Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 156

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Meeting The gains that Ye Feng had in this tavern was quite expected, although there was a lot of information in this noisy place, there were few actual useful ones.

Others might have better gains, but Ye Feng was here mainly for Tiffany’s marriage news, even if there were other useful things, he did not care.

For the current him, Tiffany’s situation was the most important thing, everything else did not matter.

But thankfully, he still got some news about Tiffany’s marriage, although the details were not specific, it was enough for him.

There was still some time until the wedding ceremony, he was not in a rush, but that did not mean he could relax now.

“I need to get more information during this period, I can’t do anything yet.

” Ye Feng rubbed his temples and headed to the next location.

… Two days passed quickly, Ye Feng became quite familiar with the Capital City.

Now, he was preparing to attend a large auction.

The truth was, he did not need to look for information regarding this auction house, many people were talking about it recently.

It was quite a rare event as there were many valuable things getting auctioned, Ye Feng did not lack funds anyway, he could easily attend the auction.

The reason why he was attending this auction was because of Tiffany.

According to what he knew, many of the clans in the Capital City were attending it, including the Miller clan that Tiffany’s fiancé was part of.




He was unclear of whether Tiffany’s clan was attending it, but since the Miller clan was confirmed to be going, it was likely that Tiffany would be there too.

Although it was unlikely, Ye Feng felt that it was worth trying his luck.

In any case, even if Tiffany was not there, there was no loss in going to the Auction House.

But this time, he did not have a private room like in Aden City.

To be honest, although everyone wore a mask, if one was familiar with you, the mask was completely useless.

This time, although Ye Feng was not in a private room, he could still see the entire venue.

The room was not important to him, the thing that mattered was whether Tiffany could be found.

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COM “Hello.

” The person beside Ye Feng greeted him politely.

Ye Feng was slightly taken aback, he felt that everyone in the auction was a competitor, it was the first time that anyone had greeted him in the Auction House like this.

But thinking about it, there were many people joining the auction, it was unlikely that they would compete over the same thing.

The competitors were the clans.


” Ye Feng nodded slightly.

Although he was not an overly friendly person, when someone called out to him, he would still respond.

“Brother, did you see anything that you are interested in? The competition is just too intense, I want to get an ancient recovery potion, but I’m not sure if I brought enough money.

” The person was quite talkative, he started to speak like they were rather close.

It was a good thing to have someone to talk to, seeing that he was a native of the Capital City, Ye Feng could gain information from talking to him.

An additional friend was an additional help, because he was not familiar with anyone in the Capital City, meeting others was a good thing.

“I am a Blacksmith, I’m here to look for forging materials.

” Ye Feng smiled and said his actual profession as well as his purpose in joining the auction.

It was very logical that a Blacksmith would attend the auction for forging materials and blueprints.

Although his real motive was kept as a secret, there was no reason to say it.

The other party did not suspect his words, he nodded in realization, saying: “Brother, you have the stature of a Blacksmith, that is a great profession, you won’t lack funds and will be able to buy anything you want.

” “That is only relatively so, we need forging materials and blueprints to improve our abilities, the cost that we incur is also high.

” Ye Feng smiled as he shook his head.

He felt that this person was purposely saying this, he did not seem like someone who did not understand the fact.

Regardless, Ye Feng explained: “Sometimes, if our forging attempts fail, we need to pay for the cost ourselves.

” But this was not a problem for him, his failure rate for forging was just too low.

As long as he did not forcefully make higher grade weapons that he was not familiar with, he would usually not fail.

“Oh, so that’s it.

” The person pouted: “As expected, every profession has its own difficulties.

” Ye Feng did not have bad feelings for this person, he nodded in agreement and waited for the auction to start.

Once everyone entered, the auction began, Ye Feng looked around for Tiffany’s location.

As a member of a large clan, Tiffany would not sit in the main hall, that meant that he would not be able to find her normally.

But thankfully, the private rooms here had open air platforms and most of the people inside stood on top of them.

Ye Feng looked at these platforms and eventually found a familiar figure.

He did not waste his time these few days, he quickly recognized that one of the platforms belonged to the Miller clan.

“This means that the person beside Tiffany is that young master…” Ye Feng squinted and looked at the man beside Tiffany.

The good thing was that Tiffany did not seem intimate with her fiancé, they were half a meter apart.

“It seems that they cannot force Tiffany to do anything before getting married.

” Ye Feng sighed internally, the moment he wanted to look away, he found that Tiffany and Kevin Miller were looking towards him.

Ye Feng did not avoid them, after all, he had expected this when he decided to look for them.

As long as one had some strength, they would be sensitive to the gazes of others.

Although Tiffany was not strong, she was not weak either, she had gone through many battles.

Ye Feng did not know about Kevin Miller, but since he was the young master of a large clan, no matter how useless he was, he could not be a good-for-nothing.

After seeing Ye Feng, Tiffany’s eyes lit up but did not show any reaction.

Kevin Miller squinted instead, Ye Feng could feel some vague killing intent emitting from his eyes.

“We are not familiar with each other, but he recognized me?” Ye Feng was slightly confused but he soon realized an issue.

“Wait, no, he recognized me? He knows about my close relationship with Tiffany?” This was something that Ye Feng did not expect.

It seemed like Kevin Miller knew his information, that meant that the other party had informants over at Aden City.

Tiffany would not take the initiative to talk about it, or maybe, he was suspicious because of Tiffany’s reaction?