Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 83

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Discussion Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “The Warwick tribe is looking a little pathetic.

” The person who spoke looked around in the Warwick tribe.

Because they had lost in the earlier battle, the Warwick tribe was forced to leave the City of Chaos.

As the loser, they were truly pathetic now.

But the Warwick tribe had their glorious days in the past as well, now that they were in this state, they felt extremely terrible, they felt even worse after hearing such words like they were being looked down on.

“I’m sure you’re not here to see how we’re doing now.

” The people of the Warwick tribe had bitter expressions after hearing such words.

Even though they were defeated, they still raised their heads high, moreover, with their strength, nobody could come here to mock them like this without facing retaliation.

But the person heard their words and did not feel anger, he said: “Trust me, I did not come here with ill intentions, in fact, I hope we can cooperate instead.

” Even though he said that, those who heard his words smiled mockingly: “We are all defeated rats, there is no need to try and prove who is superior.

” His words contained one meaning: You guys are looking down on us now, but can’t you look in the mirror and see how pathetic you are yourselves? Everyone understood the meaning of his words, after hearing it, their expressions turned very ugly too, they clearly felt attacked by such words.

“Cooperation is possible, but we have to do it on equal terms, stop showing us your high and mighty demeanor, your Iron Hammer tribe is in no better state.

” .



This person who came was from the Iron Hammer tribe, after hearing the words of the Warwick tribe member, he fell into a long period of silence.

To speak the truth, the Iron Hammer tribe had suffered immense losses this time, even though Kimmich brought them lots of benefits initially.

But after Ye Feng’s retaliation and counterattack, the Iron Hammer tribe lost almost all of their benefits.

Furthermore, because many people found out about the truth behind the reason why Kimmich was able to win against Claude, they felt that the Iron Hammer tribe was also as shameless as him.

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COM People knew how to pursue benefits and avoid problems, at this time, they did not show any good attitude towards the Iron Hammer tribe.

The Iron Hammer tribe was very upset about their current predicament, but there was nothing they could do.

As the reputation of the Iron Hammer tribe fell to rock bottom, not only did they lose all of the orders that they had, they even met with a lot of contention now, their lives became very tough during this period of time.

Especially after Ye Feng’s victory this time, it meant that the Iron Hammer tribe had even less room to live in.

The Iron Hammer tribe did not argue with Ye Feng, they chose to leave immediately without a fuss.

They could no longer stay in the City of Chaos.

Because of Ye Feng’s victory, it meant that he was going to settle the scores now.

Earlier, when Ye Feng was fighting against the Warwick tribe, many forces chose to stay neutral.

But now, after his win, these neutral forces had no choice but to express their loyalty now.

And the Iron Hammer tribe became the target for them to express their loyalty.

In this situation, the Iron Hammer tribe had no choice but to lower their head, precisely so, they went into a difficult situation.

Also, because of the matter with the Auction House, the Iron Hammer tribe was also hated by many of the forces, when they found out about this, they did not dare to speak against those angry forces in fear of facing extermination because of their anger.

The Iron Hammer tribe knew that they were not welcomed by anyone now, thus, they did not approach the Warwick tribe at first.

Only now did they come, they were trying to support them in times of need.

And also because the Iron Hammer tribe was no doubt an enemy of Ye Feng, working with the Warwick tribe was a natural thing.

The truth was, the Warwick tribe wanted to see such an alliance as well.

Even though the Iron Hammer tribe could not guarantee that their weapons were all stage five, compared to the current situation, it would help the Warwick tribe greatly at least.

But before cooperation, they had to negotiate about the terms first in a clear manner.

“We both know that cooperation is the best solution we have now.

We have lived in the City of Chaos for so long, are you really willing to leave?” At this time, the Iron Hammer tribe chose to keep away their arrogance.

Thereafter, both sides cooperated without an issue, precisely so, the Warwick tribe gained some confidence again.

“It is true that Ye Feng is not easy to deal with, but we lost to him last time because we lacked weapons.

Now that we have the Iron Hammer tribe’s weapons, it is not impossible for us to reclaim what we have lost.

” Many people had such thoughts.

With the addition of the Iron Hammer tribe, the Warwick tribe managed to gather the other tribes that were exiled even more easily.

At this time, many people felt unjust about their exile, it was very easy to create an alliance with them.

They had one common goal to work towards — defeat Ye Feng and return to the City of Chaos.

“The City of Chaos is ours, we must reclaim the City of Chaos.

” This commotion was huge to the point where Ye Feng had to pay attention to them.

In the past, they were disunited, but now, they had a common goal to return to the city.

But Ye Feng was not going to give up so easily, thus, battle erupted between the two sides immediately.

Soon, war broke out between the two sides, while Blake also entered the battlefield with Ye Feng.

Originally, Blake had a poor temperament, but after the recent events, he became more mature.

After getting the mechanical arm that Ye Feng made, he started to familiarize himself with it.

It had to be said that Ye Feng spent a lot of effort on this arm, along with Blake’s own hard work in trying to master this arm, he managed to get used to it after a short period of time.

This time, Blake made a request to Ye Feng to join him in battle.

He was a Knight to begin with, there was no reason to back off in this situation.

Ye Feng could also see Blake’s determination, he did not reject or discourage Blake but chose to let him onto the battlefield as well.

The battle involving the city became a huge topic of everyone, at this time, be it the attacking side or the defending side led by Ye Feng, all of them felt immense pressure at this time.

But nobody was going to give up.