Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 24

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Ancient Dragon Crocodile! Top-Tier Ferocious Beasts! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL “The map of the Lake of Death has a normal and exquisite version.

The normal version costs 10,000 yuan and the exquisite version costs 100,000 yuan.

Which one would you like?” Su Chen scratched his head.

“What’s the difference?” “10,000 yuan only includes the terrain and the route, while the exquisite version costs 100,000 yuan.

It will indicate where the danger is and where all the ferocious beasts are located.

” “Give me 100,000 yuan.

” 100,000 yuan was nothing to Su Chen.

However, after buying the exquisite edition, Su Chen’s confidence increased by a lot.

Apart from the map, Su Chen also bought some medicine.

The three bottles of Yuan Ye he bought previously were used to recover elemental energy.

Now, he bought some healing medicine that could recover his wounds and stamina.

After all the preparations were done, Su Chen left the Taichu Base.

The twenty-kilometer journey was neither far nor near.

If Su Chen were to run freely, he would be able to arrive in an hour.

But he needed to maintain his stamina because it was very likely that he would encounter fierce beasts on the way and it was still very dangerous.

The sound of battle suddenly came from not far away.

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COM Su Chen was somewhat surprised.

The wilderness was very vast.

Moreover, there were very few people in such a dangerous place.

There were actually martial artists coming here? Su Chen carefully hid in the shadows.

There were many shades of trees in the forest.

It was very suitable for him to hide his figure.

When he was close to the battle location, Su Chen hid behind a tree and looked over.

“It’s actually her?” Su Chen discovered that the person who was fighting was the general manager of the Martial Hall, Luo Ling.

She was leading more than ten people and fighting against a group of huge beasts.

The power spread and caused the ground to shake.

“Prehistoric giant crocodile!” This was an extremely terrifying mid-level beast.

Moreover, it was a group of primary selections.

The leader of the group was a prehistoric giant crocodile that was 25 meters long! The moment it moved, the earth shook.

This was… a high-level beast! Su Chen’s expression changed greatly.

He didn’t expect there to be so many terrifying existences near the Lake of Death! Besides Tang Ling, there were ten elite martial artists and a great martial artist.

It could be considered a powerful team.

These powerful martial artists all protected Tang Ling in the center.

It was obvious that Tang Ling’s identity wasn’t simple.

Su Chen was somewhat puzzled.

What was the purpose of gathering such a team here? It was very dangerous here.

Su Chen did not plan to come out and continued to hide in the shadows to watch.

Suddenly, the waves in the Lake of Death parted and a figure rose up.

“It’s pertaining to the water talent,” Su Chen whispered.

This kind of talent could help people move freely in the water.

Even their clothes were dry.

“Miss, I’ve got it!” The middle-aged man who came out of the lake shouted.

He quickly went ashore and came to Luo Ling’s side.

He handed something to Luo Ling.

“Retreat quickly!” The group of people shouted and were about to retreat.

At this moment, the lake shook violently and an enormous body rushed out of the water.

“Ancient Dragon Crocodile!” Su Chen was shocked.

This was the leader of the prehistoric giant crocodile—ancient dragon crocodile! It was said that it had a trace of dragon bloodline in its body, so it was an existence that surpassed high-level fierce beasts! The moment this ancient dragon crocodile came out of the water, a terrifying pressure spread out for thousands of meters.

The fishy smell of blood spread out and the air became cold.

This was a true top-level fierce beast! “I’ll hold on.

Miss, you retreat first!” The old man shouted.

He was the great martial artist on the team.

The middle-aged man who came out of the water was also a great martial artist.

This was the full strength of their team.

But it was far from enough to deal with a top-tier fierce beast! A top-tier fierce beast was equivalent to a human grandmaster! It was a truly terrifying existence in the world! All the elite martial artists in the Martial Hall rushed up and attacked the ancient dragon crocodile.

But their attacks were like tickling, completely ineffective.

The old man used origin energy to push Tang Ling’s palm, sending her a hundred meters away.

He and the middle-aged man joined hands to act as the last line of defense.

Luo Ling began to flee but a few giant prehistoric crocodiles chased after her from behind.

She didn’t have much time left.

Luo Ling’s aura was completely released, extremely powerful! According to Su Chen’s deduction, Luo Ling had already reached the peak of elite martial artists! Much more powerful than him! Luo Ling turned her head to take a look and discovered that the prehistoric crocodile was chasing very closely.

Gritting her teeth, Luo Ling activated the secret technique.

The origin energy in her body was burning.

She forcefully raised her strength to the great martial artist level! However, this was only temporary.

Once the time passed, she would fall into a state of weakness.

A flying sword shot out explosively, directly piercing through the body of a giant crocodile.

But there were too many prehistoric crocodiles around.

She could only look for an opportunity to flee while fighting.

Relying on the strength of a great martial artist, Luo Ling bought enough time for herself.

She did not know how long she fled, but she finally could not see the silhouette of the prehistoric crocodiles.

Luo Ling fell headfirst under a tree.

She was already very weak and couldn’t even move.

It was time for the secret technique! The current her was weaker than an ordinary person.

Her consciousness was getting weaker and weaker.

She was about to faint.

Fainting in the wild was very dangerous.

Any random beast could take her life but she really couldn’t hold on any longer.

Just before fainting, Luo Ling saw a figure running over and landing beside her.