Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 175

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Rasputin After leaving the underground palace, Ye Feng kept a solemn expression, anyone could tell that he was in a terrible mood.

On this journey, Wien had built a good relationship with him, they were basically good friends.

Because Wien had a reliable personality, he was suitable to become one’s friend.

It was not like he could not accommodate Wien, the City of Chaos would welcome him.

But who could have expected that with their immense strength, an accident still happened in the underground palace.

He was killed by a trap! If he had lost to a mutated beast, he could blame it on his weak strength.

But getting killed by a trap was simply too pathetic.

Forget the fact that Wien was injured, against such an unreasonable trap, even if Wien was at his full strength, or even stronger than normal, he could not block it.

Without suitable magic, against such traps, one could only await death.

At most, they could survive by preventing their vital organs from getting pierced.

But it was a pity that Wien’s luck was so bad.

Ye Feng walked out of the underground palace and arrived in the blood fog again.

Although his mood was bad, he still had to continue moving.

“Oh?” Ye Feng looked in front of him, there was the figure of a person more than ten meters away.

Due to the blood fog, he could not see clearly.




“There’s actually someone who came alone, should I praise him for his courage?” Ye Feng shook his head as he muttered.

He did not intend to travel together with this person as he felt that going alone was fine too.

Even with Wien’s alertness, he had fallen prey to a trap, others would just be a burden now.

Right when Ye Feng intended to change his direction, a battle erupted ahead of him.

Two figures suddenly appeared and attacked the person in front of him.

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COM He had clearly not sensed the attackers as he immediately got injured.

But with his strength, the two of them could not take him down so easily.

They seemed to be talking as well, but because they were quite soft, Ye Feng could not hear clearly.

But now, Ye Feng who had not intended to do anything suddenly took action.

This scene was just too similar to the one when he had just met Wien.

Back then, Ye Feng saved him from the clutches of death.

Now, he could not leave the person in the lurch.

Raising his hand, several powerful lightning bolts were shot out, because the spell was instantly cast, the two enemies could not dodge.

Seeing that Ye Feng approached them, they left without hesitation, escaping for their lives.

They understood that this powerful Magician was far beyond their abilities, it would be stupid if they ended up getting killed instead.

There were countless opportunities to kill him later on this Demonic Dragon Island, they were not anxious.

“Thank you.

” After resting for a while, the person thanked Ye Feng as he walked closer: “Hello, my name is Rasputin, you saved my life.

” He seemed to be of a similar age to Ye Feng, he looked rather handsome.

“Don’t worry about it.

” Ye Feng had a plain expression as he asked Rasputin: “Why did they attack you?” Although he had saved two people in such a short period of time, it was unlikely that Rasputin was the same as Wien who had a traitorous disciple.

“We met outside.

” Rasputin had an awkward expression, he muttered: “We don’t have a good relationship, and because I’m weaker than them, they attacked me.

” “Oh.

” Ye Feng nodded, although he knew that Rasputin was not speaking the truth, he did not bother to ask, instead, he introduced himself: “I am Ye Feng.

” “Thank you, Ye Feng.

” Rasputin thanked him again before getting up: “Can we travel together? If I am alone, I may get attacked by them again.

” Ye Feng was a powerful and reliable shield, it would be a waste to let him go.

He was speaking the truth as well.

In this situation, if he tried to go outside and got attacked, he would likely not be lucky enough to get saved again.

Ye Feng hesitated for a moment but upon seeing Rasputin’s earnest expression, he sighed to himself.

“Come along if you want to.

” “Thank you!” Rasputin was overjoyed, he quickly went closer to Ye Feng and followed him.

… “Be careful.

” Ye Feng pulled Rasputin back, sighing: “There is a swamp in front, don’t step into it.

” Mostly because there were many decaying bodies everywhere, the Demonic Dragon Island had a lot of swamps.

Due to the various toxins contained in the corpses, these swamps were also quite poisonous.

Although there would not be any danger with a companion around, it would still be quite a troublesome thing to deal with.

If they reacted slowly or lacked measures against it, it was likely to get poisoned and greatly affect one’s mobility.

Because of the blood fog that affected vision, it was hard to see the difference between the swamp and ordinary ground.


” Rasputin was still a little shocked, he thanked while quickly stepping back.

Right at this moment, from the swamp in front of Rasputin, a black vine shot towards him at lightning speed.

The vine had a dark metallic luster, it was able to easily pierce one’s stomach! Rasputin reacted quickly, he waved his sword to block it while swiftly evading the attack.

After failing to hit its target, the mutated beast seemed angered as several vines shot out of the swamp, some were tough, some were flexible, while some contained poison.

“It must have mutated as well.

” Ye Feng swung his sword to block a vine, even with his strength, he could only create a small cut on the vine! “Hmm… this seems to be a mutation of poisonous vines, it is a vine monster?” Rasputin looked at the unknown species in the swamp as he felt a little speechless.

This poisonous vine monster was a large ball made of vines with varying colors, it was very strange and peculiar.

“Poisonous vines?” Ye Feng muttered to himself, after repelling another vine, he unleashed his magic.

The poisonous vine had a great reputation, but similar to other plants, it had one weakness.


Ordinary fire could not harm it, but Ye Feng’s spells were not ordinary! He was not just capable of using fireballs as well.

Almost all the mutated beasts in the blood fog feared lightning under normal situations! After Ye Feng’s barrage, this poisonous vine monster that could threaten Silver Knights was killed without even putting up a resistance.

“A Magician…” Rasputin looked at this scene while feeling very envious.

Undoubtedly, Magicians were much more useful in dealing with mutated beasts, even lower level Magicians were more useful than powerful Knights in some situations.

“This is the only usable material.

” Ye Feng had basically dissected the entire poisonous vine monster.

[Sturdy Vine] Grade: Stage Six Inferior-grade Special Trait: The most powerful vine of the poisonous vine monster.

It has incredible sturdiness, even among other rank six materials.