Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 138

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Sending Him To The Capital City Ye Feng had a good mood originally, Tiffany said there was a large batch of forging materials for him to take.

Normally, he was busy forging, so he did not go out often.

But today was different, because there were forging materials, Ye Feng had to make a trip, they were just too tempting to Ye Feng after all.

After reaching the Auction House and settling the business, the two of them talked as usual, they were friends so it was normal to have casual conversations.

With Tiffany’s eloquence, the two had a pleasant conversation.

But when Ye Feng returned to the Blacksmith Shop with his forging materials, he saw the wrecked Blacksmith Shop.

If only the Blacksmith Shop was destroyed, he might be angry but he would not be furious, after all, it was just a shop, he only had to teach the culprit a lesson.

But he saw someone getting ganged up on and attacked.

He did not know who it was, but since the person was getting beaten in the Blacksmith Shop, he had to be related to Ye Feng! He was not going to let someone related to him get beaten up like this.

“You have such guts!” .



Lamela was originally very happy as he looked at his henchmen’s work, but this angry voice shocked him and made him turn around, but soon, all he saw was a figure flashing by him.

“Blake!” Ye Feng charged to the person who was beaten up and recognized his disciple immediately.

“You have a death wish!” Two fireballs landed on the two that were near Blake, after that, he punched with both fists, the two who were not even Advanced Knights were sent flying.

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COM They were still alive, but the severity of the injuries was uncertain.

“Hehe, you guys are really something!” Ye Feng turned around and looked at Lamela with a dark gaze.

“You are Ye Feng?” Because Lamela was protected, he laughed arrogantly: “This is the outcome of opposing me and the entire Odin clan! You will soon face a fate similar to Blake!” He was clear of the muscular man’s strength, with him around, there was no need to fear Ye Feng.

Blake had already fallen, Ye Feng would soon follow in his disciple’s footsteps! “Hahahaha!” Ye Feng laughed loudly, it was as if he had heard an amusing joke.

But his figure vanished instantly.

“Young master, be careful!” The muscular man immediately stood in front of Lamela as he punched forward.

Even though Ye Feng was fast, the muscular man could still see his movements.

“You are not weak.

” Ye Feng was slightly surprised at the muscular man who blocked him, but he smiled coldly and said: “It is a pity you cannot protect him.

” Protecting someone and fighting in battle were two different concepts, unless he was skilled in both aspects, it was impossible for strength to be equivalent to the ability to protect others.

Before he finished his words, Ye Feng already vanished.

Lamela had not reacted from the start, he felt his vision going blur as a fist appeared before his eyes.

Coincidentally, Ye Feng was using the same move as the muscular man.

Ye Feng swept with his leg and hit Lamela while also imbuing his magical energy.

With this hit, Lamela was most likely crippled, his magical energy had already started causing destruction in Lamela’s body.

“You should take a look at your young master.

” Ye Feng looked at the muscular man and walked past him seemingly without any precaution.

The muscular man had an urge to attack when Ye Feng walked past, but seeing Lamela who was lying on the ground weakly without any movement, he decided to bring Lamela back first.

‘This person is not easy to deal with, there is no point in risking my life against him, this is not my duty anyway…’ The muscular man thought to himself as he carried Lamela and left quickly.

Ye Feng quickly went to Blake and inspected his injuries.

The more he inspected, the darker Ye Feng’s face got.

Blake’s injuries were too severe, he was covered in injuries everywhere.

But the shocking thing was, Blake was still conscious now, he opened his eyes with difficulty and said: “T… teacher…” “Don’t speak now.

” Ye Feng frowned and took out a pill: “Eat it to stabilize your injuries, I will get someone to heal you.

” He was just a Blacksmith, he knew nothing about healing, he could only inspect injuries at best.

He had to get professional help.

“Okay…” Blake swallowed the pill and answered with a grunt before falling unconscious after shutting his eyes.

It was already very shocking that he managed to stay awake for so long with such injuries.

It was a pity that Ye Feng did not manage to find anyone capable of treating Blake even in the entire Aden City, they were only able to suppress his injuries.

While frantically searching for help, Ye Feng suddenly recalled Tiffany’s words: “If you need help, you can look for me.

” There was no helping it, Ye Feng went to Tiffany’s Auction House immediately.

“These are very severe injuries… but I think I can help you.

” Tiffany said while looking at Ye Feng’s expectant gaze: “I have my connections in Tsama City.

” “Tsama City… the Capital City?” “Indeed.

” Tiffany said while nodding solemnly, she explained: “The Capital City has some people that are experts at healing, coincidentally, I know them.

” “Then I hope we can hurry up!” Ye Feng said urgently before sighing: “I really need to thank you this time.

” “No worries, I will make the arrangements.

” Tiffany said gently before taking her leave, before that, she said: “Oh right, you need to be mindful of something, I am not the only one with acquaintances in the Capital City, the Odin clan also has their connections there.

” “Odin clan… I got it.

” Ye Feng clenched his fists and nodded.

… Odin clan.

“How is Lamela doing?” The clan leader looked at his subordinate with a dark gaze, everyone in the room could feel the pressure from him as he spoke at this moment.

What was Lamela’s basis for being lawless in Aden City? Wasn’t it because of his father’s influence? “Young master is not in a good condition, he can definitely survive, but it is uncertain how much strength he will retain after this.

” An elderly man stroked his beard as he said slowly.

With Lamela’s talent, a vast amount of resources were spent to raise him to his current strength, to think that he was crippled so easily! The clan leader’s expression turned increasingly dark, but he could not lose his temper against this old man.

This old man was an elder of the Odin clan, many of the clan affairs were handled by him.

“This damned Ye Feng! I must make sure that he dies!” The clan leader shouted.

“Clan leader, calm down.

You cannot create such a commotion in Aden City.

” The old man shook his head and said calmly: “We need to plan this meticulously.

” Right now, the clan leader had calmed down a little, he took a deep breath to temporarily ignore the sorry state that Lamela was in when he saw his son.

“That’s right, we need to come up with a good plan.

” If anyone looked at him, they would be able to see a deep ruthless and vicious light in his eyes.