Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 171

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Wien “Human, you will become my food in the end!” The lightning wyrm saw that Ye Feng was engulfed in the water pillar, it hissed excitedly.

“Cough, you are dreaming.

” A powerful voice interrupted the lightning wyrm.

Ye Feng charged out from inside the water current, several powerful explosive fireballs shot towards the lightning wyrm.

“How can you be unharmed?!” The lightning wyrm asked in panic as it looked towards Ye Feng, it said fiercely: “Although you can block one attack, I don’t believe that you can endure multiple attacks.

” The water that it sucked in earlier had not been depleted, although this move would affect its own body, it could not care about that now.

Ye Feng raised his head and looked at the lightning wyrm alertly, he did not dare to get closer.

If it was far away, he would have time to react and defend.

But if it was too close, he would get heavily injured.

Earlier, he had used the defensive power of the mechanical armor, as well as a water attribute spell, water prison, to defend himself against the attack.

Because the mechanical armor had certain resistances towards magic, and because of his strong body, he did not suffer much harm.

Of course, he had some internal injuries now, but the lightning wyrm was also heavily injured.

As this move had limited effect on Ye Feng, the outcome was basically decided.

Undoubtedly, the mutated beast’s lifeforce was very strong, even though the lightning wyrm was already injured to this extent, Ye Feng still spent close to fifteen minutes before killing it properly.




Looking at the lightning wyrm’s corpse that fell into the water, Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief.

His magical energy was almost expended and he also suffered considerable injuries, he had to heal himself before continuing on the journey.

He would not dare to go to the Demonic Dragon Island in such a condition.

The dock that led to the Demonic Dragon Island was very chaotic now, he could meet with danger.

He was not afraid of danger, but it might affect his own condition when he arrived at the Demonic Dragon Island.

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COM “I should collect the lightning wyrm’s materials while recovering.

” Ye Feng looked at the lightning wyrm’s corpse and put his hand into the lake to drag it out.

“The entire body is a treasure.

” Ye Feng started to skillfully dissect it.

[Wyrm Tendon] Grade: Stage Six Superior-grade Special Trait: A tendon that contains the power of lightning, it is very flexible.

“A stage six superior-grade material!” Ye Feng kept away the wyrm tendon excitedly, compared to it, the rest of the materials were not as important.

Ye Feng gave a kick to the lightning wyrm’s corpse which looked rather pitiful now.

The lightning wyrm was too huge, other than the materials he took, there were nothing else that was worth taking.

… “How much are you selling this for?” Ye Feng stood before a stall and pointed at a jade green rock as he asked.

He could see the information completely.

[Jade Stone] Grade: Stage One Inferior-grade Special Trait: Contains a special energy that can be used in forging.

“Sir, this jade stone comes from the Demonic Dragon Island, it is so beautiful and is definitely more than just a rock, this must be at least a stage four or five item, right?” Seeing that Ye Feng was interested, the stall owner rubbed his palms together and said.

“A hundred gold coins, take it or leave it.

” Ye Feng chuckled as he said coldly: “Do you think I’d buy it if not for the fact that it looks good and I want to give it to my wife? This is a useless rock that serves no purpose at all.

” “Okay.

” The stall owner only hesitated for a moment before agreeing to the sale.

Although he wanted to get a good price, nobody would pay this many gold coins except Ye Feng.

He could not bet on whether Ye Feng would be willing to pay more, selling it now was a safer decision.

After Ye Feng paid, he tossed this rock several times before keeping it away.

He had no time to research it now, the information stated that it was used for forging, but how could he forge in this location? While going to the dock, he was attracted to a scene in an alley.

There was a fight.

“Cough, cough, why must you chase me so relentlessly?” The old man who was attacked seemed to be injured, he sighed after coughing: “I’ve already escaped to such a far location, can that traitorous disciple of mine still command you over here?” “Sir Wien, I am truly sorry.

” One of them was apologetic: “But there is no helping it, this is our mission.

” After saying that, the three of them attacked again.

The situation was obvious, although the old man could last for some time, he was going down soon.

Most likely, because of his injuries, the old man’s stamina was depleting.

‘Traitorous disciple?’ Ye Feng rubbed his chin, because he was in a good mood, he wanted to interfere in this.

Since he decided, he stopped hesitating and threw several explosive fireballs at them.

“I’m here to interfere in your affairs, let’s cut the crap and fight, otherwise, scram.

” Ye Feng saw that the four of them were drawn to him, he moved forward while saying in a lazy tone.

The three wanted to speak but Ye Feng interrupted them, they glanced at each other before turning around and leaving.

“Little brother, thank you for the help.

” Wien did not speak much, but no matter what, Ye Feng had saved his life.

“Are you okay?” Ye Feng walked towards him.

He did not ask why Wien was getting chased, it was not appropriate to ask for someone’s secret when they first met.

“Don’t worry, I can still live.

” Wien laughed: “My name is Wien, what is your name?” “I am Ye Feng.

” Ye Feng answered.

“Brother Ye Feng, are you going to the Demonic Dragon Island?” Wien asked.

Most of the people who came here now were headed to the Demonic Dragon Island.

“That’s right, are you going too?” Ye Feng’s eyes lit up.

Wien was not weak, even when he was injured, he was stronger than the average Bronze Knight.

Having an experienced person accompany him was much better than going alone.

“Then let us go together.

” Wien laughed: “With a Magician like you, we should not encounter problems.

” Wien’s injuries were not simple, he would need a lot of time to recover if he rested without additional help.

Thus, the two stopped wasting them, Ye Feng who did not lack money booked an entire boat to head to the Demonic Dragon Island.

It might be Ye Feng’s bad luck, or maybe this was a common phenomenon here.

He encountered robbery while on the boat.

Either the boat owner often did such things or maybe they were just greedy, but the boat members actually decided to target him.

“Obediently hand over your money.

” Several workers took out their blades and trapped Ye Feng and Wien in the room, they laughed sinisterly: “You are so rich, why do you have to go to the Demonic Dragon Island? Aren’t you courting death?” “It is your fault for meeting us, now hurry up and hand over all your money, we might still spare your lives.