Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 100

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Mutated Beast After Ye Feng killed the lightning leopard, shock was still evident on his face.

He had not expected to have met with such danger the moment he entered the ancient forest, he was still at the periphery after all.

A mutated beast like the lightning leopard was not something he could not deal with or kill, in fact, his gains from killing it were not small.

Thus, at this time, Ye Feng did not rush into the ancient forest, he started to search around the area that he had entered.

After searching, Ye Feng found a large number of forging materials in such a short time, he muttered: “No wonder so many people come to the ancient forest despite its great danger, this place is truly littered with treasures.

” Even though Ye Feng did not find any valuable materials in such a short time, the truth was that he had picked up many things of certain value already, after taking two steps, Ye Feng felt surprised: “Is this a dense cloud leaf?” Ye Feng looked at the flower on the ground and showed an expression of disbelief.

Even though it was called the dense cloud leaf, normally, it only looked like a pale white flower with yellowish specks and the stamen had a pale color.

However, this flower had great value after the leaves grew out.

Ye Feng was attracted to this flower because he knew that although the dense cloud leaf looked common and ordinary, it was an important ingredient in making a high tier healing liquid.

Even though Ye Feng was a Blacksmith and had seen many good things, causing him to not feel tempted when he saw any ordinary material, after slight consideration, he decided to collect the dense cloud leaf.

Along the way, he became very careful, the ancient forest had abundant resources, even Ye Feng was tongue-tied, he could see precious herbs or forging materials every few steps.

At this time, Ye Feng put in his effort to collect all these things, after a while, he was carrying a large amount of materials, he inspected his gains and sighed in satisfaction towards his loot.

At this time, Ye Feng did not realize that he was getting deeper and deeper into the ancient forest.

By the time he noticed, he had already taken many things with him.

“Should I continue going forward or stop now while it is not too late?” .



At this time, Ye Feng could not help but hesitate, it was not his fault for not being resolved, the temptation that Ye Feng was facing was simply too great.

But at this time, Ye Feng noticed a severe problem while hesitating, along the way, he had not met any mutated beast, it was as if they had all disappeared.

Ye Feng did not think that this was his good luck, because now, he noticed something amiss after entering the ancient forest, it was not normal that the deeper he went into the forest, the fewer attacks he faced.

At this time, Ye Feng became filled with alertness, he shut his eyes and tried to sense the surroundings, what he saw with his eyes might not be real, his other senses might be of greater help to him.

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COM After a while, Ye Feng understood the reason, there was an intense energy fluctuation near him, it was likely the source of the issue.

Thus, Ye Feng concealed his own aura and started to move towards that source stealthily.

He had a feeling that this was the reason why the mutated beasts did not dare to come outside.

After Ye Feng went over, he found out what the issue was.

The energy fluctuations that he sensed earlier were in fact emitted from here, after Ye Feng got closer, he could feel some threat from up ahead.

“This is likely the reason why there are no mutated beasts around.

” Mutated beasts were more sensitive than humans, thus, they were able to make appropriate reactions towards things that could threaten them.

Ye Feng looked at the two mutated beasts that were fighting ahead, he could tell that one was a giant rock python, the other was a blazing flame rhino.

These two mutated beasts had common names but their combat strength was quite shocking, even Ye Feng felt that he could not kill these two mutated beasts on his own.

But the two mutated beasts were not fighting for no reason, Ye Feng started to observe the surroundings at this time.

The thinking process of mutated beasts was very simple.

Wherever any precious treasure appeared, they would definitely fight over it.

Thus, after just a short time, Ye Feng found the numinous treasure fruit behind, it was a valuable item that was priceless in the market, each one was extremely precious.

Not only could it raise one’s strength, it could also nourish the body, Ye Feng’s eyes stared wide the moment he saw the numinous treasure fruit.

After careful consideration, Ye Feng did not back out, instead, he started to observe the terrain more seriously, even Ye Feng had to admit that in this situation, he had a good chance of succeeding if he took action.

Because of these two mutated beasts’ fight, there were no other beasts in the vicinity, and because they were fighting intensely now, they did not discover that Ye Feng was here.

Precisely so, Ye Feng formulated a plan and made up his mind.

He took in a deep breath and reached for the numinous treasure fruit, after careful observation, he saw that the two mutated beasts did not notice him, he quickly grabbed the numinous treasure fruit and left.

Ye Feng was not sure when these two mutated beasts would realize that he had taken the numinous treasure fruit, thus, he only stopped after running for a long distance.

After Ye Feng rested for a while, he looked at the surroundings and found that there were no immediate danger around him, he sat down slowly and looked at the numinous treasure fruit, he ate it without a second thought.

The numinous treasure fruit lived up to its reputation, after Ye Feng ate it, he breathed in deeply and felt a surge of energy and heat in his body that spread over to his limbs.

At this time, Ye Feng shut his eyes and sensed the changes in his body’s strength.

By the time Ye Feng opened his eyes, he let out a breath of turbid air.

This time, because of the numinous treasure fruit, his strength rose by a huge extent, he finally had the power to protect himself in this ancient forest.