Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 196

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Assassination and Engagement Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Ye Feng looked at the two of them who were being quite intimate as he smiled faintly.

“It seems that their relationship improved a lot after this incident…” Ye Feng thought to himself.

Come to speak of it, Rae was quite unlucky.

When they first met, she had encountered danger, and in just a short time, she met some kidnappers again.

Regardless, it was true that she was saved by Ye Feng and Rasputin on both occasions, so it could also be said that her luck was quite good.

“Alright, let’s go back first.

” Ye Feng smiled as he said that, but he still scolded Rasputin: “But seriously, we are not criminals, why didn’t you shout for help earlier? With your strength, your voice should be able to travel very far.

” “I was too anxious, I did not think about it.

” Rasputin chuckled sheepishly.

Back then, he was focused on saving Rae, because it was an intense moment, he could not think clearly.

The three of them started to return, Ye Feng looked at Rae who was supported by Rasputin and said to the latter: “Do you want to learn my forging skills? You can collaborate with Peter in my stead and stay in Endless City.

” “This is a nice place, you can stay here for some time.

” Although his voice was soft, Rae could hear it clearly.

Before Rasputin even replied, she immediately said: “Stay here, Endless City is a nice place!” .



Ye Feng casted a glance at Rae, her head was lowered and her face could not be seen, but he could sense that her face had turned red.

“I can stay…” Rasputin thought about it and laughed as he answered: “Brother, your forging skills are the greatest things I can ask for, Endless City is a nice place indeed, I’ll stay here for some time.

” Saying so, he turned to look at Rae for some reason, but from his angle, there was nothing he could see.

After Rasputin sent Rae back, Ye Feng went back to his house to continue forging.

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COM Although he was going to teach Rasputin his forging skills, the latter would not be able to produce amazing results in a short period of time, he had to accumulate more equipment first.

Be it for his own benefits or for Rasputin’s future status in the city, this was necessary.

By evening, Rasputin returned.

He returned alone but it was obvious that he was quite happy since he had a smile on his face.

“Brother, Sir Peter said that he has arranged a banquet tonight to thank us, he has specially invited us.

” Rasputin smiled and explained: “Don’t worry, it will only involve the few of us, it won’t be troublesome.

” Ye Feng raised his head: “Sure, let’s go.

They are so kind to invite us, how can we reject their goodwill?” They quickly packed up and headed to the restaurant where the banquet was held.

“Welcome, welcome.

” Peter and Rae came out to receive them together, there did not seem to be any conflict between them now, it must have been resolved.

After getting into danger on two occasions, Rae would also not dare to run away again.

This was a private banquet indeed, they only talked about casual daily matters and did not involve any business.

“Sir, the next course we have here is the sauced pork knuckle.

” A waiter pushed the cart to Peter and plated the dish in front of them.

But the moment he pulled off the cloth cover, Ye Feng saw a glint of light that was reflected off the cart.

Why was the sauced pork knuckle reflecting light? Ye Feng was a little confused, no matter how oily the pork knuckle was, it should not be this reflective.

Thus, when the waiter pulled out a dagger from the cart, he was the first to react.

A bolt of lightning landed on the waiter.

Although the dagger had already pierced Peter’s skin, due to Ye Feng’s action, Peter reacted in time and rolled away to safety, dodging the assassin’s upcoming attack.

The moment Peter shouted, several assassins jumped out of their hiding spots, some attacked him while the others targeted Rae.

They were faster than the guards who were outside, after all, they had been hiding in the room the entire time.

Although they were strong and made good use of their time, they still made a mistake, they ignored Ye Feng and Rasputin.

Immediately, Rasputin moved towards Rae and blocked the assassins aiming at her.

The person closest to him was actually Ye Feng but the latter did not need any protection.

The assassins were also stronger than Ye Feng had expected, his magic could only stall them for some time.

But during this period, the guards had already arrived.

“I’ll leave Rae in your hands.

” Ye Feng shouted as he charged towards Peter.

The two guards who came in were blocked by the assassins, they would need at least half a minute to reach Peter.

“You have a death wish!” Ye Feng snorted coldly as he unleashed his spell along with Weakling.

At the same time, the Lightning Whip appeared in his hand and coiled around the neck of a paralyzed assassin.

Ye Feng pulled with a huge force and killed the assassin who was dragged towards him.

Afterwards, he swung the whip and lashed at the surrounding assassins.

After dealing with the enemies around him, Ye Feng heard Rae’s scream and quickly ran over.

“He… he blocked the attack for me!” Rae knelt beside Rasputin and sobbed profusely.

“Don’t worry, move aside, he’s not dead yet.

” Ye Feng helped Rae stand up as he said while rolling his eyes.

He quickly let Rasputin drink some healing medicine while Weakling used healing magic on Rasputin.

Soon, Rasputin woke up and was no longer in danger.

There were no severe injuries on him, Weakling did not have to heal him with much effort.

After the rest of the assassins were dealt with, Peter walked over while pressing on his wound.

“Thank you for your help.

” If not for Ye Feng and Rasputin’s help, he might have died along with Rae.

“That’s right, brother, I’ve already gotten engaged to Rae.

” Rasputin was here to learn forging skills from Ye Feng, he said in excitement when he arrived: “We’ll get married once my injuries heal.

” Ye Feng was not surprised about this, they had been quite close recently, it was only a natural result.

It was just that he did not expect their wedding to occur so quickly.

“Alright, in any case, I’ve already taught most of the techniques to you, the rest will depend on you.

” Ye Feng said softly; “Don’t let me down.

” “Don’t worry, brother.

” Rasputin nodded solemn and said in a firm tone: “I cannot repay you for all that you’ve done, but if you have anything that you need me to do, I will not refuse it, I will help you even if my life is at stake!” “Forget it, don’t say that when you’re staying here anyway.

” Ye Feng waved his hand and rolled his eyes: “I will leave tomorrow, I’ve spent enough time in this city.