Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 7

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Fierce Beast Blood Trial! Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Like humans, fierce beasts also needed talent in order to become stronger.

Their bloodline talent was equivalent to the cultivation talent of humans.

Without a high-grade talent, it was impossible to become a truly powerful threat.

This silver ferret only had a low-grade bloodline talent, and its strength was equivalent to an ordinary warrior.

However, the reason why it could be so troublesome and even kill warriors was that it had another talent: the speed talent! This beast had been very fast, and so it was very powerful.

Now, combined with his strength as a warrior, he could resist the attacks of other warriors.

Su Chen had copied this speed talent.

In the future, he would be invincible among those of the same level! Let’s go home! he thought.

Su Chen jogged all the way home.

After having dinner with his sister, Su Chen rushed into his bedroom, intending to fuse with this talent.

Normally, besides cultivating talent, other talents could only be awakened after reaching the level of a fighter.




However, Su Chen used the duplication talent to break this rule.

Su Chen no longer hesitated.

He quickly chose to merge.

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COM An incomparable pain burned Su Chen’s body, but he was prepared.

After resisting for ten minutes, he felt comfortable.

He had now merged with the silver ferret’s speed ability.

He focussed his attention on his body, and the status of his ability immediately appeared.

“Cultivation talent: medium.

” “Speed talent: elementary.

” Since his speed talent could not be tested at home, Su Chen decided to sleep.

Early the next morning, Su Chen went to the forest behind the academy.

There was no one else here, so he could try his speed talent.

After Su Chen activated it, his speed instantly soared, and his entire body turned into a flash as he dashed into the distance.

Su Chen felt a little shocked.

After he started moving, everything around him rapidly retreated.

His speed was roughly three times faster than before! This was only his elementary speed talent, but it allowed his speed to be comparable to an ordinary martial artist.

He knew that as his strength increased, his speed would become faster! No wonder people with other talents were called geniuses.

With just a basic talent, Su Chen was confident that he could beat most martial artists, and he would even be able to contend with martial artists soon.

While Su Chen was excited, he also knew that if he wanted to be truly powerful, he still needed to have a high level of cultivation.

Without strong cultivation, no matter how many talents he had, it would be impossible to be as strong as he wanted to be.

“There’s still a month’s time before I can duplicate a new talent!” Su Chen set a new goal for himself.

In a month’s time, he would use the body tempering technique to increase his strength to three-hundred pounds.

With this goal in mind, Su Chen continued to work hard.

He didn’t hide the fact that he had learned the body tempering technique.

After such a long time, many people were now able to cultivate it, so he wouldn’t attract too much attention.

Usually, Su Chen would check everyone’s talent in the academy.

Other than Chen Dong and himself, the best talent in the academy was the elementary talent.

Soon, a month had passed, and Su Chen had reached the strength of three-hundred pounds.

He felt like It had taken a while to cultivate his strength.

Su Chen was thinking this from his heart.

He felt that it would be great if he could achieve cultivation faster.

While he was walking along the road, Zhang Wen suddenly ran over.

“Su Chen, have you have become a martial artist?” Su Chen nodded.

Becoming a martial artist only required one hundred pounds of strength.

There was nothing to hide.

Zhang Wen suddenly became serious.

“Do you want to increase your strength faster?” “Do you have a way?” Su Chen asked.

“Have you ever heard of fierce beast blood?” Su Chen nodded.

“I’ve heard of it.

” Su Chen’s parents were both martial artists.

He had known things about martial artists and fierce beasts ever since he was young.

The fierce beast blood contained powerful energy, which could provide tremendous help to a martial artist’s body.

Drinking it while practicing the body tempering method could help to quickly absorb energy and strengthen the body.

The increase in his strength would be very obvious! Unfortunately, after his parents passed away, Su Chen had struggled.

He didn’t have any way to obtain the fierce beast’s blood.

“Su Chen, our talents aren’t that good.

If we continue to train this slowly, we might not ever be able to become a martial artist.

But, with the fierce beast blood, we might have a good chance!” “Once we break through and become martial artists, we won’t have to worry about our lives!” This was the truth, but where should they get the fierce beast blood? Zhang Wen came closer again and whispered into Su Chen’s ear, “I trust you, so I’ll tell you a secret!” “The academy is preparing a trial competition.

They’ve opened up a small area in the wild, and all the fierce beasts inside have died.

Only some of their descendants are left.

They’re called fierce beasts.

” “Fierce beasts are relatively weak.

We can deal with them with weapons.

After killing the fierce beasts, we can use them to exchange for fierce beast blood.

It is said that the one who gets the most will be rewarded with the power of intermediate fierce beast blood!” Intermediate fierce beast blood! Su Chen’s pupils suddenly constricted.

The strength of intermediate fierce beasts was comparable to elite warriors.

Their fierce beast blood was naturally a very precious thing.

If they could obtain it, Su Chen was confident that he could step into the warrior realm within half a year.

“How did you know about this?” Su Chen asked curiously.