Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 9

Warlord of Chaos - Chapter 9

Under normal circumstances, one’s life would be much comfortable if one makes money in big cities and uses them in small towns.

In this sense, though Han Jin had spent ten pieces of golden coins as bait and one golden coin to change others’ impression on him, the remaining nine golden coins would still be a large amount of money in Radon Town.

Thus, Han Jin’s life now was very comfortable, eating and sleeping in a hotel, receiving respect from people in this town.

They often greeted to him when they came across in streets, of course Han Jin was also polite, he always smiled back as response, regardless of whether he knew them or not.

This day, Han Jin and Moxinke returned to their room after breakfast as usual.

Han Jin sat in a chair leisurely, immersed in the gratification that the traces of energy brought him, while Moxinke seemed heavyhearted.

He hesitated for a while and said: “Are we going to stay here like this? It’s boring and …” Hearing this, a glimmer of smile showed on Han Jin’s face, he knew what Moxinke meant, staying in the hotel and eating in idleness was by no means a good decision.

What’s more, Moxinke was not a man keenly take petty advantage of others, he often paid the bills before Han Jin.

Now, he was worrying about his future.

But just when Han Jin was going to speak, Steelberg suddenly opened the door and ran inside hurriedly: “Young master, Miss Keeley has moved away, and there are some guys go to her house in a very threatening manner today!” Han Jin was stunned: “when did she go?” “Don’t know.

” Steelberg shook his head: “I waited downstairs this morning for a long time and no one came in or out.

Just when I was planing to go back, a group of people broke into her building, but they didn’t find anything.

” “Raphael, is that why you sent Steelberg out every morning…” Moxinke seemed to understand something suddenly.

“She might get a message last night and leave the town at night!” Han Jin did not answer Moxinke, he stood up and pondered for a moment: “What do those people look like?” “Young master, they … … they looked very noble, and seemed that they were people not to be trifled with!” .



“Are they still there?” “I suppose so.

” “Let’s go and see.

” “Young master, we’d better not…” Steelberg said timidly, strictly speaking, he was not worried about himself, but about his master Han Jin.

Those people were either rich or with high status, even when his old master, Raphael’s father, was still alive, they dared not to challenge them.

In case anything bad happened, no one could save them.

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COM “Let’s go!” Han said in an indubitable tone.

A moment later, Han Jin and his servant Steelberg had arrived at the building of Miss Keeley.

They stood nearby, Moxinke followed them.

The group of people were still there, standing in front of the building, discussing something in low voice.

Behind the building there were ten odd tall war horses, all were white and pure.

Via these horsed, Han Jin could guess the high status of these people.

The man in lead was in his thirties, with thin cheek and a pair of red armor on his body.

His eyes glimmered with aggressive lights.

Manhanna, the mayor of Radon Town, was standing beside the man, stooping down and nodding, wearing ingratiating smile on his face.

“Raphael, they have four high grade Knights, we are absolutely not to piss them off!” Moxinke said word by word, “and the guy in red robe, I could not see through his power, do you know what this means?” “I know.

” Han Jin replied.

Compared with Moxinke, Han Jin was calmer.

He had prepared himself before they came here.

The person who could oppress Miss Keeley, one of the celebrities from Holy Crown City, to such a situation, would never be a man without high position.

How could an ordinary baron confront against him? “You knew? You are not going to fight? Why are we still here?” Moxinke was stunned.

He had thought Han Jin just came here to teach those people a lesson for Miss Keeley.

Never knew that this young master had other purpose.

Moxinke had planned to help Han Jin, but when he saw his opponents, his courage dispersed immediately.

“Who says I’m going to fight? I have told you violence doesn’t solve all problems.

” Han Jin pointed to his head: “some ….


” “Mind, brain and understanding!” Moxinke rolled his eyes.

Just then the man in red robe noticed Han Jin.

He whispered something to Manhanna, who also turned his eyesight to Han Jin and explained something.

A glimmer of contempt flashed in the red-robed man’s eyes.

Then he diverted his attention and didn’t look at Han Jin anymore.

Two Knights came hurtling from the other side of the street and in a flash they had arrived at the building.

They reined their horses simultaneously, their movements neat and uniform, apparently they were strictly trained.

One of them said in a low voice: “My Lord, we found some clues in the West of the town.

” “Horse!” The man in a red robe roared.

Moments later, the group of people left, their figures disappeared in distance.

Mayor Manhanna showed a trace of crafty smile.

