Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 36

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Truth Revealed Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios In this City of Chaos, Ye Feng did not attack the two Vast Eagle tribesmen, he went out of the city with them and headed towards the location of the Vast Eagle tribe.

The Vast Eagle tribe had no base in the City of Chaos, even though they had it in the past, the Heavenly Snake tribe had uprooted all their bases.

This was not only because the Vast Eagle tribe and the Heavenly Snake tribe were mortal enemies, it was also because the Vast Eagle tribe wanted to build a casino in the City of Chaos, this had a huge conflict with the interests and profits of Muse’s Casino.

After that, the Vast Eagle tribe fought against the Heavenly Snake tribe multiple times in the City of Chaos, but they did not get a chance to open their own casino! Soon, after riding in the horse carriage for three hours of journey.

Ye Feng finally reached the location of the Vast Eagle tribe, this was a valley, inside, there were various houses with simple designs.

Over here, each of the Vast Eagle tribesmen had fierce expressions as they looked towards Ye Feng greedily, he felt very uncomfortable in this place.

Over here, Ye Feng felt like he was a plump piece of meat that all the Vast Eagle tribesmen wanted to take a bite of.

“Ye Feng, you did not expect that we will meet again so soon at this place and under such circumstances, did you?” .



A wave of cold laughter could be heard.

Ye Feng looked around but did not see anyone visible, he only felt that the voice was quite familiar.

This made the voice annoyed and irritated.

“Ye Feng, I’m over here!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The voice was filled with anger and shame.

At this moment, Ye Feng finally recalled that this was Clayton’s voice, as expected, he lowered his head and saw a tiny dwarf that was the height of his knee.

From the house at the side, an elderly Vast Eagle tribe elder who looked quite energetic walked out.

He was a Bronze Knight level existence.

Furthermore, he was the same as Ye Feng, they were both mid-tier Bronze Knights.

“Hello, Master Ye Feng.

” “We invited you several times already but you refused to visit our Vast Eagle tribe.

This time, since Clayton is willing to pay the remuneration for weapon forging, we invited you here.

” “I am the elder of the Vast Eagle tribe, Snell!” As he spoke, Snell’s gaze towards Ye Feng became increasingly wicked, his expression also turned terrifying and sinister.

“I thought that by sowing discord between you and the Heavenly Snake tribe, it would cause that old snake Muse to die in the hands of either the Auction House or you!” “But to think that you did not kill a single Heavenly Snake tribesman! And that old fool Muse did not take revenge either, this is truly disappointing.

” “Master Ye Feng, how can you be so disappointing! I am still waiting for you to weaken the strength of the Heavenly Snake tribe even further! In the end, this is all you achieved…” Saying so, this Vast Eagle tribe elder, Snell, started to curse and scold, he was evidently not satisfied with the result of Ye Feng and the Heavenly Snake tribe’s conflict.

Standing beside Snell, Clayton had a smug expression, if he was not so short, he might be standing proudly and looking down on Ye Feng in arrogance now.

At this point, the truth was finally revealed! Clayton, as a genius Blacksmith of the Divine Forging tribe, was a stage three Blacksmith at this young age! He approached the Vast Eagle tribe and promised them some benefits, the request was for them to capture Claude.

The Vast Eagle tribe elder also wanted to use this chance to weaken the Heavenly Snake tribe’s base in the city, thus, he sent his men to leave that paper behind and frame the Heavenly Snake tribe! He wanted Ye Feng and the Heavenly Snake tribe to fight, it would be best if the Bronze Knight Muse from the Heavenly Snake tribe died! Even if Ye Feng was too weak, in his rage, he would find his friends or the Auction House using his status as a Master Blacksmith.

In order to maintain their authority, the Auction House would also send a Bronze Knight to attack the Heavenly Snake tribe for Ye Feng and retrieve Claude.

He had great plans, it was a pity that they did not know Ye Feng was such a powerful Bronze Knight himself! In fact, he was so rational and quickly sensed that something was wrong.

“I want to see Claude!” Ye Feng’s expression was exceptionally cold, he did not even look at Clayton or this Vast Eagle tribe elder, he only wanted to bring Claude back.

In the Vast Eagle tribe, other than the mid-tier Bronze Knight Snell, there were also three lower-tier Bronze Knights, they were all staring at Ye Feng in anticipation.

Such a huge force was simply unbeatable.

“Elder Snell, bring Claude here!” “I am still waiting to exchange him for Ye Feng’s forging techniques! Hehe, that useless notebook wrote a bunch of rubbish.

” “It is full of stage one or two weapon forging knowledge, well, this is the limit of what Claude can learn after all, hehe.

” Clayton said in disdain and mockery.

Under the escort of two Vast Eagle tribesmen, Claude’s tiny figure could be seen.

He was covered in injuries and blood, he had already fainted.

“Why did you hit him?” “Don’t you know that Claude is my, Ye Feng’s, disciple and assistant? Are you trying to make an enemy out of me!” Looking at Claude who was in a pitiful state, Ye Feng’s heart burned with rage.

Vast Eagle tribe elder Snell laughed coldly.

“You failed in the mission to kill the Heavenly Snake tribe elder Muse, this is the price to pay!” At this moment, Ye Feng finally erupted in rage.

“Go to hell with your bullshit!!” Stage three magic, explosive fireball, shot out fiercely.

Immediately, the two Advanced Knight level Vast Eagle tribesmen who brought Claude out were turned to ashes.

Vast Eagle tribe elder Snell flew into a rage, he jumped and screamed.

“What are you trying to do?” “This is the territory of my Vast Eagle tribe! We have four Bronze Knights here, you dare to attack us, are you sick of living?” Two Advanced Knights were killed on the spot, Snell immediately charged towards Ye Feng, along with the three lower-tier Bronze Knights of the Vast Eagle tribe.

Instantly, battle erupted.

Ye Feng had to face one mid-tier Bronze Knight and three lower-tier Bronze Knights, the pressure was huge! “So what if I attacked?” “I want to chop off your heads!” At this moment, Ye Feng shouted in anger, he held the Thundering Greatsword and injected lightning elemental magic into the sword, swinging it with the strength of a Bronze Knight.

At this moment, the power of a Four Star Magician and a Bronze Knight combined was unleashed by Ye Feng.

“Merely a peak stage three weapon, who are you trying to bluff! We have a total of four Bronze Knights on our side!” Snell roared angrily, his wings fluttered and he flew into the sky as his palms that could break even steel slashed at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was famous as a stage three Master Blacksmith, there was no way he could possess a stage four weapon! As a mid-tier Bronze Knight of the Vast Eagle tribe, Snell could definitely shatter a peak stage three greatsword, it would only cause him some disturbance.