Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 76

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Healing Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Originally, Ye Feng did not think of bringing Blake, he was going to take revenge for Claude, there was no way for Blake to gain experience from this.

But after hearing Blake’s words, Ye Feng realized that it was not a bad choice to bring him along, he was convinced.

Blake was quite perceptive, after seeing Ye Feng’s expression, he understood Ye Feng was moved to a certain extent after hearing his words, thus, he decided to state more convincing reasons to add to his point.

“Teacher, if you bring me along, we can stay in my Tevez clan’s properties along the way.

If we are in a rush, they can also prepare the things we need before we reach the respective locations.

” Seeing that Ye Feng was not giving a clear answer, Blake became a little anxious, even though this trip was not something he definitely had to go on.

But Blake had never gone on any excursions, after hearing the name of the City of Chaos, he was very tempted to visit it.

Thus, Blake gave many reasons and in the end, Ye Feng agreed to let him tag along.

“Alright, pack up, we are leaving immediately.

” Originally, Ye Feng did not want to bring Blake along, but after Blake showed an excited expression with an enthusiastic attitude, Ye Feng could not bring himself to reject him.

Since Blake wanted to go to the City of Chaos, so be it.

After all, nobody in the City of Chaos would dare to provoke Ye Feng or find trouble with him.

After Ye Feng agreed to it, the two of them packed up their luggage without wasting time, they then rushed towards the City of Chaos.

Ye Feng was very familiar with the location of Claude’s Blacksmith Shop, after the two of them reached the City of Chaos, he did not need to ask anyone to find out the location of the Blacksmith Shop as he headed there immediately.




Compared to the past, the current Blacksmith Shop was very empty, it was obviously because of Kimmich’s actions.

At this time, Blake also met Claude.

The latter was in an extremely weak condition, after seeing Ye Feng, he became very surprised: “Master, why are you here?” Seeing that Ye Feng was here, Claude showed an expression of being extremely moved, because of this, Claude did not want Ye Feng to come here.

After all, his reputation in the City of Chaos had taken a beating.

But how could Ye Feng mind something like this? He was focused on the weak Claude as he asked: “How are you now?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “I will get you some water.

” Claude looked at Ye Feng with an excited expression but he avoided the question entirely.

There was no need for Ye Feng to say anything, he could see that Claude was hiding something, Ye Feng started to inspect Claude’s injuries forcefully without allowing any disagreement.

At the side, Blake could tell that Ye Feng was currently in a state of extreme displeasure.

Ye Feng was currently feeling very angry about the situation, he was someone who really hated people like Kimmich deeply, thus, he had an extremely poor impression of the latter.

Blake did not say a word at this time, he searched through his luggage and took out a bottle from it after a while: “Your injuries are very severe, this is the medicine that I brought, use some of it.

” Even Ye Feng did not expect that Blake would bring such a thing, it was clear to him that Blake was extremely meticulous when it came to things like this.

Blake became a little embarrassed after getting stared at by Ye Feng, he explained softly: “I thought we might have to use it, thankfully, I still brought it with me in the end.

” After taking a look, Ye Feng took the medicine from Blake.

Claude had also used his own medicine after getting injured, but what he used was definitely inferior to the medicine that Blake brought with him.

When Blake’s medicine was used on Claude, the effect could be said to be immediate, precisely because of this, Ye Feng was right that Blake was very meticulous in such situations.

After seeing that Claude’s injuries were healing, Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief, he looked at Claude solemnly as he said: “What happened exactly, I don’t want to hear it from anyone else, tell me yourself.

” After hearing this, Claude lowered his head in shame, evidently, whatever Ye Feng had heard about this matter was the truth.

“I did not expect him to be so unscrupulous.

” While saying this, Claude was clearly not feeling happy at all.

When explaining this matter, Claude was clearly extremely ashamed of himself when he spoke to Ye Feng, after all, he had lost this competition in Ye Feng’s name, this was also the reason why Ye Feng’s reputation became worse.

But Ye Feng was clearly not minding this outcome at all.

From the start, after he entered the shop, he had been concerned about Claude’s injuries, when he asked the question, his intention was to know why Claude did not tell him the situation when it happened, instead, he had to learn about it from a third party.

After this happened to Claude, Ye Feng was told about it from something else, he did not feel good knowing that his disciple had not come to him.

“Alright, stay here and recuperate, I will handle this matter myself.

” Ye Feng sighed: “This is not your fault.

” Even though Claude was simply too innocent and lacking in wariness in this matter, his innocent moral conduct could be said to be his only problem in this matter.

Hearing that Ye Feng said this, Claude could not say anything else, he could only acknowledge it.

Ye Feng looked towards Blake and instructed lightly: “Take care of him, you two can talk as well.

After all, you are both Blacksmiths, I’m sure you can find a common topic.

” Blake nodded: “I will take care of him, but you…” “I will go and get an answer from that person.

” Ye Feng left immediately, Claude knew instantly that he was heading in Kimmich’s direction.