Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 181

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Giant Dragon Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “He must be crazy, why did he insist on attacking us?” Rasputin swung his sword to get rid of the blood as he said in a speechless manner: “He was injured to begin with, yet he chose to fight us in that state.

” He had discussed with Ye Feng earlier, they would not attack this injured person.

In any case, he would not be an obstruction to them, there was no need to kill unnecessarily.

They were not people who would act unscrupulously just for an unknown treasure.

“Who knows?” Ye Feng walked over and started searching this young man’s corpse: “Maybe he thought that we were going to attack him, so he had to retaliate first? Or maybe he was too excited and wanted to kill two more people.

” The first explanation was most likely to be true as he seemed like he was really not clear headed.

Did he lose his mind because he was injured and had just undergone an adrenaline rush after killing an enemy? “Well, this is our gain then.

” Rasputin squatted down and helped to move their loot: “Brother, just give me anything you don’t want.

” Ye Feng was clearly distributing loot now, otherwise, he would just take everything away instead of placing them out like this.

This was the first time that they had cooperated to kill someone, it was a normal thing to distribute loot among themselves.

“We can’t do that, you killed him so your contribution is the greatest.

” Ye Feng shook his head and said in a tempting tone: “He has a lot of things on him, most of them are obtained on this Demonic Dragon Island.

” As he spoke, he inspected the information of these items.




Special Trait: One of the material ingredients for making an advanced medicine.

It can also be consumed directly to heal certain injuries and expel toxins or other abnormal conditions from the body.

[Brain of the Crystal Lizard] Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Special Trait: A crystal-like brain that can be used in forging.

Has a chance to grant the equipment a special trait of the crystal lizard, it can also be used to make medicine.

Special Trait: Has a chance to grant the forged equipment fire and ice elemental spells, the more energy used in the forging attempt, the higher the chance.

There were many good things, including ones that Ye Feng could use himself.

But since he already said that, and because he did not lack materials, it was fine to let Rasputin choose first.

“Okay, I’ll take these.

” Rasputin said as he hesitated for a moment before choosing half of the loot.

Although he could not appraise them like Ye Feng, he could still recognize most of the items, or at least, he could decipher their use.

After seeing this, Ye Feng revealed a faint smile.

Rasputin took an equal share of the items in terms of value, but he did not take all of the valuable forging materials.

“I appreciate it.

” Ye Feng nodded as he kept the rest of the loot.

The two continued to ascend the mountain, because of what happened earlier, they raised their speed.

Fighting simply wasted too much time.

Of course, they wasted most of their time on distributing the loot.

“Brother, wait.

” Rasputin seemed to have seen something, he said that before jumping into the bushes.

Ye Feng looked over and noticed Rasputin’s target.

He saw two pinkish-red flowers, if Ye Feng remembered correctly, this was a type of powerful healing medicine.

It was at least stage five.

Because he was a little far away, Ye Feng could not see the details of this flower, he could not remember the name either.

Ye Feng did not intend to wait at his current location, he slowed down and went over to look.

But by the time he reached the location, both the flowers and Rasputin had gone missing.

How could a living person go missing abruptly? “Rasputin?” Ye Feng was a little nervous but he soon calmed down as he shouted in the vicinity.

Rasputin was not someone who would make such a joke.

But after he called out twice, Rasputin appeared.

“Brother, come here!” Rasputin’s voice came from beneath Ye Feng’s feet.

Ye Feng walked ahead, he saw a small cliff and grabbed a nearby vine as he swung down.

“How did you find this place?” Ye Feng asked curiously as he looked at the deeper part of the cave.

“When picking the peace cloud flower, I saw that there was an empty space here, so I came to take a look.

” Rasputin pointed up and smiled as he said: “This cave is too close to the cliff.

” Indeed, this cave was only around ten or so centimeters away from the cliff, a strong Bronze Knight could even directly break into the cave with brute force.

“Since we’re here, let’s go take a look.

” Ye Feng had some curiosity in him, so he decided to explore the cave.

“Brother, are those lanterns?” Rasputin pointed at the two lumps of light ahead of them.

Right now, they were already some distance into the cave.

“No… evidently not.

” Ye Feng stood on the spot, unexpectedly, there was some shivering in his tone.

He increased the size of his fireball as a giant dragon appeared before their eyes! A giant dragon which had curled up its body with its head raised! “Humans?” The giant dragon said with an aura of death: “Forget it, so be it if they are humans.

” It seemed to be talking to Ye Feng and Rasputin, it also seemed to be muttering to itself.

It moved its head closer to them and shook its head after seeing Rasputin, it then turned to Ye Feng.

“Hmm? You possess so many elements?” Surprise could be heard from its voice: “You are actually still alive?” At the next second, the giant dragon chuckled.

“This is even better, I’ll choose you!” Before Ye Feng finished his words, a wave of energy engulfed him, he was stuck on the spot with no ability to move.

“Ahhhhhh!” Although Ye Feng could not move, he could still make noises.

At this moment, he felt like his body did not belong to him.

It was as if his bones were smashed and put together forcefully, the intense pain almost made him lose his ability to think.

Most importantly, he could not move at all.

He could only endure the intense pain, he could not even roll around to distract himself from the pain.

Rasputin was about to touch Ye Feng but soon retracted his arm.

He was afraid of worsening Ye Feng’s current condition.

“This is for his own good, just stay here and watch.

” The giant dragon lowered its head and said in a low tone.

“Inherit my power.

” The giant dragon raised its head and unleashed an indescribable aura, it was as if it had returned to its peak condition.

A deafening roar was emitted before the giant dragon lowered its head, its lantern-like eyes were shut as it lost all signs of life.

At the same time, Ye Feng lost his restraints as he fell softly to the ground.