Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 22

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 22

Chapter 22: BurdenTranslator: Wuxia Dog Editor: Wuxia Dog As an old saying goes: “Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise”.

Han Jin was now lying on the grass, idling away his time aimlessly by watching the busy Miss Keeley and Steelberg.

Miss Keeley had recovered from her grief, or it could be said that she was strong-minded in her bones and she just lacked the courage and experience to confront the danger and disaster.

She was, deep inside her heart, very grateful to Han Jin and the others, for that they hadn’t left her in this woods alone.

Though these guys always talked about how beautiful the sights were in this woods and how they enjoyed themselves and didn’t want to leave, Miss Keeley knew it was just to make her feel comfortable.

Thus her hostility to Han Jin had faded gradually.

In fact she was also a professional, a real soldier.

It’s just that her power was only enough to deal with an ordinary person like Steelberg, even the injured Han Jin was out of her defeating capability.

She knew she couldn’t do anything else for him, but cooperating with Steelberg and doing some trifles such as washing and cleaning.

However, both her efficiency and effectiveness were poor.

Obviously, a miss from a big family in the Holy Crown City had never done those chores by herself before, she must have lots of houseboys and maidservants.

But of course Han Jin had never forced her to do anything, on the contrary he often ordered Steelberg to take over her job and let her have a rest.

It was herself that insisted on making some contribution.

Han Jin spit the grass-root in his mouth aside and his eyes stared at the wooden ceiling.

A few days ago Miss Keeley was a burden to them , now himself became the trouble.

Since four of his ribs in his chest were broken, and the bone of the left lower leg fractured.

He could go no where but staying here on the grass.

And the most distracting thing for him was that he had to exert some of his energy to strengthen his body so as to avoid any sequela.

After all, he lacked energy.

If it was at his peak time, such injury could be healed within only 12 hours.

But the energy spent on it was also directly proportional.

Now Han Jin couldn’t afford it.

“You come back, Sunier.

” Outside the shed sounded the voice of Moxinke: “Wow! What a big creature!” “Clean it up! I am a bit tired.

” Sunier replied.

“Okay, leave it to me.

” Moxinke said: “Such a big thing, they couldn’t even move it.

” .



“Is Raphael still in the shed?” “Er.

” Moxinke made a weird smile: “You are quite care of him these days, Sunier?” “None of your business!” Before her voice had died away she had went into the shed.

Han Jin raised his head and looked at Sunier.

Her face was still calm, as though she didn’t mind Moxinke’s teasing at all.

They had a secret between them.

Han Jin’s wound was her ‘contribution’.

In their minds, it was natural for Sunier to take good care of Han Jin, otherwise one would feel aggrieved and the other would feel apologetic.

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COM “Steelberg, leave us alone for a minute.

I have something to tell him.

” Sunier said lightly.

Hearing this, Steelberg’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He looked at Han Jin and then turned to Sunier, and left, grinning.

“What a wretched guy he is.

I should teach him a lesson later!” Han Jin said with embarrassment.

“Wretched? You are no better than him.

” This said, Sunier went to his side and squatted down.

Several magic crystals appeared beside him, some of them containing the element of fire, some earth, and some water.

“These are…” Han Jin was stunned.

“These are for you.

” Sunier said, her voice still cold.

Han Jin found the all magic crystals in Sunier’s hand were second grade.

He immediately understood her good intention.

It must be that she had spent a lot of time hanging around in the forest and hunted lots of second grade holy animals specially for him to get those magic crystals.

He knew that the probability of a second grade holy animal containing magic crystal was very low.

Even on that day when Cessacioun burnt thousands of black ravens he only found two or three hundred magic crystals on the ground.

“Thank you.

” Han Jin whispered: ” but … … ” “But what?” “I’m hurt now and the elements accumulated by me have gone through severe losses.

I think you understand what I mean, Sunier.

” “You mean you can’t even absorb the elements from a second grade magic crystal at present?” “Yes.

” He nodded.

“But first grade magic crystals…They are too hard to be found.

” Sunier frowned: “Isn’t there any other way?” “Actually….

If you haven’t burned those human-faced eagles, I shall not suffer like this.

” Han Jin made a bitter smile, the resentment in his deep heart was released finally.

“So…you can also absorb the elements from the body of holy animals?” Sunier showed a look of astonishment.

“Yes, although not that much, it’s safer.

” “No wonder you always eat so much!” Sunier was suddenly enlightened.

“Do you think I enjoy eating like that? It’s in fact very hard work.

” Sunier thought for a while and suddenly said: “I’ve got an idea.

” After this, she turned around and left the wooden shed.

A few minutes later, Moxinke’s scream came from outside: “What? The bear of Earth?? Are you out of your mind, Sunier?!” “Stop shouting!” She roared: “I see clearly that it’s a young bear of Earth! We can definitely handle it!” “Even so, I won’t take such risk with you! What shall we do if there were adult bears of Earth around it? They are eighth grade holy animals.

Sunier, far beyond our capability!” “We can hide ourselves in the jungle and observe first.

If there are really other bears nearby, we can come back immediately, if no…” “No!” Moxinke shouted resolvedly.

“So you will not go with me, will you?” Sunier seemed raged.

“No!” Moxinke answered decisively.

Then Sunier whispered something to Moxinke, the next moment he jumped with astonishment: “You’re not kidding me?” “Do I need to cheat you?” Moxinke hesitated for a long time, and then said: “All right, we shall try.

” “That is what a true man should do!” “Ho ho…Are you cursing me? My teacher told me that a true man will die earlier.

” “You … …” hearing this, Sunier was almost choked.

“Cessacioun, you stay here, Sunier and I are going out for a while.

We will be back soon.

” Moxinke exclaimed.

“Hey, you’re not really to deal with the bear of Earth?” Cessacioun shouted worriedly.

But they’ve already gone far, leaving the sound of replying echoed: “It’s all right, just waiting for our good news.

” In the shed, Han Jin was lying on the ground blankly.

He had heard the key words of the whispering.

He knew clearly why Moxinke would change mind suddenly.

Tears wet his eyes.

He was a competitive person.

In his former world he had never accepted any favor except that from his teacher and parents.

He still determined to rely on himself in this world.

But sometimes, he had to lay down his self-esteem.

“Are you alright, young master?” Steelberg asked with surprise at the gate.

“I’m fine.

” Han Jin simply closed his eyes: “I am tired and I want to have a sleep, don’t bother me.