Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 54

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Returning to Osborne City The matter of the Divine Forging tribe was finally resolved.

Claude stayed in the Divine Forging tribe and was assisted by Elder Gloin and the others, he gradually gained control of the tribe and restored the former glory of the Divine Forging tribe.

Regarding this, after Ye Feng settled the remaining issues, he made Claude his spokesperson in the Land of Chaos.

Claude gradually became the leader of the Divine Forging tribe! This was no different from Ye Feng getting control over the Divine Forging tribe! After all, Claude was extremely loyal to him as his disciple.

After Ye Feng’s forging abilities suppressed the Divine Forging tribe and he even used Claude to subdue the entire tribe, in the entire Land of Chaos, Ye Feng’s name was well known to everyone, his reputation spread further and furthermore, even beyond the Land of Chaos.

Regarding this, Ye Feng returned to the Blacksmith Shop and made the final batch of stage four weapons that he had promised the beast tribes.

The fight against the Divine Forging tribe was over! The battle through forging weapons without regard for the cost had to end too! After this batch of weapons, the rest of the beast tribes’ orders would go to Claude instead.

This was what Ye Feng had agreed on with the various beast tribe leaders! In the forge, the furnace’s fire was lit.




Bam! Bam! Bam! As his hammer struck, the sound echoed continuously.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four superior-grade weapon, Blazing Sun Knight’s Spear, you have obtained 7000 fire elemental points…” The system notification rang.

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COM Afterwards, Ye Feng tossed this stage four weapon into the storage box.

This stage four weapon was not part of the last batch for the beast tribes, it was an order by a Bronze Knight that had come to Ye Feng after hearing of his achievements.

This Bronze Knight was extremely generous, he took out materials that were sufficient to make several stage four superior-grade weapons to invite Ye Feng to forge this weapon for him.

“The forging is complete!” “As I promised!” Ye Feng took out the cooled Blazing Sun Knight’s Spear and handed it over to the peak level Bronze Knight.

This Bronze Knight looked at this spear and caressed it gently, he seemed to like it a lot.

“Oh Great Deity of Knights!” “I swear, I have never seen such exquisite forging abilities, you are truly the master of Master Blacksmiths!” “I praise you! May the Deity of Knights bless and protect you!” This peak level Bronze Knight paid respects to Ye Feng before leaving with much gratitude.

Right when Ye Feng wanted to rest for a while.

The door of the Bronze Knight was knocked again! The person who came was a Bronze Knight, he did not seem like he was from the Land of Chaos.

He entered and said: “I heard that Master Ye Feng is forging weapons here! Maybe I know where he is? I’ve heard that Master Ye Feng likes high quality forging materials over gold coins, he has such a great reputation…” “Please bring me to meet Master Ye Feng…” If this person was not a Bronze Knight who had come to ask him to forge a weapon while having great admiration and respect towards him, Ye Feng would have kicked him out already.

“Sigh!” “Why can’t I get some rest?” Ye Feng sighed as he shrugged his shoulders, looking at the materials that the Bronze Knight brought as his eyes could no longer move away from them.

“I am that Master Ye Feng that you are referring to!” “Tell me, what weapon do you want to forge?” Ye Feng had already said these sentences many times.

Originally, Ye Feng did not want to tire himself out, but the forging materials brought by these people who came after hearing of his stories were simply too adorable, he could not let them go.

He could not reject them at all.

That was Ye Feng’s thought.

“I want to forge a Knight’s Giant Sword!” The customer was shocked by Ye Feng’s young age, he then praised Ye Feng for a while before talking about his own request with anticipation.

Hearing his words, Ye Feng nodded and remembered his requests.

Next, he brought the boxes of forging materials and went into his forging room, even though this was tiring, he was very happy.

“At this rate, before long, I will be able to reach the peak of upper-tier in both my Knight and Magician realms…” “However, oh Great Deity of Forging, this is simply too tiring! I have not had a good rest in over ten days.

” Not long after, after hearing the notification of the system stating his success, he sent the powerful Knight who had come with an order for weapon forging out of the Blacksmith Shop.

But before Ye Feng had time to rest, the door of the Blacksmith Shop was knocked again.

Outside the shop, several powerful Knights covered in dust arrived, they had obviously gone through a long journey, having just arrived in the City of Chaos.

Without exception, these Knights carried forging materials on their shoulders, they did not know each other either.

“It seems that a high reputation is not a good thing for me!” Ye Feng shook his head, he opened the door of the Blacksmith Shop and did not close it anymore, he said to the Knights outside.

“Come in!” “Tell me what kind of weapon you want and how you want it designed.

” As the Knights entered, Ye Feng looked at the high quality forging materials they brought and started to work hard again.

Soon, such a lifestyle lasted for an entire month, Ye Feng finally gained some free time to relax in the City of Chaos.

All of the beast tribes’ and the Auction House’s orders were handed over to Claude, this helped him to grow faster while also allowing him to gain greater control in the Divine Forging tribe, he could develop his own supporters! At this point, after those Knights who came after hearing of Ye Feng and requested for weapon forging left, Ye Feng did not know what to do.

Thus, he stared to clear out the forging materials in his inventory by forging them.

As the fire of the forging furnace burned, the system gave him elemental powers continuously.

Ye Feng’s Knight and Magician realms were getting stronger as well.

But he could not breakthrough to the next level! After the final weapon was forged, Ye Feng found that he had nothing left to do.

“Come to speak of it, I have already arrived in the City of Chaos for over half a year.

” “I wonder if Teacher Nyzo has returned yet.

” “I should go back to Osborne City and take a look! After all, I have not seen Avril for half a year, I need to go see her.

” As he said that, Ye Feng shut the door of the Blacksmith Shop and asked the Auction House manager Nathan to send Claude a letter as he left the City of Chaos, moving alone in the horse carriage and heading towards Osborne City.