Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 102

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Bountiful Gains After Ye Feng obtained many energy crystals from the diamond bear’s lair, he became filled with confidence.

Ever since he entered the ancient forest, he had obtained a lot of loot.

Even Ye Feng sighed in amazement: “Thankfully, I acted resolutely, otherwise, how can I have obtained so many good things?” With the diamond bear’s territory as his campground, Ye Feng had a good night’s sleep.

During this period of time, Ye Feng had been living a life of fear and worry, even though he did not need to sleep much with his current strength, and just meditation was enough to recover his stamina and strength.

But with strong enemies moving around the ancient forest, having time to meditate was also an extremely rare thing.

Precisely so, Ye Feng decided to use the diamond bear’s territory as the base and plan his activities around it.

Even though Ye Feng knew in his mind that the death of the diamond bear meant that this was an unowned territory, it was possible that a mutated beast would come and occupy it later.

But Ye Feng had made preparations after killing the diamond bear, during this period of time, no beasts knew of this battle, it was a good chance for Ye Feng.

Even if they wanted to occupy this territory, time was needed, Ye Feng could make use of this.

Ye Feng acted immediately, the diamond bear was a mutated beast after all, the cave was filled with its aura after it lived here for a long time, Ye Feng could rest here in peace after cleaning it a little.

After Ye Feng rested for a while, he took out the things that he obtained from the ancient forest and categorized them carefully.




The truth was, because this ancient forest was too dangerous, Ye Feng only took the important things but had not categorized them yet.

Right now, Ye Feng became very cautious, after arranging these things, he started to plan for the future.

The things in the ancient forest also varied in difficulty to obtain them, some materials were very easy to get, and because Ye Feng was not holding back on taking them, he had already collected a large quantity of materials.

Thus, at this time, Ye Feng did not want to continue taking more.

He placed his gaze at the materials that were rare in the market and also those that he liked, he started to make plans.

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COM “Earlier, while coming here, I had already collected some stuff, I also obtained energy crystals from the diamond bear’s cave, I don’t need to continue taking the common herbs of the ancient forest from now on.

” Ye Feng took a tree branch and started to draw on the ground.

The truth was, Ye Feng had been careful on this journey here, he marked the materials that he saw and remembered, after Ye Feng started drawing, he pointed out the things that he was going to find on the next day.

Life in the ancient forest was very mundane, after finishing the planning, Ye Feng went to meditate and replenished his energy to execute his plan on the next day.

Normally speaking, the ancient forest was most dangerous at night, during this time, even though Ye Feng had raised his strength by a large extent, he did not dare to move around at this time.

Many mutated beasts only roamed around at night, even though Ye Feng was not a risk-taker, he had been targeted by two winged snakes at night when he tried to rest on the tree branches.

Thankfully, Ye Feng was not deep in his meditation at that time, he resolved the danger successfully.

After such an experience, Ye Feng became very vigilant when he chose a resting spot.

It turned out that this was Ye Feng’s easiest night so far, he even managed to enter deep meditation.

After Ye Feng stopped meditating, he felt extremely refreshed and energized.

When he walked out of the cave, he had the mood to practice some of his offensive skills before taking his bag with him and starting a new day of exploration.

Mutated beasts were not stupid in fact, Ye Feng soon found the size of the diamond bear’s territory by probing the surroundings, he quickly collected the materials nearby.

The area nearby the diamond bear’s cave was rich with materials, many mutated beasts did not dare to take any of the resources here out of fear towards the diamond bear.

All of these resources went to Ye Feng instead, he obtained a lot of herbs effortlessly, the forging materials were the easiest for Ye Feng to notice and collect.

After all, no mutated beast could do forging, these materials were just nicer looking rocks to these mutated beasts, thus, even Ye Feng did not expect that the rocks below the simple flowers and grass were made of diamond sand.

Diamond sand was useless to most people but it was very valuable to Blacksmiths.

However, because it was too hard to obtain, many Blacksmiths would choose to use other types of iron sand instead.

The most important aspects in forging to Ye Feng were controlling the temperature and ensuring that the purified materials would not be mixed with impurities, he also wanted metals that had different melting points so they could be easily split.

Even though Ye Feng’s control of fire elements allowed him to not have such trouble basically, this did not mean that Blake and Claude did not need it, thus, when Ye Feng saw the diamond sand, he took it without hesitation.

Ye Feng had basically collected a lot of materials in the region that he was in, even though he met with many mutated beasts in the process, because of his raised strength, Ye Feng was not injured, even though he often became dirty after fighting.

Time passed quickly on the mountains, by the time Ye Feng got most of the materials that he wanted, he realized that fifteen days had passed.

He had calculated the time by counting the days of sunrise and sunset.

After collecting most of the materials, Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief, without a single person to talk to him in this period of time, Ye Feng felt like he was going crazy, he felt a strong urge to talk.

“I made bountiful gains this time.

” Ye Feng counted his gains before stepping on the road back to the City of Chaos.