Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 86

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Mechanical Armor Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The intensity and losses incurred from this battle had not been expected by Ye Feng, precisely so, after seeing Blake’s mechanical arm, his desire to create the mechanical armor also became very intense.

Thus, the moment the battle halted temporarily, Ye Feng let the others deal with the aftermath while he went into seclusion.

Ye Feng was a Blacksmith to begin with, it was normal in others’ perspective that he had a weird temperament.

In fact, they heard that he had some new inspiration.

While Ye Feng was trying to make the mechanical armor, he considered the problem of fatalities and injuries.

When he created Blake’s mechanical arm, the purpose was to allow him to live life normally and continue his Knight and Blacksmith training, instead, the mechanical armor’s purpose was to reduce deaths while raising the combat strength to the limit.

What did he need from this mechanical armor? Ye Feng thought about this question continuously, he wrote down a number of conditions on his paper, but the basic things like offense and defensive power did not need more explanation.

But later, the question of weight made Ye Feng a little troubled, even though Knights could wear heavier and thicker armor, would it not affect other aspects? For example, if they became too bulky, would they be more prone to injuries? Ye Feng thought about his experience in making the mechanical arm while modifying the materials and their ratio, this armor had a very specific requirement when it came to the ratio and distribution of materials.

Afterwards, the issue of formations was also a problem for Ye Feng, even though it seemed like a small process, there was great difficulty in carving all of the formations perfectly.

Even though Ye Feng was not a perfectionist, he had his own insistence on such matters, he was not going to design something that was flawed.




While drawing, Ye Feng thought about his design and in the end, he produced a passable blueprint.

After obtaining the blueprint, Ye Feng started to forge with anticipation.

But this time, the forging attempt was not as smooth for Ye Feng as before.

He still went through the usual process of refining and purifying the materials, but once the materials started to fuse, issues and flaws appeared in succession.

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COM Ye Feng did not even consider that after successfully creating the mechanical arm, he would actually fail in making the mechanical armor, what was the problem here? One by one, Ye Feng looked through the materials in his hand, he observed the failed product for a long time before understanding the crux of the issue — because he was overly pursuing the functionality of the armor, he had used several materials that were very hard.

The hardness level meant that the ductility of the material would fall, it would become brittle.

Thus, even though Ye Feng originally intended to use the metal of life later, even before he placed it in, the forging attempt had failed already.

What sort of material could be useful in this situation? After thinking about it, Ye Feng started to look for an answer to this problem, and after a long period of consideration, he chose some black metal ink, this was a famous stage three material.

Not because this material was hard to find, but because this was very similar to the metal of life.

The metal of life could not be used with other metals properly so it was treated as the toy of children.

Meanwhile, the black metal ink had another issue, it could fuse with all materials, but afterwards, two-thirds of their special traits would be destroyed.

This was the main reason why many people gave up on the black metal ink, even though it was stage three, it had no feasible use.

Thus, the price was very low, it was one of the cheapest stage three materials that one could buy.

The greatest use of the black metal ink was to be used as ink by some aristocrats to write letters, the reason was not because it was ink, but because it would shine with a golden light after it dried.

After Ye Feng considered this deeply, he started to take action again, as he expected, the black metal ink was very useful in resolving the conflict of the other materials, it also raised the adhesiveness and ductility of the materials.

By the time he added in the metal of life, Ye Feng felt that it was even more successful than the previous mechanical arm, precisely so, Ye Feng’s forging attempt was also very smooth sailing.

After adding in the metal of life, Ye Feng did not let the temperature fall as normal, in fact, he used more fire elements to raise the temperature and caused the metallic elements inside the black metal ink to be fully activated and dispersed as it melted, perfectly assimilating into the metal of life.

During this period, Ye Feng also carved several of the most important formations first, after the material cooled down, he continued to forge the rest of the formations.

The following processes were very familiar to Ye Feng, he hammered the metal and made it into the shape of an armor before letting it cool down.

Soon after, a new armor appeared in front of Ye Feng.

Ye Feng mostly had Advanced Knights and Intermediate Knights under him, thus, when making the armor, he did not use expensive materials, he only used stage four materials when carving the core formations.

If one had insufficient strength, they could not fully control this mechanical armor, thus, the grade of this armor was intentionally made to be slightly lower.

The outer appearance of the mechanical armor was also altered and improved by Ye Feng, anyone who saw it would think of it as a perfect fitting piece of clothing, but because of the metal of life, it also had great ductility, anyone of any size could wear it.

Because this mechanical armor had black metal ink in it, it gave off a golden light and seemed very softy, but if one touched it, they could feel its thickness and sturdiness.

The core of the mechanical armor were the formations that Ye Feng carved, one could control the armor with the formations, while the energy required could be injected directly when the user was wearing it.