Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 173

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Trap “I understand.

” Ye Feng nodded solemnly as he shot out a bolt of lightning.

In terms of power, this lightning bolt was around stage one, he had only used it to probe the enemy.

Because the bloodlust lizard had attacked them first, Ye Feng was not afraid of provoking it.

Since it had mutated because of the blood fog, his lightning should be a counter to it.

But unexpectedly, although the bloodlust lizard seemed bulky, it moved with extreme agility.

With just a blur, it vanished into the blood fog without a trace.

The two of them had to stand back-to-back as they looked at the surroundings alertly.

“Normally, the bloodlust lizard should not have such speed.

” Wien said solemnly: “This is likely caused by the blood fog mutation.

” An ordinary bloodlust lizard had two main traits, one was the horn that could absorb blood, the other was the immense strength that it had.

Very rarely, bloodlust lizards could use magic, but one with such speed was truly unheard of.


” Ye Feng was very serious, the Wind Spirit Demon Sword was already in his hands.




Since the bloodlust lizard chose to sneak attack, it must be specialized in close range.

In that case, if he used magic, it could not avoid his attack even from afar.

The bloodlust lizard did not have much patience, after a few breaths of time, the two of them heard the sound of the wind.

“It is just a beast, so what if it is stronger, it can only rely on instincts!” Wien smiled coldly and quickly chanted the incantation of a lower tier magic.

“Repulsion of the wind!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Intense wind blew around the two of them, the surrounding blood fog became much thinner as a result.

The bloodlust lizard’s figure was exposed as well, its speed also fell sharply.

“Lightning punishment!” Ye Feng used the chance to unleash his spell, because he did not need any incantations, the slowed bloodlust lizard could not dodge in time.

After the bloodlust lizard got hit by lightning, it started to twitch on the ground.

Evidently, lightning was a strong counter to it.

Ye Feng and Wien would not let go of this chance, they charged forward and attacked the bloodlust lizard intensely.

Because Ye Feng’s lightning restrained it, the bloodlust lizard could not resist.

It was easily killed by them.

“Its blue blood and long horn are good forging materials, do you want them?” Wien spoke first: “I have no use for them, but if you take this, I’ll choose the loot next time.

” “Sure.

” Ye Feng did not reject him, he nodded immediately.

Possibly because they were not deep into the island, they did not encounter much danger.

Of course, this was because they were very strong.

Not long after, the two of them saw a dilapidated building.

After looking at each other, they entered without hesitation.

They were here for fortuitous encounters, they could not ignore such a suspicious building.

There were no traps in this building, once they went in, they saw a huge door.

After opening it, they saw that there was a flight of stairs leading underground.

“Let’s go.

” Ye Feng smiled: “This is a good opportunity.

” Wien did not speak, he had a solemn expression as he went in with Ye Feng.

Even though this underground palace had not been visited for a long time, it seemed that there was an array formation here that kept it clean.

The entire underground palace was made of rocks, Ye Feng knocked on the walls and felt shocked by the toughness of the rocks.

The walls were as tough as stage one defensive equipment, they seemed to have been reinforced specially.

“Hehe, such wealth.

” Ye Feng shook his head and caught up to Wien who was ahead.

This underground palace was specially made to create fortuitous encounters for people, thus, along the way, they only actually encountered one trap.

Their gains were plentiful.

Ye Feng obtained one stage six material and lots of stage four and five materials, while Wien also got some medicine and a secret skill.

They were pleasantly surprised that this underground palace with barely any danger would give them such huge gains.

Soon, they reached the end.

Or at least, it seemed to be the end.

“Be careful.

” Wien said softly: “These places that seem like the end are usually laid with traps.

” “I got it.

” Ye Feng nodded solemnly as he slowly walked to the only raised platform in the room.

He controlled the wind and retrieved the parchment at the top.

If it were an ordinary sheepskin parchment, it would have decomposed already.

Evidently, this was a magic scroll.

“What’s on it?” Wien came over and asked casually.

They had built a good chemistry along the way, in terms of loot distribution, there were no conflicts.

“It’s a forging technique!” Ye Feng suppressed the excitement in his heart and handed the parchment to Wien.

[Secret Forging Technique] Grade: Stage Six Special Trait: The lifetime effort and technique of a stage six Blacksmith.

“Not bad, this is a huge gain for you.

” Wien looked at it before handing the parchment back to Ye Feng.

Although he did not ask, along the way, it became obvious that Ye Feng was a Blacksmith.

The two were not here to earn money, so he did not care about the forging techniques.

“Eh…” Right at this time, Wien gasped lightly.

Ye Feng followed his gaze and looked over, seeing an extraordinary rock.

“Be careful.

” Wien said while tossing a rock at it.

With his strength, tossing a rock was the same as pressing that special rock personally.

Crack— Following the sound of mechanical movement, the two of them had changed expressions.

It was most likely a problem.

“Careful!” They said at the same time, soon after, a large number of arrows flew out from all directions.

They were as strong as stage three magic spells! There was nowhere to dodge! “Earth prison!” Ye Feng mobilized the earth elements in his body as several walls appeared around him, blocking the barrage of arrows.

Ye Feng sighed in relief.

Knights were helpless against such traps but thankfully, he was a Magician that could use various elemental spells.

As for Wien, his elementary wind magic was not of much help.

“Wien, are you okay?” After the arrows stopped shooting, Ye Feng broke the earth walls and looked at Wien who was three to four meters away.

“Cough, my luck is quite bad.

” Wien held his chest and wiped the blood off his face.

Right now, his chest was nearly penetrated.

Although his heart was intact, with such a huge injury in his chest, he was definitely going to die.

Although Ye Feng could use healing magic, he could only treat flesh wounds, there was nothing he could do now.