He waved his hand and several members from the enforcement team stepped forward, put a seal on the gate of the shop.

Manhanna hesitated for a while and then walked slowly towards Han Jin: “Good morning, young master Raphael.

” “Mayor Manhanna, long time no see, you are getting younger.

” Han Jin replied with polite formula: “May I ask who are those people?” “Oh … … They are great men from Holy Crown City, real noblemen.

” Manhanna said in a mysterious way deliberately.


” Han Jin nodded.

He knew what Manhanna meant, real noblemen, then who was the faked one? However, Han Jin had no intention to round on him.

A man in charge is more useful than an officer in title.

It’s not the right time to fall out with Manhanna.

“Young Master Raphael, I’ve got other business to do, so excuse me.

” Manhanna grinned.

Han Jin nodded again with smile until Manhanna left away, then he sighed and asked: “Steelberg, does this old guy always talk sarcastically?” “Yes, young master, he is the least good thing.

Old master used to disdain him.

” “Disdain?” Han Jin immediately sensed something: “Didn’t my father fear that he would do bad secretly?” “He dares not!” Steelberg said triumphantly: “Old master had scolded him angrily and abusively once, but what did that old guy do? He just stood there and smiled like a dog!” Han Jin sighed.

He used to think Mayor Manhanna disliked them just because Steelberg peeked at the bathing girls.

But now he understood things didn’t go that easy.

Though it’s normal that everyone gives a shove to a falling wall, but there must be some reason to hit a person when he is down.

“Raphael, I know you like Miss Keeley, but … …Please don’t get angry if I tell you the truth, but… ” Moxinke uttered haltingly.

“What do you know? Who told you I like Miss Keeley?” Han Jin did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Wanna cheat me? You think I am that dwarf?” Moxinke squinted at Han Jin contemptuously: “If you don’t like her, why you asked Steelberg to came here every day?” Han Jin was speechless.

He did care about Miss Keeley, but that was not love.

He planned to help Miss Keeley to get rid of her trouble and give those guys a lesson, so that he can not only gain some money, but also set up a high position so no one would dare to offend him anymore.

He had thought it would be a good plan to act as an adviser of Miss Keeley since she was rich and she needed one to help her.

But man proposes, God disposes.

But Han Jin didn’t give up, he wanted to gain forgiveness from Miss Keeley.

Han Jin was sort of a good man, that’s undoubtedly.

Otherwise, if he tried to contacted Miss Keeley’s enemies and make up some information about her, he could also get what he wanted.

But he never did this.

After all, it was his negligence that caused the death of Miss Keeley’s servant.

He owed her a debt, and debts shall be paid back! Also from the perspective of human nature, some guys were persecuting the beautiful Miss Keeley by all vile means.

As a man, he would undoubtedly sympathize the latter.

“Forget it, let’s say something important.

” Han Jin changed the topic and said: “You said they have four high grade Knights, Moxinke?” “Yes, and then?” “How strong are you if compared with them?” “You mean, who is a better fighter?” “Well.

” “I’m high grade swordman, and they are high grade Knights, we are at the same rank.

But as to who is better, we can see only after real fighting.

” “Are there many men as strong as you?” This question was quite important to Han Jin.

He had always considered Moxinke as his goal to surpass.

If his plan went well, he was confident to realize this goal within one or two years.

“It depends on where it is.

If in this small town, I counted this.

” Moxinke held up his thumb, “But if in Holy Crown City, I am just this.

” Then he held up his little finger.

“Oh … …” Han Jin smiled.

Only this time his smile seemed a little bitter.

“Have you heard of Lord Dismark, the owner of Holy Crown City? He is the Supreme Knight of light! The super strong Knight that can fight against a dragon!!” Moxinke exclaimed: “A high grade swordman like me was just a fart compared with him.

” Han Jin waved his hand, indicating Moxinke not to go on.

His confidence had suffered extremely brutal and inhuman blow.

But in his deep heart, there was a fire burning more and more flourishing.

Moxinke had analyzed with him these days the current situation outside this town.

The mainland was disintegrated and torn by dissension, dozens of territory owners were fighting wars against each other.

Compared with the outside world, Radon Town was a fictitious land of peace.

There was no attractive profits in this small town, thus armies didn’t come, thieves and brigands didn’t come.

However, the peace at present didn’t mean the peace in the future.

In case misfortunes came, the whole town, including Han Jin, would be treated as straw dogs, helplessly waiting for death! He didn’t care what others planned, but he himself would never accept such an ending.