Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 38

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Blacksmith Shop’s Expansion Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After Claude’s growth and Ye Feng’s advancement to a stage four Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng developed the intention to expand his Blacksmith Shop.

He bought the surrounding houses around the Blacksmith Shop, tearing down the walls and creating a large Blacksmith Shop! Next, after Claude stabilized his skills as a stage two Blacksmith, Ye Feng made a trip to the Auction House and negotiated the orders for stage two weapons.

Ye Feng had no intention of making stage two weapons, he would only take action personally if there were orders for stage three weapons.

This batch of stage two weapons was meant to be Claude’s orders, with his current strength, he could practice using this opportunity.

Even if anything happened, the stage four Blacksmith Ye Feng who was also a master at forging stage three weapons could easily resolve the problem.

“Go ahead and practice.

” “Before long, be it your Blacksmith level or your forging techniques, you will surpass Clayton…” .



Ye Feng brought the boxes of stage two ores to Claude and said slowly.

Claude had an excited expression.

Before meeting Ye Feng, he had never imagined that he would become a stage two Blacksmith after getting exiled! “Teacher, I won’t let you down.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM At this moment, Claude’s eyes shone with radiance that Ye Feng had never seen before, it was his innate desire towards forging.

Ye Feng had his own plans too, he wanted to quickly nurture Claude and hand over not just the stage two orders but even the stage three orders to Claude.

After all, with his current condition, no matter how many stage three weapons he made, even if they were peak stage three magic tools, he would not get many elemental points! “Earlier when I made the Thundering Greatsword, there seemed to be some flaws in the carved formation.

I was too nervous when making my first stage four weapon, I did not handle it properly…” “Also, there are some problems when I fused the special traits together! It was my first stage four weapon after all, if I had noticed these problems earlier, the success rate would be much higher, the weapon created would be higher in quality too.

” Ye Feng locked himself into his room, standing before the forging furnace and looking at the Thundering Greatsword, he started to research on how he could raise the success rate of the forging of his stage four weapon next time.

In this room, all of the corners were covered in pieces of ores, there were main forging materials and also supplementary forging materials, all of them were stage four! On this night, Ye Feng intended to forge his second stage four equipment, but different from the previous time, he was going to forge a defensive equipment.

Stage four middle-grade, Shining Flame Knight’s Greatshield! This stage four defensive equipment was comparatively easier to forge among the other stage four defensive equipment.

The formation needed was familiar to Ye Feng, while the pairing of main and supplementary forging materials also used the ratio of the normal stage four Knight’s Shield formula in the market, he only had to modify it! “Hopefully, I can succeed in one try this time.

” “Shining Flame Knight’s Greatshield is not as hard as Thundering Greatsword, the forging success rate is higher but the expended stage four forging materials far exceeds the Thundering Greatsword…” “If I fail, I will use up more than half of the stage four forging materials that I have been storing up for so long!” Ye Feng did the forging carefully and meticulously.

In the forging furnace, the fire was started as the most important material, the shining flame rock, was tossed in to be refined in the heat.

“The special trait of the shining flame rock has finally been extracted.

” Ye Feng let out a sigh of relief.

Looking at the forging furnace, seeing a lump of heated energy and the liquidized shining flame rock, Ye Feng revealed a smile of joy.

“Next, I will deal with the other supplementary materials! In an hour, I will need to separate all of the special traits of the supplementary materials and hammer them into shape!” “After that, I will need to carve the formation and fuse in the various special traits…” Ye Feng continued his work, vigilance was showing all over his face, it was as if he had returned to his first forging session.

He was nervous, uneasy, and in trepidation! Back then, Ye Feng did not know anything, but after these few years, he had already become a renowned Master Blacksmith.

Furthermore, he was a master in forging stage three weapons, and had also stepped into the realm of a stage four Blacksmith! “If I can succeed in forging two stage four equipment in a row, my stage four Blacksmith realm will more or less stabilize.

” “By then, if I show off my skills, the Auction House will be willing to undergo deeper transactions with me, for example, if a certain Bronze Knight needs to forge stage four weapons, we can handle such orders…” Ye Feng thought of many things, but during his forging attempt, he became increasingly careful, the hammer also appeared in his hand at this time.

At once, this shop became filled with the sounds of dull hammering noises.

After that was the long duration of the forging process.

Some stage four Master Blacksmiths were able to forge peak stage four weapons as easily as breathing, they could complete it in about one to two hours.

It was the same as how Ye Feng could forge peak stage three weapons so easily.

It was a pity that Ye Feng had just stepped into the realm of stage four, when forging the Thundering Greatsword, he spent an entire day and night.

This forging session was going to take a considerable amount of time too! Ye Feng looked at the forging furnace and the Knight’s Greatshield that shone in silvery light, he revealed an expression of surprise and joy.

“Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four middle-grade Shining Flame Knight’s Greatshield, you have obtained 5000 fire elemental points!” Ye Feng could sense clearly.

Right now, his Knight and Magician cultivation realms had achieved a qualitative change, even though they had not stepped into upper-tier yet, he had gotten much stronger! As Claude continued to forge stage two weapons in Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop, he continued to succeed and stabilize his skills, his proficiency continued to rise.

He was starting to walk on the same path as Ye Feng, each item that he created was very rarely flawed, they were mostly high quality equipment.

Ye Feng only forged high quality stage three weapons, thus, he was well received by the major forces and Advanced Knights.

But in the City of Chaos, the highest proportion of people were not Advanced Knights but Intermediate Knights instead! Intermediate Knights could not afford to buy stage three weapons, they could not display the weapon’s true power either! Thus, Claude started to gain the heated reception of the Intermediate Knights.

“Immediately stop the cooperation with the Divine Forging tribe, cancel all of the orders for stage two weapons!” “There is Claude for stage two forging and Master Ye Feng for stage three forging! Why will our Auction House still need to cooperate with the Divine Forging tribe?” “We will hand all the orders over to Ye Feng and his disciple!” The manager of the Auction House finally made up his mind on this day, he stopped all cooperation with the Divine Forging tribe.