Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 73

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Arrival and Provocation Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios As Ye Feng’s weapons entered the market, his reputation also started to rise as his name became renowned.

Almost everyone knew that Ye Feng could forge stage three and four weapons.

Blacksmithing was an incredibly lucrative occupation to begin with, as Ye Feng’s reputation rose, more and more people came to him to forge weapons.

Looking at these people who came unceasingly, Ye Feng became very busy, almost everyone came to forge something, many of them even fought each other while queuing and trying to get an earlier position.

Ye Feng looked at this chaotic situation and considered the issue of a lack of rules, after some thinking, he decided that this could not go on.

In the past, he allowed this because he wanted more people to find him, but now, this goal had been achieved already.

Next, everyone saw a black board near the entrance of the Blacksmith Shop.

On the black board, a list was written regarding the grade of materials needed for him to accept the request for forging.

Ye Feng thought that this would deter many people from finding him, after all, the offer of free forging did attract a batch of people on its own.

As this offer ended, although these people would still choose him if they wanted to, they would have more competitive options then.

But Ye Feng did not expect that even though he listed a request to trade materials for forging attempts, many people still came to him for such matters regarding forging.

The truth was, Ye Feng did not know that because he had not failed once in this long period of forging, it was enough for him to outclass all the other Blacksmiths.




Thus, as Ye Feng’s reputation got larger, more and more people came to find him, and because of them, Ye Feng gained a large number of materials again.

Although they were mostly stage three and four, there were many benefits in keeping them.

They were able to replenish his stock of materials, allowing Ye Feng to live a fulfilling month of forging these materials.

As he did not need to think of ways to get materials, Ye Feng was quite satisfied with the outcome.

In many situations, the attempt at getting his own materials was much harder than forging a weapon for someone.

Furthermore, when he forged things, he would gain strength as well.

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COM Forging was a type of method to raise Ye Feng’s strength, after the Tevez clan found out about Ye Feng’s abilities, they were not stingy about stage five materials, they basically passed all the stage five materials they could find to him.

As Ye Feng forged more things, his strength also grew greatly, although these stage three and four weapons could not raise his strength much, the sheer quantity he forged made a significant impact.

With these non-stop orders that came in, Ye Feng could feel that his strength was not far from breaking through.

“At this point, I should be able to reach Silver Knight level by forging another fifteen stage five weapons.

” Everyone had the aspiration to get stronger, Ye Feng was no exception.

These years, because of his strength, Ye Feng had already seen many aspects of the world.

Thus, he was calm and composed while thinking of his potential breakthrough now.

Ye Feng heard someone calling him and subconsciously showed a gentle smile, as expected, the person who came was Avril.

This period of time was no doubt extremely blissful to Ye Feng.

After Avril ended the busy period of heading to outdoor missions consecutively, she started to find him at his shop every few days.

Each time she came, she would bring some things that she made herself.

In Avril’s perspective, Ye Feng’s life was very tough, she wanted her little gifts to comfort him after a long day of work.

Precisely so, Ye Feng felt like he was living a blissful life.

While forging things, Ye Feng could also eat the things that Avril made, this was really an enjoyable time, and because he also taught her things while she cultivated, during this period of time, her strength also grew rapidly along with his guidance.

Precisely so, Avril enjoyed staying by Ye Feng’s side even more.

Regarding this, Ye Feng was very happy internally, seeing that Avril was running towards him, he spread his arms and hugged her while asking: “Why are you here?” “I miss you, and I have already learned the things that you taught me yesterday.

” Ye Feng listened to Avril while showing a bright gaze in his eyes: “Go, let’s go test it out.

” Avril’s talent was not poor, she was very hardworking when it came to cultivating, it was natural that she could keep up with Ye Feng’s teachings.

The two of them were very satisfied with their current lifestyles.

But the situation in the City of Chaos was different.

As the successor of the Divine Forging tribe, Claude did not live a luxurious life like what others thought, he was still forging items in the Blacksmith Shop everyday.

On this day, a special guest came to Claude’s shop, the reason why this was a special person was because this was also a Blacksmith, he did not conceal his own status and objective, he looked at Claude straight in the eye.

“My name is Kimmich, I am a dwarf.

” The guest introduced himself, but Claude was not used to people like this who spoke so straightforwardly.

“Hello, what is the matter?” Although he did not really like this Kimmich person, Claude still showed the most basic respect.

But this person did not do the same, he said: “Nothing much, I came here to defeat you.

” Claude was stunned, he looked towards this dwarf called Kimmich, he thought for a while internally before remembering who this Kimmich was, he was a member of the Iron Hammer tribe.

The members of the Iron Hammer tribe basically forged for a living, this Kimmich was a genius of his generation for the last few years in the Iron Hammer tribe.

But Kimmich was not the number one person in the Iron Hammer tribe, he was publicly recognized to be third place in his tribe in terms of forging techniques.

Kimmich came here and proclaimed he would defeat Claude, this rude action definitely had some sort of hidden objective in it, Claude would not believe otherwise.

Kimmich casted a provocative gaze towards Claude as he asked sinisterly: “Do you dare to compete with me?”