Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 154

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Heading to the Capital City After hearing of this, Ye Feng went to the City Lord Manor immediately.

After getting rid of the Odin clan, his relationship with the City Lord improved greatly.

They had no need to conceal anything now, their cooperation was out in the open.

It was a logical thing for the City Lord Manor to work with an exemplary Blacksmith, this was nothing strange.

They had secretly met earlier to hide from the Odin clan, but now that the problem was resolved, there was nothing left to hide.

The ones behind the Odin clan would not exert so much effort here.

After all, the City Lord was involved in this, and at a place like Aden City, investigation would take too much manpower.

“Sir Ye Feng.

” The guards recognized Ye Feng, after seeing him, they immediately greeted.

There were only a few groups of guards in the manor, after coming for a few times, Ye Feng became familiar with them.

Ye Feng was currently quite famous in Aden City, in fact, because he cooperated with the City Lord, many people in Aden City knew about his existence.

“There’s an urgent matter, I’ll have to meet the City Lord now.

” Ye Feng did not know why he was so anxious, but he felt an urge to find out what was going on.

“Don’t worry, please go in.

” Ye Feng’s frequent visit during this period of time made it easy for him to get inside.

But the truth was, even if they fought, nobody could stop him, the guards were only meant to alert the City Lord.




But if he wanted to go further in, he would need to get someone to call the City Lord.

It was not a matter of safety, but the City Lord could simply be busy or attending to guests and could not be disturbed.

The guest would not know where the City Lord was either, a servant needed to lead the way.

“Sir Ye Feng, the City Lord is waiting for you in the study room.

” But Ye Feng was slightly surprised to know that the City Lord seemed to be anticipating his visit.

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COM Thinking about it, this information was given to him by the City Lord, he should know that Ye Feng was concerned about it.

Thus, he only had to inform his servant to bring Ye Feng to the study room.

This was quite logical.

Ye Feng quickly went into the study room.

Regarding the common areas of the City Lord Manor, he was already quite familiar with the layout.

“Oh, Ye Feng, you’ve arrived.

” The City Lord raised his head and looked at Ye Feng who entered, he smiled and said: “Take a seat.

” He was not busy now, he was not surprised by Ye Feng’s visit as well.

“City Lord…” Ye Feng sat down and was about to ask about Tiffany’s matter when the City Lord interrupted him.

“You want to know about the matter regarding Tiffany’s wedding?” The City Lord smiled as he asked, he looked towards Ye Feng with a meaningful gaze.

“Uh, yeah.

” For some reason, Ye Feng’s face turned red but he still asked: “What is going on? There was no information about this earlier.

” The City Lord’s gaze made him feel uncomfortable, although he did not understand why, he could see some feelings of mocking in the City Lord’s eyes.

“You act like you have a wide source of information.

” The City Lord looked at Ye Feng while internally rolling his eyes.

This guy was not related to any force in the Capital City, how could he have learned of the information there.

Regardless, he still answered: “The news has been out for some time, except that it was just confirmed earlier.

” “Don’t worry, I’ve already asked around for you, it is as you think, Tiffany is forced to do this.

” It was natural that he knew what Ye Feng was thinking of, otherwise, he would not have collected the information.

If not for Ye Feng, who would care about a wedding in the Capital City, it was enough to know of this as a passing thought.

“What do you mean by ‘it is as you think’…” Ye Feng muttered softly.

“It is quite normal that Tiffany’s clan arranged this marriage for her, after all, an individual’s own preference does not matter compared to the clan.

” The City Lord did not listen to Ye Feng’s murmurs, he said solemnly: “The Miller clan is not weak, there are great benefits in being allied to them.

” “Mm… this is all the information I have, I don’t have anything more specific.

” It was already a huge deal that he provided the information to Ye Feng.

“Thank you.

” Ye Feng stood up and did not speak anymore, he left after saying goodbye.

The City Lord looked at Ye Feng who was leaving as he shook his head and smiled helplessly.

“The life of young people…” … After returning to the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng did not have any mood to forge, he lay in bed and looked at the ceiling in a daze, hallucinating to himself.

“Will that young master give Tiffany happiness?” “Is that young master handsome?” “Did Tiffany cry when she heard about this?” “How does Tiffany look like when she cries?” “Are there many people in the Capital City?” “What am I thinking!” Ye Feng sat up and shook his head intensely, trying to shrug off these useless thoughts.

“Why can’t I accept this…” Ye Feng hugged his head and lowered his back, he shut his eyes while feeling some pain internally.

Scenes of his interaction with Tiffany started to surface in his mind.

When Tiffany spoke to him by his ear… When he saw Tiffany playing with her hair in her room… When Tiffany smiled and said she could get help… When Tiffany was dejected and said she was leaving… “No! I cannot accept this!” Ye Feng raised his head and as the firm determination in his gaze was restored.

Although he did not say it out loud, it was undeniable that there were emerging feelings between him and Tiffany! He could not let her marry someone who she did not love! “I’ll go to the Capital City!” Ye Feng took a deep breath and jumped out of bed.

“Since I’ve decided, I need to act fast!” Ye Feng muttered softly to himself.

He did not need to pack anything, he just needed to tell some people about this before he left.

For a Blacksmith, he could get forging materials from anywhere in the world.

Like this, Ye Feng decided to leave Aden City on the day itself and head for the Capital City.

But because Ye Feng was anxious now, he did not notice that there were several assassins trailing behind him.

Thankfully, Ye Feng had been vigilant ever since the conflict with the Odin clan, he had been wearing his inner armor all along.

When the sword stabbed towards him, Ye Feng realized it slightly late but his inner armor managed to block the attack.

The truth was, Ye Feng could detect them with his current strength, but he was simply too anxious and worried, he did not think of checking the surroundings.

“You are too much.

” Ye Feng looked at these five assassins who surrounded him coldly, he said with an icy tone: “You could have attacked at any time, but you chose to interrupt me now!” “Even if you really want to die, this is not the way to do it.