Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 5

Immortal Hero: I Can Replicate Talents - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Training The Body Tempering Method Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Su Chen practiced the body tempering method in his room.

The movements looked very strange, but they held the potential of absorbing the strength of heaven and earth.

If he wanted to practice all twenty-three movements, he would need more than half an hour.

A whole set of movements only had an obvious effect on him when he sat down.

After nearly half an hour, Su Chen had finished a whole set of body tempering movements.

A stream of heat flowed into his body.

His physical fitness was increasing.

He knew that this stream of heat was the potential of the human body.

Body tempering methods could help effectively activate the ability of the human body and train the human body to endure extremes.

Of course, the body could not be overexploited.

There were strict restrictions on the use of body tempering methods.

One could only train the body ten times a day at most.

This was the conclusion of countless predecessors.

Practice any more, and you could hurt your body.

Medium talent is a few hundred times stronger than my own talent! No wonder Chen Dong’s strength increased so quickly! thought Su Chen.

Su Chen was very satisfied with this realization.




This was only medium talent.

Above that, there were even stronger high-grade talents.

He wondered to himself what the rate of improvement of a genius would be each day, Su Chen knew that he still needed to work harder.

After performing the body tempering technique three times in one breath, Su Chen felt very hot.

He felt that he must have reached the limit of his training, and his body needed to rest.

He was drenched in sweat, and there were some black impurities on the surface of his skin that had been carried out from his body through his sweat.

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COM Su Chen took a shower and ate a meal.

His appetite had increased tremendously, and he ate five large servings at once.

Practicing the body tempering technique required a lot of energy, so he had to eat more to make up for it.

Very few people would come to the forest behind the fifth academy.

Therefore, the place became Su Chen’s training ground.

Su Chen exercised.

He had already cultivated ten times with the body tempering technique today.

He walked out of the forest and returned to the training grounds.

There were many large stones on the training ground which were used to test and train one’s strength.

Some of those rocks weighed one-hundred pounds, some weighed two-hundred pounds, and some weighed three-hundred pounds.

If one could lift a one-hundred pound rock to the top of one’s head and hold it for three seconds, it meant that one had the strength of one-hundred pounds.

Similarly, to be able to lift a three-hundred pound rock meant that one had the strength of three-hundred pounds.

This kind of method was a simple and direct way of testing one’s strength.

After practicing the body tempering technique for a week, Su Chen had already cultivated the strength of one-hundred pounds and had reached the qualification of a martial artist.

Chen Dong’s strength would have reached two-hundred pounds by now, Su Chen thought to himself.

Of course, Su Chen knew that Chen Dong had cultivated under the guidance of the principal, so he would improve faster.

However, he was still dissatisfied.

Su Chen’s talent was fusing medium talent with weak talent.

Strictly speaking, he was even stronger than Chen Dong.

During the month, Su Chen had not slacked off at all.

Every day, he had completed the body tempering techniques ten times.

This had been a very painful process.

Most people could practice it three or four times a day if they were able to.

Su Chen estimated that Chen Dong would be lucky if he could complete it seven or eight times a day.

His strength could not increase as fast as his own.

Su Chen sat beside the training ground and rested for a while.

After he recovered his strength, Su Chen slowly walked to the front of the two-hundred-pound stone.

“Exert your strength!” Su Chen shouted.

He held the large stone with both hands and exerted all his strength, managing to lift it directly above his head.

After maintaining it for three seconds, Su Chen threw the stone away and sat on the ground, panting.

He had the strength of two-hundred pounds.

This was a very good start.

He knew that with his current medium talent, if he worked hard for a year, he could be able to become a fighter! Su Chen rested for a while more before leaving the academy and returning home.

Although it was already evening, there were still many shops on the streets that were still open for business.

Their bright lights did not suggest the lateness of the light at all.

The current world no longer had electricity.

It was said that in some large-scale bases, there were experts who used their vitality talents to replace electricity, recreating the glory of human civilization before the apocalypse.

However, this kind of thing had nothing to do with the Great Beginning Base.

A small base like theirs lit oil lamps and candles at night.

As Su Chen walked on the street, he felt strange.

Suddenly, someone shouted.

“There are fierce beasts! Run!” “Run for your lives! The fierce beasts are here!” For a moment, the entire street was filled with fear.

He hadn’t seen a fierce beast since his transmigration.

The fierce beasts were very terrifying.

They could instantly kill ordinary people.

Only experts who had reached the level of the martial artists could fight the fierce beasts.

At the outermost perimeter of the Great Beginning Base, there was a wall that defended people against the fierce beasts.

However, the fierce beasts would often break through the wall and sneak into the city.

At this time of night, it was very dangerous.

If ordinary people encountered fierce beasts, they would definitely die! Su Chen hurriedly rushed home.

This place was not far from his home, and his sister was still there! While Su Chen was running, he saw a snow-white figure shuttling back and forth at the end of the street.

Every attack meant that a human’s life had been taken away from him.

Its speed was terrifying.

His eyes couldn’t keep up with the speed of this white figure.

This was from a distance; he knew that if the beast saw his face, he wouldn’t even be able to see its shadow before being killed by the beast.

Su Chen felt a wave of fear.

At a time like this, he knew that he should use all his strength to escape.

However, the direction the beast was chasing in seemed to be the way he was going.