Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 68

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Condition Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Soon, the second day arrived.

Separation often came quickly, after staying with Ye Feng for one night, Avril returned to the academy officially.

Meanwhile, Ye Feng stayed in his Blacksmith Shop to continue forging weapons and raising his strength.

Undeniably, Ye Feng’s successful attempt at forging a stage five weapon the previous day was extremely helpful for his future forging sessions.

Even though he did not have much stage five materials, he still had a lot of stage four and three materials left, he would not stop his forging now.

As Ye Feng’s strength continued to rise, his forging speed also became faster and smoother.

The only pity was that Ye Feng lacked stage five materials, thus, after his success yesterday, he still continued to forge stage three and four weapons.

Ye Feng worked very hard in forging, as he continued to work and forge more weapons, the materials were gradually expended by him.

“The materials are not enough for me.

” Ye Feng sighed, forging was basically his entire life, thus, whenever Ye Feng found any good materials, he would keep some of them.

But no matter how much materials he had, the speed of usage was always higher.

Ye Feng looked at his depleted stock of materials as he stopped wasting time, he started to pack up.

He carefully calculated the weapons in his hand and his current funds as he prepared to head to Aden City and see if he could get some higher grade materials there.

But before Ye Feng set off, Blake came to find him again, Ye Feng felt a headache seeing his appearance, he did not want Blake to ruin his trip of going out at this time.




“I said before, I will not compete with you.

” Ye Feng’s headache intensified as he saw Blake approaching him, the stubbornness that Blake had in this matter was simply too troublesome for Ye Feng on a whole.

Blake also knew that Ye Feng was not very welcoming to him because of this matter, but the competition with Ye Feng was more important than anything else, he had come to this Blacksmith Shop from the academy just for this matter.

Blake’s expression was no longer high and mighty like before, he became more humble and polite, he had evidently grown a lot after suffering a loss from Ye Feng.

“I still want to have a match with you.

” Blake looked at Ye Feng seriously, persistence could be seen in his eyes.

He had already confirmed that Ye Feng was someone with true skills, he was not lying.

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COM But on this matter, Blake still wanted Ye Feng to compete with him so that he could see the difference between them.

“Earlier, I had a poor attitude, I apologize to you.

But I still want to compete in forging with you, I will not make you waste your time for nothing.

” Blake saw that Ye Feng was not speaking, he started to speak on his own, he held a firm attitude on this matter that would not waver.

Ye Feng looked at Blake with raised brows, he wanted to see what Blake had that could change his mind.

“Normally speaking, such contests require mutual agreement on bets.

” Blake spoke slowly while observing Ye Feng’s expression: “You only have to compete with me, you do not need to take out an equivalent bet.

If you win, these will all be yours.

” Saying so, he took out some things and placed them on the table before Ye Feng.

Ye Feng looked at the things that Blake brought out, they were all stage four materials that were precious to many Blacksmiths, but these were not enough to change Ye Feng’s mind.

He was a stage five Blacksmith, he had already made many stage four weapons at this point, such stage four materials were not very attractive to him.

But the fact that Blake was able to bet so many stage four materials made Ye Feng slightly surprised.

“No need, I do not need these stage four materials.

” Ye Feng took a look and rejected Blake who did not expect that his offer of stage four materials would be rejected so easily.

Originally, Blake wanted to use reverse psychology, but with the previous lesson after his rash action, Blake was able to take in a deep breath to calm his temper.

“What will it take for you to compete with me?” Blake looked at Ye Feng: “As long as I can do it, I will do anything.

” Ye Feng looked at Blake, the truth was, he did not know why Blake was so insistent on competing with him, but the situation was that Blake had an extremely firm attitude regarding this.

And because Blake was able to bring out so many stage four materials at once, it meant that he had abundant wealth, if he said that, Ye Feng had no reason not to entertain him.

“How about this, if you really want to compete with me, bring me stage five materials.

” Right when Blake started feeling excited about this possibility, he took in a sharp breath upon hearing the phrase ‘stage five materials’, after all, materials of such a level were very rare.

But on this matter, he could not say that Ye Feng was asking for too much, he asked to confirm: “Stage five materials?” Ye Feng nodded, confirming that Blake’s hearing was fine, he said: “Indeed, you heard right, I want a stage five material.

” For a stage five material, he went to the academy to be a teacher.

If Blake could really bring stage five materials to the table, Ye Feng would definitely agree to having this competition between them.

After all, it was not something that would cause him any loss, if the other party wanted to be beaten so badly, it was not like he could not grant his wish.

Ye Feng thought about it and explained to Blake: “Don’t worry, I won’t take advantage of you in this.

I will bet using this thing.

” Saying so, Ye Feng took out the stage five weapon that he forged the previous day, the Lightning Refinement Sword.

“This is a stage five inferior-grade weapon, Lightning Refinement Sword.

” Ye Feng explained to Blake in a good mood: “If you compete with me using a stage five material, I will use this Lightning Refinement Sword as my bet.

That way, the bets will be more even, it will depend on whether you agree to this or not.

” Ye Feng tossed the choice to Blake, he wanted to see what Blake would choose in this situation.