Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 66

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Rejection The truth was, Ye Feng was a little surprised that Blake still wanted to compete with him.

The fact that he was a teacher meant that his skills were at a certain level, there was no doubt about it.

At least, these students were not his match, otherwise, the academy would not have spent the effort to hire him.

But Blake seemed to be unable to accept the fact, he still issued a challenge like this, even the surrounding students were stunned by his words.

The truth was, they also felt that Blake was too stubborn in this matter.

In their perspective, Blake was too mindful about the outcome of loss or win, precisely so, many of the students who had a good relationship with him wanted to persuade him to give up.

At this point in time, Blake’s actions were simply showing that he overestimated himself.

But Blake swept their hands away from his shoulder, he showed determination in his eyes.

For that one instant, Ye Feng was nearly moved by his spirit, but after a while, Ye Feng rejected Blake again: “I will have to say no.

” Many of the surrounding students sighed at this reply, the truth was, they wanted to see Ye Feng’s true level of strength, so the rejection was quite a pity for them.

Ye Feng did not bother to look at Blake’s expression after getting rejected, this lesson had already taken up a portion of his time, there was no need to continue wasting his precious time on such things.

After all, teaching was not his main objective, his goal had always been forging.

After Ye Feng left the classroom, he went back to his Blacksmith Shop.

Once he arrived, he took out the lightning refinement ore that he got from the vice-principal excitedly.




Undeniably, the vice-principal had spent some effort in order to hire him, even though this lightning refinement ore was middle-grade, by inspecting it clearly, it was top tier even among other middle-grade materials.

Ye Feng carefully inspected the lightning refinement ore before starting his first stage five forging attempt, he had an idea of what to do after thorough consideration.

Stage five forging was not a simple matter, even Ye Feng had to put his entire focus onto this ore.

He first melted it like usual, before starting to strike on it with his hammer.

As hammering sounds resounded, the impurities within the lightning refinement ore were removed slowly, eventually, Ye Feng had a rather pure lightning refinement ore.

In this situation, Ye Feng carefully controlled the fire elemental magic in his body so that he would not accidentally destroy this lightning refinement ore.

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COM Ye Feng’s careful approach rewarded him greatly, as he continued to forge, the lightning refinement ore became two-third of its original size, it was quite pure now.

Ye Feng slowly and carefully shaped the lightning refinement ore before carving his formations on it.

As Ye Feng concentrated intensely, sweat started to appear on his forehead, his dry clothes also turned damp.

But Ye Feng could not care about his appearance now, his focus was entirely on his forging attempt, there was little time left now! Ye Feng’s gaze shone with determination, even though his current appearance was already very different from usual, as he continued to forge this equipment, Ye Feng could feel his own stamina being drained rapidly.

Even Ye Feng could not help but feel distracted now, how could stage five forging be so intense on stamina? Ye Feng’s strength was much higher than back then, but he still felt extremely strained from this forging session, this showed how difficult the attempt was.

Ye Feng’s distraction only lasted a moment, he continued to forge the lightning refinement ore afterwards, the shape of a longsword could already be seen as he continued to strike at it.

Ye Feng was entirely meticulous throughout the next period of forging, the carving of formations was extremely crucial now.

Stage five materials were not so easy to find, if he failed, even Ye Feng would feel heartache for some time.

But thankfully, Ye Feng was familiar with the carving of such formations, but after he finished, Ye Feng’s hands were shaking.

Ye Feng was basically sitting on the ground without caring about his appearance now, after resting for a while, he stood up to check what weapon he had forged.

Afterwards, Ye Feng felt immense joy.

The fact that he could forge a stage five weapon meant that his strength had reached the level of a stage five Blacksmith.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage five inferior-grade Lightning Refinement Sword, you have obtained 7000 lightning elemental points, and 7000 fire elemental points.

” Hearing the system notification, Ye Feng let out a breath of relief.

As his forging abilities grew, the points he could get from forging lower stage weapons got fewer, even stage three and four weapons could not give him much growth anymore.

Thus, Ye Feng had urgently forged this stage five weapon, but after his successful creation of the weapon, Ye Feng could sense from the amount of energy gained that one stage five weapon was not enough to raise his strength.

Even though he gained a lot from this forging session, to truly raise his cultivation level, he needed to forge a large number of stage five weapons.

“Are you done forging?” At this time, a voice broke Ye Feng’s train of thoughts, he looked up and saw that Avril had been standing near him for some time now.

“When did you get here!” Surprise was shown on Ye Feng’s face, he did not expect to see Avril now as he had been completely immersed in his forging session.

The truth was that Avril came today when Ye Feng was busy forging this weapon.

She saw that he was focused on this so she did not interrupt him, instead, quietly watching the entire process of his forging session by his side.