Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 168

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Snatching The Bride “Ye Feng, don’t be too arrogant!” Kevin Miller was feeling annoyed and sore.

He obviously knew that Ye Feng could use magic, but he did not expect to see such a powerful spell that was even of the lightning element.

If Ye Feng unleashed the spell without regard for the energy consumption, he might get injured himself, but Kevin miller would definitely die from the lightning strikes.

His wedding was on the next day, there would be trouble if he got injured, even if they were just light injuries.

He brought six experts to attack Ye Feng, having planned to watch from the side.

“Too arrogant?” Ye Feng did not advance rashly, he said in disdain: “Who is the one who came to assassinate me late at night?” “If you want to fight, come at me.

Otherwise, you can scram.

Don’t disturb my sleep.

” It was ridiculous that his wedding was happening tomorrow but Kevin Miller still came to find trouble with Ye Feng.

“Good, Ye Feng, very good.

I will deal with you after the wedding.

” Kevin Miller said coldly before shouting at his henchmen: “Let’s go!” Seeing that Kevin Miller was leaving, Ye Feng’s expression turned dark.

So what if he forced Kevin Miller to retreat? Tiffany would still need to marry him the next day! .



Ye Feng returned to his room with heavy steps.

This was a rather quick night for Ye Feng.

The more he wanted time to slow down, the faster it felt.

In the morning, Ye Feng headed to the wedding site.

Although the event had not yet begun, the location was already set up.

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COM “This church is not too far away from the city gate.

” Ye Feng looked at the church as an idea appeared in his mind.

As time passed rapidly, the wedding soon started.

“This couple does not look like a pair of newly-weds at all.

” This was the marriage alliance of two clans after all, there were many people who attended it.

Thus, such discussions were quite common.

“Indeed, the two of them look really unhappy like someone owes them money.

” “They must be forced into it, in any case, this is just a ceremony, nobody cares about their performance.

” Someone said, he seemed to understand the situation: “Their clans must have pressured them into accepting this, these large clans are always doing this.

” Ye Feng hid in a corner and listened to the audience as he looked at the two main characters of this wedding.

“Kevin Miller is not unwilling at all, he must be feeling unhappy after my lightning bolt struck him.

” Ye Feng looked at Kevin Miller who had a grim expression as he thought to himself in disdain.

He looked closely and saw that Kevin Miller’s skin was darker than usual.

Afterwards, he hesitated and almost did not dare to shift his gaze to Tiffany.

Right now, Tiffany had a look of unwillingness and unhappiness, she had no choice but to accept this and obediently go through with the marriage.

As Tiffany looked over to his side, even though Ye Feng knew that she did not notice him, he was still hurt by her gaze as he turned quite pale.

Her gaze was full of sadness.

“No, I cannot allow this!” Ye Feng clenched his fists and stared at the stage, muttering to himself: “I will not let Tiffany marry this scoundrel!” Saying so, he immediately turned around and left.

He wanted to snatch the bride! Even if it meant ruining this wedding ceremony and getting hunted down by the two clans! … “Am I really going to marry him…” Tiffany looked at Kevin Miller who had a dark expression, she could not help but feel sorrowful internally.

Ye Feng’s figure appeared in her mind.

“Ye Feng… I am not resigned to do this.

” She had no way of stopping this marriage and Ye Feng had no way to help her.

If he could, she would rather escape from here, it did not matter if she had to leave the clan.

But she did not have the ability to do so, her own strength was insufficient and she had no force of her own in this Capital City.

She had some subordinates in Aden City but they could not be here.

“Do I submit to fate?” Tiffany looked at the surrounding people and retracted her gaze as she continued with the wedding like a lifeless puppet.

But suddenly, she heard a clamor from nearby.

“What are those things?” “They’re made of metal?!” “Quick, dodge, we’ll be dead meat if they bite us!” Looking at the noisy crowd, Tiffany saw several familiar figures moving rapidly among them! The mechanical beasts! They seemed to be low level mechanical beasts.

She had an understanding of the mechanical beasts, they had gotten quite famous in the Capital City recently, but she knew where they came from.

Back in Aden City, Ye Feng had told her about them.

“Is it Ye Feng?” Tiffany was excited as she looked around and tried to find him, her fists were clenched nervously.

“Ye Feng…” Kevin Miller thought of Ye Feng as well, he looked around in alertness.

Right at this time, a figure enveloped in metallic armor flew out from behind the divine statue, his face completely covered by a mask.

When everyone’s attention was locked onto the mechanical beasts, he rushed to Tiffany’s side and carried her in his arms.

“Ye Feng, wishful thinking!” Kevin Miller, who was right beside them, felt extremely angry.

He charged forward and wanted to stop Ye Feng.

As long as he obstructed Ye Feng for some time, others would come to help.

By then, Ye Feng who dared to cause trouble in the Capital City would definitely die a terrible death.

Ye Feng simply had a death wish by coming here to snatch his bride.

“I did not want to kill you, but you made a move against me time and again, you have gone overboard.

” A thought flashed in Ye Feng’s mind as he continued to move without slowing down.

A dagger flew out of his mechanical armor and slashed towards Kevin Miller mercilessly.

He knew the importance of time now, he could not delay his escape.

Killing Kevin Miller had an advantage too, he could get rid of this obstruction and also draw some attention away.

After slashing Kevin Miller’s throat, he carried Tiffany who showed no resistance as they jumped towards the wall of the church using the mechanical armor’s thruster, crashing through the stained glass as they escaped.

He had already found a route to escape, although he could not plan any further, this was enough to survive.

“Are you Ye Feng?” Tiffany raised her head and asked, although she had already known who it was.

“It’s me, let’s escape from this place.

” Ye Feng smiled at her, although his face was blocked by the mask, his gentle voice could still be heard.


” Tiffany answered as she rested in Ye Feng’s arms, trying not to distract him.

After they left the church, their escape became much easier.

After all, it was just a wedding ceremony, the defenses were not tight.

The bulk of the guards were all staying in their respective clans.

The members of the two clans could not outspeed them, while the guards near the walls were unable to stop them.