Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 111

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Battle “That’s right, it’ll be a problem if we wait any longer.

” The Iron Hammer tribe elder nodded and said solemnly: “I have to admit, that Ye Feng is backed by the City of Chaos, he has good strength too, this is a strong enemy that we have to watch out for.

” “Even if we are not afraid, if they interfere and cause trouble, they can ruin our objectives and plans.

Furthermore, if they cooperate, they can cause considerable losses to us as well.

” “Alright, enough of talking here.

” An elder stood up and said in a ruthless tone: “Let’s fight first, we can think about the rest later, how can the Yoruk tribe probably escape from our hands?” He had never intended to let the Yoruk tribe off, as a person who suggested to just start fighting on many occasions, it was only because such a view was held by the minority that it had never been executed.

After all, not everyone was like him who did not care about members of his own race.

Now that this great chance presented itself, he said in excitement: “Since the Yoruk tribe is unwilling to hand the blueprint over, let’s snatch it from them by force!” At this time, there was basically no objection, they could only spare the enemy if they had an overwhelming advantage.

If Ye Feng reinforced them, the situation could end up being troublesome.

“Then, let the battle begin!” … .



“I’m afraid the information has been leaked…” An elder of the Yoruk tribe watched as the alliance army approached them from afar.

There was no absolute secret in this world, they had expected this information to get exposed, but it had been too quick.

And looking at the enemy’s actions, they seemed to be ready for war.

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COM “They actually attacked us without saying anything.

” Another elder frowned and looked at the other dwarves, asking hesitantly: “Do we destroy the blueprint now?” After all, this blueprint was not unique, even if it was destroyed, Ye Feng still had a copy, they also remembered it in their minds.

“No, not yet… We don’t know when the reinforcements are coming, if we really cannot defend ourselves, we need to use the blueprint to negotiate with them.

” “Then let’s hold onto it.

” The elder from earlier nodded: “If the situation gets out of control, I will destroy it directly.

” “Even though stalling is important now, we cannot let them get it, so be it if we have to destroy the blueprint, this thing is not valuable anyway — to us that is.

” “Then… let’s prepare for battle!” As the enemies got closer, the Yoruk tribe also started to prepare themselves, after all, they did not think that this would end peacefully now.

Almost all the elders wore mechanical armors.

They had gotten the mechanical armor blueprint for some time already, by now, they had already created suitable armors for themselves.

Even though they did not make many, because the Yoruk tribe was weak, there were few who could display the true power of the mechanical armor, while each elder only needed one.

If they had ample time, they could research and create weaker mechanical armors, but this was wartime, how could they have the luxury to do that? Time was not an issue during peaceful times, but they would not waste their resources to do this research either.

They pursued the path of forging, not personal strength.

“Sigh… if we want peace, we need sufficient strength.

” That elder shook his head and said bitterly: “No matter what we want, ample strength is the most reliable and necessary foundation.

” They had never thought that the other dwarves tribes would be so shameless as to come here and attack them so openly for their blueprint! At the same time, the Yoruk tribe also let out their mechanical beasts that charged towards the enemies.

Since they were fighting, they had to use all their available strength! “Hahaha, a bunch of trash that relies on external help, you are not fit to be Blacksmiths!” A Heavenly Forging tribe member charged forward and slashed at the mechanical beast that pounced at him.

“Hmph, we’ll know who’s trash after fighting.

” An elder wearing mechanical armor came out with a long spear in his hand, as they had the same cultivation realm, he managed to repel the enemy by several steps.

The Yoruk tribe had a good relationship with Ye Feng, how could they not ask him to make weapons for them? Even though there were only a few top tier weapons, each of the Yoruk tribe elders had a peak stage four weapon at least.

With Ye Feng’s forging skills, unless it was against a stage five weapon, no weapon could match the one he made.

That was to say, this was the best weapon under stage five! Even though these tribes had stage five weapons, they were extremely rare and of poor quality, even against Ye Feng’s peak stage four weapons, they were only marginally stronger.

“Heh, are your forging skills good?” The Yoruk tribe elder rebuked: “Then let’s see who’s weapon is stronger?!” Ye Feng’s weapons were publicly known for their quality, even these dwarves had to admit his skill.

“Come!” The two collided again.

Undoubtedly, with the help of the mechanical armor and Ye Feng’s weapon, even in a one-on-one battle, the Yoruk tribe elder had the complete advantage.

The mechanical beast also made up for their weakness in manpower, without the attack of all six tribes, they were able to hold their ground now.

But this was only temporary.

Against the Yoruk tribe alone, they were not going to invest all their combat strength, that was not worth it.

The difference in number of people was too great! “Hmm, their strength is higher than we expected.

” An elder at the back saw the weapon in the Yoruk tribe member’s hand and revealed an expression of shock.

“Hmph, you are only relying on the mechanical armor, mechanical beast, and the weapon that Ye Feng created… These are all external help.

” It was obvious that the person who spoke was from the Heavenly Forging tribe.

The elder from earlier looked at the Heavenly Forging tribe member but did not rebuke him.

He did not want to engage in a useless and pointless argument with the Heavenly Forging tribe member, he did not want to stoop to his level.

“Continue sending people to fight… overwhelm them with numbers and win this battle quickly.

” At the other end.

Ye Feng and Claude led their group as they rushed towards the Yoruk tribe with the main members of the Divine Forging tribe in a hurry.

The Divine Forging tribe had basically brought out all their forces now, if the Yoruk tribe was exterminated, they would not last much longer either.

Ye Feng might be able to protect some of them, but he could only save a small number, how could the Divine Forging tribe still remain after losing the bulk of its members? “Kill!” Ye Feng could hear vague shouting noises as he raised his head and looked afar.

“They’ve already started fighting?” Claude was standing beside Ye Feng, he also heard the shout from earlier.

“It is likely so… it seems that they are not far from us.

” Ye Feng nodded and sighed: “I hope we make it in time.

” “Everyone, full speed ahead!”