Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 52

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Turbulent Undercurrents In the Land of Chaos, the most common topic that drew people’s attention was no longer the battle between the Vast Eagle tribe and Heavenly Snake tribe that led to the former’s extermination! It was about Ye Feng, the number one Blacksmith in the City of Chaos, waging war on the most famous Divine Forging tribe in the Land of Chaos.

Yet, this war had no fighting between the two involved parties.

Be it the people sent by the Divine Forging tribe to attack Ye Feng, or the counterattack that he used to steal the tribe’s customers, both sides had completely become hostile! Once this conflict erupted, there was no end until one side faced destruction! In the Blacksmith Shop, after Ye Feng sent off a few leaders of the beast tribes, he tossed their stage three weapon orders to Claude.

“Claude, you can forge these stage three weapons!” “You need to grow up quickly and become a stage three Master Blacksmith! The orders of the beast tribes will be useful as your practice…” After saying that, Ye Feng took the stage four weapon orders and the forging materials that the beast tribes sent, walking into the forging room.

Claude had an expression of guilt as he nodded.

“Yes teacher!” In Claude’s perspective, his teacher Ye Feng had gone against the Divine Forging tribe because he stood up for his only disciple.




After leaving the Divine Forging tribe, when returning to the City of Chaos, Ye Feng had even gotten injured from protecting him, some injuries had not even healed now.

Claude had never been treated so kindly by anyone, he could not help but vow in his heart now.

In this life, he had to treat his teacher Ye Feng like an elder of his own family! “I need to get stronger, I cannot burden teacher anymore.

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COM Claude had a determined expression, he started to work before the forging furnace, starting the first mass forging session in his life as a stage three Blacksmith.

At the other end, in the forging room that was specially designed for Ye Feng in the shop, after he pushed the door open, he seemed to have sensed something as he shut the doors immediately.

The forging room was completely dark.

Only the fire of the furnace was burning.

Even though, in this dim environment, Ye Feng could clearly sense that someone else had entered his forging room and had not left even now.

“Hehe!” “An assassin sent by the Divine Forging tribe?” Ye Feng smiled coldly, he acted as usual, calmly going to his forging furnace and preparing to forge the stage four weapons.

This assassin was well hidden, even though Ye Feng was an Upper-tier Bronze Knight and Four Star Magician, he could not tell where this assassin was.

But this was not a problem for Ye Feng! As long as this was not someone beyond the level of a Bronze Knight or Four Star Magician, he could easily deal with them.

As the flame of the furnace got heated, Ye Feng started to forge his stage four weapon! Right when the stage four was about to take form and he was carving the formation, from behind the shadow of the forging furnace, a shadow flew out rapidly.

A flash of cold light shot towards Ye Feng’s neck.

This assassin was incredibly professional! Quick, precise, ruthless! The attack had almost reached perfection.

Furthermore, this assassin was very powerful, he had the strength of a Bronze Knight.

If caught unguarded, against this assault, even a peak Bronze Knight like the Auction House manager, Nathan, would die from the attack! It was a pity that Ye Feng was prepared for this.

Furthermore, he was also an upper-tier Four Star Magician, he had extremely keen senses, the moment this assassin attacked, he noticed.

“You want to kill me!” “But you are not qualified!” Ye Feng quickly made his move, the hammer in his hand swung towards the head of this assassin like a shooting star.

Bam! The assassin died on the spot! After killing this assassin, Ye Feng’s forging session was not interrupted, he calmly took back the hammer and used his other hand to finish carving the formation.

“Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four superior-grade weapon, Flaming Meteor Hammer, you have obtained 6000 fire elemental points…” Ye Feng could feel himself getting stronger again.

He was assassinated the first time he made a stage four superior-grade weapon, but thankfully, Ye Feng easily dealt with it, the forging of this weapon succeeded.

But right at this time, there was a loud sound outside the forging room.

Ye Feng’s expression changed, he thought of something as his face turned grim, he went outside and sprinted towards Claude’s forging furnace.

“How could I forget this!” “Claude is also handing the orders of the various beast tribes, with the current crazed Divine Forging tribe, why will they let him off?” As expected, in the Blacksmith Shop, Claude’s right arm was injured as he hid below the table, in front of him, there was an Advanced Knight assassin that was trying to kill him.

Ye Feng ended the life of this Advanced Knight in one hammer strike! “Teacher!” “I know them.

” “They are the assassins that the Divine Forging tribe nurture, they had spent a huge amount of gold coins on these people, when I was still in the Divine Forging tribe, they were already assassinating the people who bore a threat to the tribe…” Claude gradually calmed down.

After searching the bodies of these two assassins, he found the mark on their bodies and became shocked as he explained who they were.

“Divine Forging tribe!” Ye Feng’s eyes were burning with rage.

The two of them were assassinated in the Blacksmith Shop, this made him extremely angry, his attitude towards the Divine Forging tribe also became much colder.

Regarding this, Ye Feng did not speak anymore, he turned around and went back to his forging room, continuing to forge stage four weapons.

He wanted to give the Divine Forging tribe an unforgettable lesson one day, they had to learn that there were some people in this world that they could not offend! Before that, he had to accumulate strength and get more powerful, he had to make sure that more than half of the Divine Forging tribe’s customers were drawn over to his side.

Otherwise, if he wanted to deal with the Divine Forging tribe alone, it would be too tough! The Divine Forging tribe had the protection of their customers and alliance mates after all.

Not long after, Ye Feng completed the orders of the ones who first broke their relationship with the Divine Forging tribe and cooperated with him! Furthermore, even though Ye Feng did not even take a single gold coin as the fee, he maintained the quality of the weapon and did not jerry-build at all.

At this point, Ye Feng’s reputation gradually got out of the City of Chaos, it was spreading around the Land of Chaos.

The beast tribes who were originally working with the Divine Forging tribe and buying their dirty cheap weapons saw this and started to have differing thoughts.

Some beast tribes even started to abandon the Divine Forging tribe as they went to Ye Feng instead.

This was just the start, only a few beast tribes came to him initially, but later, more and more of them left the Divine Forging tribe to work with Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop instead!