Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 74

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Defeat Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Claude did not expect that this person called Kimmich would be so rude at their first encounter, his tone also became tougher as a result as he rebuked: “Sorry, I do not want to compete with you.

” Kimmich had not thought that Claude would reject him outright like this, he became rather unhappy: “Why did you reject me?” “Before coming here, you should have learned how to respect others.

” At this time, Claude was basically very angry, he did not speak in a polite tone anymore.

Kimmich looked at Claude, not expecting him to speak in such a lecturing tone, he showed unhappiness on his face, but this was not something that could affect the current situation: “Don’t tell me you are rejecting this because you think you can’t win?” Claude frowned and looked at this guy in front of him.

For some reason, earlier, Kimmich gave him an extremely uncomfortable feeling, now, Claude knew what he had such a sensation.

It was because Kimmich had no basic respect for people, he felt that winning was a natural thing for him, thus, because of such a complex, he spoke in an arrogant tone.

“If that is what you think, there is nothing I can do about it.

” Claude had lived for so many years, such reverse psychology had no effect on him.

Thus, he also did not show any courtesy anymore.

Kimmich looked towards Claude with a gaze of disdain, it seemed like this result was expected, he said: “I heard you have a master? If your master knew that you are so useless, he will definitely regret his choice.

” “His regret does not matter, there is nothing that can change this situation now.

” Claude knew that the more uncaring he sounded, the more upset Kimmich would be.




But Claude did not expect that Kimmich would be so stubborn on this matter, he looked at Claude who was trying to be calm and said: “I guess your teacher is a coward like you, whenever there is a challenge, he will hide inside his shell.

” Claude had a carefree nature, but that was only if Ye Feng was not implicated, if anyone spoke ill of Ye Feng, he would attack like a rabid dog.

After hearing Kimmich’s words, Claude’s expression turned ugly: “You can insult me, but you cannot insult my master.

” “He is just someone with fame but no ability.

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COM Claude felt that a gush of blood was charging to his brain, he knew at this time that he could not avoid the matter, this was simply a full-on provocation by the other party.

Claude was not someone who would cause trouble, but when trouble came to him, he would not be afraid to face it.

“Since you insulted my master, we will have no choice but to compete.

” At this time, Claude started to prepare his materials, while Kimmich smiled faintly as he saw Claude getting to work, he was very satisfied with this outcome.

One side was filled with disdain, the other was overwhelmed with anger, in this situation, the two decided the rules of the contest very easily.

Claude and Kimmich had the same materials in their hands, they were going to forge the same thing and compete to see which one was superior to decide the winner.

In this forging contest, Kimmich was extremely confident at the start, until he turned to look at Claude’s movement.

Normally speaking, no Blacksmith would get distracted at a time like this, but Kimmich felt that he could win, which was why he spent several seconds to turn and look at Claude’s actions.

But once he looked, he found some issues.

At this time, Kimmich realized that Claude was superior to him in forging skills.

But how could he let this victory slip away? At this point, Kimmich stared at Claude fixedly, he had to be the best Blacksmith, the easiest way was to defeat Claude.

But with just his strength, Kimmich felt that it was too difficult to realize that goal.

“No, I cannot lose.

” Kimmich thought to himself internally, no matter what, he had to win.

As he thought of that, he started to take action on his side, while Claude had absolutely no idea what Kimmich was planning.

Because Kimmich insulted Ye Feng earlier with his words, Claude became extremely furious, he was fully focused on forging his weapon now using these materials, to make sure that Ye Feng’s reputation was not tarnished.

But soon, he found something weird happened.

Claude was very familiar with the use of flames, but at this time, he realized that the temperature of his fire was falling rapidly.

The temperature of the fire was extremely important to forging something, if a problem occurred, the end product would definitely not be good.

Claude had no choice but to stop forging as he salvaged the fire.

By the time he was done, he saw that Kimmich had already finished forging his weapon, Claude had not expected this to happen no matter what.

“You are unscrupulous.

” At this time, Claude was no longer in a state of anger, thus, he realized that the materials in his hands were all ruined by the fire.

Even if he made something from them, it would be trash.

Kimmich smiled after seeing Claude’s furious expression: “Unscrupulous people use unscrupulous means to win, noble people often dig their own graves.

I just needed to win.

As for the method? I don’t care about it at all.

” Saying so, he looked at Claude in pity and said before taking his leave: “You are trash.