my task was not to lead them to victory, but to go back to Wild Willow City.

” Sunier’s voice was getting lower: “You know what, when we finally returned to Wild Willow City, there were only seven of us still alive, including me.

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COM “So you have seen the red dragons??” Steelberg exclaimed.

In his eyes, dragons were something very mysterious and extremely strong things.

“Not only seen them, we’d also killed one together.

” Sunier replied in a cold voice.

“What about the crystal of the dragon?” Han Jin asked immediately.

He could keep calm most of the time, but when it referred to energy, he would just act as if he were a different person.

“There were still four other red dragons in the sky, do you think we would have the opportunity and mood to look for the dragon crystal?” Han Jin felt pity for this, but he thought it again, even if they did find the dragon crystal, it’s still unknown who were keeping it at this moment.

Any way, it has nothing to do with him.

“I’m a little tired.

” Sunier stood up and walked back.

“Don’t go, Sunier.

” Moxinke cried in a hurry.

But she didn’t turned her head as if she had not heard Moxinke at all.

Her back profile disappeared into the woods.

“She must had a tough time during the war.

” Cessacioun said in a low-pitched voice: “In fact, each of the Elves who survived the war must had a tough time.

” “You know?” Moxinke was surprised.

“Only a little.

Anyway, it’s a war ten years ago.

” Cessacioun said slowly: “Lord Zaganide and Lord Kassa allied together and conducted a large-scale attack, the Wild Willow City…” “Lord Kassa? Why I have never heard of him?” “Don’t interrupt me, you will know it later.

” Cessacioun said discontentedly: “The situation of both Wild Willow City and Holy Crown City was very passive and dangerous at that time, thus the Wild Willow City sent a group of elite shooters and the Silver Horse Regiment.

They infiltrated deep into the rear of the main troops of Kassa and conducted a series of sneak attacks.

This infiltration lasted more than one year, during which they destroyed two large-scale magic transmitting deployments, annihilated countless small groups of enemies, and burned large number of heavy weapons.

Except the main cities of Kassa, they had once occupied all the other cities.

Some were even occupied by them several times.

“The main forces of Lord Kassa were fighting Lord Dismark at that time and he had no army to support the rear.

Moreover, the speed of the Silver Horse Regiment was as fast as blowing wind.

Not to mention face to face fighting, it was even unable to find them.

At last, Lord Kassa had no choice but to dispatch several red dragons as well as his household troops to outflank the Silver Horse Regiment.

” Cessacioun paused: “And Lord Dismark had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.

He launched an all-out attack immediately and broke through the defensive line of Lord Kassa within three days.

Lord Kassa was also killed in that battle.

” “But the Silver Horse Regiment paid a heavy and painful price.

” Cessacioun sighed: “I heard that only one-tenth or less Elves were alive back to the Wild Willow City.

” “And what happened later?” Han Jin asked.

“Lord Kassa was dead.

His territory was divided by Wild Willow City and Holy Crown City, that’s all what happened later.

” Han Jin sunk into silence while Moxinke and the others all showed the expression of astonishment.

Now they really understood what Sunier said.

The hardships and danger she had experienced during the year’s fighting at the rear of the enemies was far beyond their imagination.

In such cases, it was not strange for the Elves to even eat their soft armors.

“What were you thinking about?” Cessacioun looked at Han Jin and asked curiously.

“What about Zaganide? You did not mention him just now.

” “Zaganide? Since Kassa had been killed, do you think he would still fight alone against Wild Willow City and Holy Crown City? He had already fled to his own territory.

” “Didn’t the Wild Willow City and Holy Crown City hunted down the troops of the Black Raven City?” “No.

” “Why?” “This… I don’t know.

” Cessacioun shook his head.

All he knew about the war was the main stories of it, which were also known to many other people.

As for the question Han Jin had asked, it belonged to the internal secrets