Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 71

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 71

Chapter 71: Becoming His Disciple After Blake successfully forged a stage four weapon, this competition reached an end.

Blake did not ask about the result of this contest, he knew internally that since Ye Feng was able to instruct and guide him on how to forge a stage four weapon, it meant that Ye Feng’s abilities were above him.

In actuality, Blake was prepared for this result from the start, thus, he was not too upset when this result came true.

After taking a deep breath to alleviate his fatigue of intense forging, he looked at Ye Feng in the eyes: “I lost, I lost completely.

” If someone told Blake ten days ago that a person would defeat him in both forging skills and fighting strength, Blake would think that he is joking around.

But now, this had happened right before his very eyes.

After realizing that he lost, Blake still showed a relatively cool composure: “I am simply too far away from you now, according to our agreement, since you win, these materials are yours.

” Ye Feng looked at this humble Blake and developed some feelings of appreciation for his talent: “I think that you had some gains in this competition as well.

” Blake nodded as he agreed with these words.

Blake did not find that it was a loss for him overall, he said: “Thank you for the guidance earlier, also… for the previous matter… I apologize.

” After recognizing the difference in both of their strengths, Blake’s tone and mannerism became much more polite, while Ye Feng was not someone who liked to take such matters to heart.

“No worry, I have already forgotten about it.

” Ye Feng nodded, the truth was, he did not care about this issue as much as Blake thought.

After all, he could have defeated Blake when he first came to challenge him, but Ye Feng did not do so.




Now, Ye Feng accepted Blake’s apology without an issue.

“I wonder if you are interested in taking me in as your disciple?” After a moment of silence, Blake asked the question.

This was an unthinkable question that many people would not expect him to ask, but Blake still went ahead with it.

Even Ye Feng was stunned after hearing Blake’s question.

After all, this entire situation had resulted from their earlier conflict, now that Blake initiated the request to become Ye Feng’s disciple, his expression showed that he was serious about the matter and was not lying.

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COM Since he wanted to become a disciple, the choice became Ye Feng’s, his love rival wanted to become his disciple after losing this competition.

Ye Feng found it quite unbelievable and surreal.

“I know that I was childish back then, I even harmed you in a certain way, but I am serious about becoming your disciple now.

” Blake was afraid that Ye Feng would not agree, he quickly added.

Ye Feng thought about it before agreeing to Blake’s request.

This master-disciple ceremony was very low-profile and exceptionally successful, Blake could be said to have offered his stage five materials to Ye Feng in an extremely polite manner.

After thinking about it, Ye Feng handed over his Lightning Refinement Sword to Blake.

Blake did not expect Ye Feng to do this, before he asked for the reason, Ye Feng said: “In this matter, I will not take advantage of you.

” The truth was, Ye Feng appreciated Blake as a person, it was not an issue for a person to commit mistakes, the important thing was that this person had the capacity to admit his mistakes, he had to pay the price and change his ways.

Blake’s gaze towards Ye Feng could be said to be a little strange now, he knew his precious stage five weapons were.

The value of stage five weapons and materials was simply too different, the vast disparity was caused by the high failure rate of forging stage five weapons, making the end product much more precious.

“Kid, you are quite capable to have found so many stage five materials in such a short time.

” Ye Feng tossed the bag lightly in his hand as he said.

Regarding this, Blake showed a sign of embarrassment as he quickly said: “Actually, without my family’s help, I would not have been able to gather all these in such a short time.

” The truth was, Blake spent merely a week collecting all these materials, it was an unbelievable thing for a normal person.

On this matter, it showed that Blake’s family had an extremely deep foundation and influence.

Even though Blake did not make a huge contribution in this matter, Ye Feng was not in the mood or had the desire to discuss it.

As a powerful Blacksmith, he had an extremely high status, he was someone who all the various royalties and powerful forces fought over.

But now that Blake mentioned it, Ye Feng wanted to understand more things about them, after all, he did not want to gain new enemies in this world for no reason.

It was certain that Blake had to pay a price in order to bring so many stage five materials this time.

Blake saw the blank gaze that Ye Feng had and felt a little helpless.

His family was extremely renowned throughout the school, everyone wanted to get associated with him just to get that connection with his family.

But now, seeing Ye Feng’s blank expression, Blake was certain that he had no idea what Blake’s family was.

Thus, he started to explain: “I am from Aden City’s Tevez clan.

” In a certain way, the name of the Tevez clan was not something that Ye Feng was completely unfamiliar with.

After all, there were only four top-tier clans in Aden City, the Tevez clan was one of these four.

The people in the city also called the four of them, including the Tevez clan, the four great clans.

The Tevez clan had high status in Aden City, it had extremely great wealth and many of the businesses in Aden City belonged to them.

Blake was also the young master of the Tevez clan.

Even if Blake did not explain this, Ye Feng still knew some of the general information regarding them.

Precisely so, there was a good explanation for why Blake could find all these materials in such a short time.