Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 149

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Taking Action Again “What is the current situation?” Odin’s mood had improved these days, because Ye Feng stopped causing trouble and only stayed in his Blacksmith Shop, the losses were being recouped and the damages were slowly fixed.

Earlier, he was greatly affected by Tiffany and Ye Feng’s cooperation, but now that she was gone, Ye Feng was unable to do anything on his own, life became much easier.

“We’ve already made up for eighty percent of the losses that they caused, all the various markets are back in our control.

” Donaru stood beside Odin and reported.

As the steward, he had a clearer understanding of the Odin clan’s affairs than Odin himself, after all, he was in charge of many things.

Right now, the two were strolling in the Odin clan’s garden, when he was in a good mood, Odin would usually take a walk outside.

“Not bad at all, that Ye Feng is only capable of causing us small problems, but how can a person go against an entire clan?” Odin snickered in disdain, he looked at the huge garden as he said: “How can any random person come and provoke our Odin clan so easily?” Donaru stood at the side and did not speak.

As the steward of the Odin clan, he only needed to do his job well, as for boot-licking, only others would attempt it.

Odin did not expect Donaru to answer anyway, he continued to walk around the garden.

“Clan leader, someone from the Blacksmith Guild is looking for you.

” Suddenly, a guard ran over to them.

When Odin was not in the house, the guards would be the ones to report to him.




The Odin clan had many guards, they were not as relaxed as the ones that Ye Feng saw in the Iron Hammer tribe.

These guards had considerable strength and kept going on patrols, there were no weaknesses in defense here.

As they had gone through tough training, they worked seriously at their job.

“Blacksmith Guild?” Odin frowned slightly, it was worth his time to meet someone from the Blacksmith Guild: “I got it, ask him to wait in the guest room.

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COM “Yes!” After the guard left, Donaru said to Odin: “This Blacksmith should be the one we hired to spread rumors about Ye Feng in the guild, during this period of time, he has also helped out to restore our businesses back to normal after Ye Feng’s malicious attacks.

” He was the one who organized this, he naturally remembered it clearly.

More accurately, he would not forget most of the things that happened in the clan that he had handled.

“So that’s it…” To speak the truth, Odin could barely remember this incident anymore, after all, the spreading of rumors had barely put a dent in Ye Feng’s reputation, he had almost forgotten about it: “Then let’s meet him and see what he wants.

” The Odin clan did not have many businesses that were involved with the blacksmith industry, so even though that person was helping the Odin clan, he was not sure of what his contributions were.

Such matters were handled by his subordinates and Donaru, he only had to bother with the overall decision making.

In any case, the two of them had no urgent matters to attend to now, they went to meet that Blacksmith.

“Clan leader Odin.

” The Blacksmith greeted after seeing Odin, he got to the topic: “I have done a lot of things for you during this period, I had not slacked off at all, I completed every task that was assigned to me.

” “So now, it is time to give me Ye Feng’s forging techniques like you promised.

” Odin had promised them this reward, but such a long time had passed without any sort of news from them.

Even the Odin clan could not take advantage of them like this, did they want to use their services for free? Even though his actions were quite inconsequential, he had worked hard for it, at the very least, he had to be given some sort of compensation.

“Since we promised you, we will not go back on our word.

But Ye Feng is still alive and well now, there is nothing we can do.

” Odin sat on his seat and said nonchalantly: “Look, if you had done a good job, we would have dealt with Ye Feng already, at the end of the day, this is all because you failed to do a good job.

” He was not anxious to deal with Ye Feng now, after all, the latter could not run away.

After this situation calms down, he could deal with Ye Feng all the same.

“You can’t keep pacifying us with these words, you were the ones who decided what to do, if there was no effect from it, you can’t blame us.

Regardless, I hope you can fulfill your promise.

” The Blacksmith was not upset, he only said plainly: “Don’t forget, I am not the only person waiting to get the forging techniques.

” How could the Blacksmith Guild create such a storm with just him alone, they even bribed the rest.

If everyone caused trouble now, even Odin would be embarrassed.

This was problematic to both sides.

“I know, don’t worry, my Odin clan is trustworthy.

” Odin waved his hand and said coldly: “You can leave now if there isn’t anything else.

” He did not want to lie to these people, but both attempts made against Ye Feng failed, there was nothing he could do.

And because their businesses had been restored in various sectors, the Odin clan did not make a move on Ye Feng in the meantime.

“I will leave now, I hope you can act quickly.

” The Blacksmith smiled and left, before leaving, he said: “Oh, if you need our help, as long as it is not too difficult, we can still provide help in an appropriate situation.

” After saying that, he left.

He was not weak and he was backed by the Blacksmith Guild, he was not afraid of the Odin clan.

He himself had no attachments as well, why would he be afraid of the Odin clan? “Hmph, so arrogant.

” Odin looked at the leaving Blacksmith and said with a dark expression.

It was just some rude words, he would not kill the Blacksmith just for that.

It was a waste of energy to do so.

“Clan leader, what do we do now, are we really going to make a move on Ye Feng?” Donaru asked.

He did not agree to divert their attention to deal with Ye Feng during this time, but seeing Odin’s reaction, it seemed like they were going to act now.

“Of course, since he said we can ask him for help, let’s not waste the chance.

Think of a way to use them to our advantage, let’s use these Blacksmiths to get rid of that Ye Feng for good.

We must teach him a lesson at least.

” Odin smiled, he said in a cold tone: “We have not avenged Lamela yet, we cannot let him off yet.

” “I wanted to wait for some time before dealing with him, but since some people are anxious now, let’s use them for our sake.

” “Alright, I understand.

” Donaru nodded and said: “I will take my leave.

” “Go ahead.