Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 43

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Exterminating the Liu Family! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “Just four low-level elite martial artists?” Su Chen said with a smile.

The gap between him and the low-level elite martial artists was too big.

The strength of these low-level elite martial artists was only tens of thousands of jin but what about him? After activating his high-level strength talent, his strength exceeded hundreds of thousands of jin! It was already a gap between heaven and earth—a gap that no technique could cross.

Not to mention, it was not just strength.

In terms of speed, technique, and healing ability, Su Chen was far ahead of them in every aspect that they could imagine.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! .



Four blade lights flashed, and the necks of these elite martial artists were directly cut off, and their heads were thrown high into the air.

“Killing you is easier than killing a chicken.

” Su Chen sneered.

Under the cover of the night, he was like a god of slaughter.

Two more elite martial artists surrounded him.

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COM The black tanto in his hand was so fast that it was hard for the naked eye to catch it.

These elite martial artists hadn’t seen anything clearly before they were killed by the pitch-black saber light.

At that moment, the higher-ups of the Liu family, as well as a large group of martial artists and elite martial artists, all rushed over.

After seeing the corpses on the ground, everyone stood rooted to the ground.

Because Su Chen wore a black mask on his face, the people of the Liu family couldn’t recognize him.

“Who are you? How dare you come to our Liu family to be so presumptuous!” Although he looked fierce on the surface, he was actually not confident in his heart.

Because the big martial artists of the Liu family no longer had the battle strength of a big martial artist.

Su Chen didn’t want to waste time talking to them.

He just wanted to kill all the people of the Liu family as fast as possible.

Not a single one was spared! Su Chen rushed toward them at an astonishing speed and the short black blade in his hand slashed forward.

The head of the Liu family was seriously ill in bed, and the one who had the most say was Liu Mo.

With his order, the powerful martial artists of the Liu family rushed forward.

Some of them were the hidden strength of the Liu family.

They were all elite martial artists who had received special training.

However, in front of Su Chen, they still didn’t have any ability to resist.

All of them were instantly killed by Su Chen’s saber.

As for those ordinary martial artists, Su Chen’s saber could kill a large number of them with his sharp saber qi.

Su Chen’s astonishing speed made the martial artists of the Liu family feel despair.

No matter which direction they ran to, before they could run more than ten meters, a dark figure would appear in front of them, like a grim reaper, taking their lives.

Soon, all the powerful martial artists of the Liu family were killed by Su Chen.

The entire residential area of the Liu family looked like an Asura field, with corpses all over the ground.

Fresh blood gathered into a small river and flowed into the distance.

Only Liu Mo was left, shivering.

He had lived for forty to fifty years but he had never seen such a scene.

At that moment, he was scared out of his wits.

Su Chen’s cold killing intent locked onto him and Liu Mo immediately woke up with a shiver.

“Patriarch, save me!” He ran toward the place where the Mo family’s patriarch lived like a madman.

However, his speed was too slow compared to Su Chen’s.

Su Chen was like a pitch-black phantom, following closely behind him, wanting to catch up with him at any moment.

The door of the Liu family patriarch’s residence broke open and an old man with white hair walked out.

“Patriarch, save me!” Liu Mo seemed to have seen his savior as he cried out.

The Liu family’s patriarch roared angrily.

Then, he burst out with all his strength and rushed toward Su Chen.

Su Chen caught up with Liu Mo and the short black blade in his hand quickly struck out.

In front of the Liu family’s patriarch, he cut Liu Mo in half from the middle.

“Ah!” The Liu family’s patriarch roared.

When Su Chen invaded the Liu family, he was recuperating in a secret room.

At this time, he released his spiritual power and checked the entire area of the Liu family.

He found that there were not many living people left.

The corpses on the ground were enough to drive the Liu family’s patriarch crazy.

This was the foundation he had worked hard for his whole life! “No matter who you are, you must die!” The Liu family’s patriarch roared and rushed toward Su Chen.

When he was fighting against the power ants, he suffered internal injuries and his strength dropped from a great martial artist to a peak elite martial artist.

But at this time, he used a secret technique.

He burned a part of his blood essence and forcefully raised his fighting strength to the peak! At this time, he had returned to the great martial artist realm! No, it was even more beyond his peak! The originally white-haired Liu family’s patriarch appeared even older at this moment.

The meridians in his body appeared to be black and red in color, and his entire body was enveloped in balls of blood mist.

Originally, his physical strength was 150,000 jin.

But now, after being strengthened by a secret technique, it was a full 300,000 jin! In addition to the eruption of origin energy at the great martial artist level, his strength had already exceeded 600,000 jin! A punch was thrown out and the terrifying strength had already compressed the space, causing some distortions to occur.

The power of this punch was extremely terrifying.

Even an ordinary primary great martial artist wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

The void seemed to be blasted apart! Facing the terrifying attack, Su Chen’s expression didn’t change in the slightest.

The opponent’s strength was formidable.

His strength was even more formidable! After activating his high-grade strength talent, Su Chen’s strength was far beyond 600,000 jin.

In addition, he used his blade technique talent and the blade technique secret manual he cultivated, ‘Shadowless Blade.

’ The black tanto flew into the air and instantly appeared in front of the Liu family’s patriarch.

A resplendent black light and the Liu family’s Patriarch’s fist collided heavily!