Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 25

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 25

“You are right!” Moxinke shouted with solemn expression on his face, the stick in his hand pointed to Steelberg in distance: “Capable sailors are not trained on calm lakes, epoch-making heroes are not made in peacetime! If you become a strong man one day, the first person you should show gratitude to is me, the man who have tortured you.

” “But … but …what I want to learn is magic…” Steelberg was nearly crying.

His ass had been whipped by Moxinke for many times and was now hot with irritable pain.

He didn’t want to fight with Moxinke anymore, if that can be called as “fight”.

“Coward!” Moxinke twitched his mouth and shouted without expectation: “Look at the sword!” The stick in his hand thrust to Steelberg like a lightning.

Seeing this, Steelberg threw away the stick in his hand hurriedly and covered his butt by both of his hands.

But it’s useless.

His left hand was picked away by the tip of the stick in Moxinke’s hand easily and with a snap.

The butt of him was spanked again.

He jumped up with pain.

“Steelberg is your servant, don’t you do anything to help him?” Cessacioun laughed.

“That guy is a sixth grade professional, what can I do?” Han Jin shook his head and go on with his work.

“You are … … What are you doing?” Cessacioun stared at Han Jin’s hands curiously.

He was holding a knife borrowed from Sunier and engraving something carefully on a gray paper.

Soon a paper man two inches in tall was made.

Han Jin muttered some incantations with his index finger moving on the paper man.

When everything was ready, he called: “Come here, Steelberg.

” “I quit! Young master is calling me!” Steelberg almost cried with joy.

He rushed towards Han Jin after leaving these words.

Han Jin put the paper man in Steelberg’s palm and whispered to him a few words, then he patted Steelberg’s shoulder and said: “Go!” .



Steelberg gawked at Han Jin for a while and then turned around with his teeth grinding.

He picked up a stick with his trembling hands.

“Boring…” Moxinke had lost his interest in torturing Steelberg and was walking towards Sunier.

“You, come back!” Steelberg shouted.

His unafraid expression amused Miss Keeley to titter.

On the other side Sunier made a glance at Han Jin and then turned her eyes on the field.

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COM “Ah! … … You uppity guy!” Moxinke snorted and laughed nastily.

He approached Steelberg step by step.

“You are a sixth grade professional, it’s…it’s unfair to me!” Steelberg was overwhelmed several steps back by the momentum of Moxinke and shouted: “We should change a way!” “What way?” “I count three numbers, if you can’t defeat me within the three numbers, you lose!” “No problem, Steelberg.

Pray for your butt! Ha ha!” Moxinke grinned.

“Wait, wait!” Steelberg stepped back a few more steps with fear and said: “We shall bet on something to make it more interesting.

” “What to bet on?” Seeing Steelberg was so confident.

Moxinke couldn’t help but casting a glance at Han Jin, who was sitting there with a gentle and warm smile on his face as though he was not interested in their competition at all.

Nothing unusual could be penetrated.

“If I lose, I call you my elder brother.

But if you lose, you should also call me elder brother!” Steelberg said.

“No problem!” Since there was nothing dangerous, Moxinke agreed without hesitation.

“One…” Steelberg shrieked and with a backhand he threw the paper man out.

Fear swept them all.

Then a giant nearly ten meters in height appeared out of nowhere and wielded a long stick that even thicker than Moxinke’s waist.

When the giant appeared, the smile of Miss Keeley frozen on her face.

Sunier also jumped up from the ground all of a sudden with astonishment.

Cessacioun kept his eyes wide open and muttered: “The art of puppet manipulating….


” The most shocked one was Moxinke, who was panic-stricken and jumped back immediately to avoid the strike .

“Don’t stare blankly, Steelberg, continue counting!” Han Jin shouted.

In fact the magic art he used was the simplest one.

The giant just looked fierce, it actually had no fighting capability at all.

A mere touch would make it collapse easily.

Only those laypersons were easily to be fooled.

“Ah?” Steelberg was rudely awakened and screamed: ” two…” But Moxinke had no energy to deal with Steelberg at all.

He had released all his strength of fighting to dodge the attack of the giant.

The giant was over ten meters tall and each strike of it was fierce and fast, bearing an imposing manner like the wild wind sweeping away all the dark clouds.

Compared with the giant, Moxinke was like a little dwarf that could only reach its knees.

No matter how hard he tried to retreat and dodge, he was still like the meat on cutting board, only one step forward by the giant, he could be hit.



” Steelberg had shouted the last number that determined the result of this competition.

“Raphael, get that damn puppet back!” Moxinke shouted: “Be quick! Or I’ll destroy it!!” The others all gazed at Han Jin, who was still sitting there with his eyes narrowing.

The giant couldn’t hurt Moxinke at all, and the energy used to make the puppet couldn’t be recovered, so why not making it a funny show? Being chased by the giant closely, Moxinke realized that it was useless to dodge it.

Thus his body moved in a flash towards his sword that still stabbing on the ground.

Moxinke was actually also a ruthless character.

Since now he had been forced to exert his true strength, he had nothing else to scruple at all.

The giant followed at his heels and swung its stick at the back of Moxinke.

At this critical moment Moxinke rolled his body on the ground swiftly and threw out the stick in his hand to the giant while letting out a howl, then he pulled out his sword and with a flowing light his body thrust towards the giant together with his sword.

His eyes protruded like two bronze balls shining with fierce light.

The sword in his hand also flickered with cold light.

But when his body was still five meters away from the giant, the stick he throw out had already hit it and the aggressive giant dissipated in the blink of an eye, as though it had never appeared.

Only those with extreme good eyesight could find a paper floating down from midair.

The wielding of the sword with all his strength lost its target unexpectedly, making Moxinke unable to control his speed and rushed directly to the jungle.

He didn’t stable his steps until he was nearly fell into the bush before he turned around and tried to search the profile of the giant.

“What is this?” Sunier jumped to the competition field and picked up a piece of paper.

“I don’t know.

” Han Jin stretched his limbs and replied lazily.

Deep in his heart he was in fact very excited.

There were three methods of cultivation.

The first one was to forge one’s flesh and bone and pursue to be a saint with extreme strong body.

It is called External Art.

The second was to cultivate one’s spirit by using his or her own body as the stove and cauldron, that is called Internal Art.

The last but not least one was the art of magic, which using the paper charms to motivate the mysterious elements of heaven and earth.

Han Jin had practiced all the three arts before, but proficient in none of them.

The purpose of him spending over three hundred yuan’s energy today making an army calling charm was to confirm how much might the Art of Tao can exert in this world.

He was near the completeness of basis construction and needed to decide his focus of further cultivation in the future.