Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 64

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 64

Chapter 64 : Another Encounter Ye Feng went in the direction that he was told and arrived at the vice-principal’s office, he knocked on the door.

“Please come in.

” After hearing that, Ye Feng walked in.

The vice-principal who was frowning and researching something stood up in excitement the moment Ye Feng appeared, he did not expect him to come so quickly.

“You came, actually, you could’ve asked me to pick you up.

” No matter where, Ye Feng was someone who every force would try to recruit, he was naturally not going to act arrogantly at this moment.

“May I know your name?” The vice-principal wanted to say something polite at the start, but he realized that he did not know Ye Feng’s name, it got a little awkward.

Ye Feng could tell that the vice-principal felt awkward too, he replied: “I am Ye Feng.

” “Last time, I was too awed by your extraordinary forging skills, I forgot to ask for your name, it was my fault.

” The vice-principal had done the reverse of putting on airs, Ye Feng was someone who did not act arrogantly and would not humiliate a good person for no reason, he did not show any anger on his face now.

Ye Feng was a little embarrassed after hearing the vice-principal’s words, he replied: “I understand, I understand.

” The two of them maintained a certain level of politeness, they spoke very harmoniously and in a friendly tone, it could even be said that they had certain shared interests which fueled their conversations.




Forging was an important thing for Knights, the fact that Ye Feng agreed to hold lessons here was an extremely lucky thing in the eyes of the vice-principal.

Thus, he was not stingy at all, going to retrieve the materials that he promised after some talk.

The vice-principal carefully took out a piece of clothing from a black box: “This is what I found, please take it, I will continue to look for the locations of stage five forging materials in the future.

” Ye Feng heard his words and nodded: “I will trouble you then.

” Next, he looked at the thing that the vice-principal had carefully taken out.

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COM Grade: Stage Five Middle-grade Special Trait: Further strengthens the Lightning Formation.

Even Ye Feng was shocked by the vice-principal’s gift, he did not expect that the vice-principal would offer a stage five material soon after they met, and looking at this situation, he seemed to be giving the material to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng did not act overly polite at this moment, as a Blacksmith, he knew how valuable this stage five material was, he swiftly kept away this lightning refinement ore without hesitation.

Next, he thanked the vice-principal.

Seeing that Ye Feng kept away the lightning refinement ore, the vice-principal felt exceptionally happy instead of feeling heartache, he was very satisfied with this result.

Ye Feng was an impressive Blacksmith, since such a Blacksmith was willing to teach the students of this academy, so what if he wanted these stage five materials? The vice-principal was certain that Ye Feng’s true strength was not what he displayed now.

“It is late now, I will go see the students.

” Ye Feng stopped wasting time, he directly requested to meet the students as the vice-principal smiled heartily as he looked at Ye Feng.

The fact that Ye Feng was so proactive meant that he was satisfied with this transaction.

“Alright, please come with me, I will bring you to your class.

” The vice-principal heard Ye Feng’s request and immediately smiled, it was obvious that Ye Feng was someone who kept his promise, if they could keep up this relationship, it would be a long term cooperation.

The vice-principal brought Ye Feng out of the office and towards the direction of the classrooms.

The truth was, Ye Feng gained a basic understanding of this Knight’s Academy after dueling with Blake, along the way, the vice-principal also explained the details of the academy very clearly.

Ye Feng also did not let down the goodwill of the vice-principal in front of him, he listened to the introduction by the vice-principal along the way, from time to time, the students that they saw also gave them polite greetings.

In reality, the students of the Knight’s Academy were not few, but compared to the vast campus size, there seemed to be less people.

The students had already arrived by the time the two reached the classroom.

Before the vice-principal made the introductions, Ye Feng raised his eyebrows, to think that there was actually his acquaintance here.

Ye Feng thought so, but did not say something more than that.

The person Ye Feng saw was none other than Blake who tried to compete with himself in forging.

At this point, Blake was also able to see Ye Feng who was standing up there in full view.

He felt surprised at seeing Ye Feng here as well.

But immediately, he realized that Ye Feng had gone to see the vice-principal before he left earlier.

Why was he here? Blake thought about it, but seeing the vice-principal in front of him, he felt that he had already guessed what reason Ye Feng had come for.

Even though he did not know Ye Feng’s identity, he could vaguely guess that he was a new transfer student.

But he had such a huge background that the vice-principal had to personally bring him here.

Ye Feng looked too young after all, everyone had such similar thoughts as well.

“Blake, is this the guy who fought against you earlier?” Many students had already noticed who Ye Feng was, they subconsciously asked Blake out of uncertainty.

Blake nodded and said: “It’s him, he is likely a new transfer student.

” Blake felt a sense of excitement in him now, he had originally wanted to find a chance to beat Ye Feng in forging fair and square, he thought that it would take some effort but now, Ye Feng actually came to his class.

Now, he would have no chance to reject the duel, Blake would be able to reclaim victory.

There was no lack of gossip among the students, the truth was that although many people knew Blake lost to an outsider, very few of them actually went to the scene personally.

Thus, the ones who went started to fill them in on the situation that had occurred earlier.

After a while, everyone knew of the conflict between them.

As more and more people spoke, the classroom became rowdy and no longer as quiet as before.