Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 35

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Vast Eagle Tribe? Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios In the casino, the Heavenly Snake tribesmen were dumbfounded, their strongest member in the City of Chaos, the Bronze Knight Muse, had actually been defeated by Ye Feng in one move.

How strong was this Ye Feng? In Marfa Continent, the dwarf race produced the most Blacksmiths, Master Blacksmiths, and higher-tier Blacksmiths.

Other than forging talent, the dwarves had terrible talent in everything else, be it Knight or Magician, they were all trash in these aspects.

Thus, the dwarf race was not strong.

Because of this impression that the Dwarven Blacksmiths created, all Blacksmiths were thought of as weak in the eyes of everyone in Marfa Continent.

Ye Feng had such overbearing strength, he was simply an anomaly among the Blacksmiths! “How can he be this strong!” “If he gives me another punch, I might lose my life.

” “I cannot fight against him!” .



“I will die if we continue.

” Muse’s expression was full of fear, he could not bother to wipe the blood on his body, his snake body retreated slowly, not daring to attack Ye Feng again.

But Ye Feng did not let him off, he charged up and said in a cold voice.

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COM “Didn’t you threaten me to come here and seek your forgiveness?” Ye Feng shouted in anger.

Saying so, he grabbed onto Muse’s head and slammed this Bronze Knight’s head on the concrete ground of the casino continuously.

Instantly, there were dull sounds in the casino as Muse’s head bled from the repeated impact, he was in a pathetic state.

Muse screamed pitifully and struggled intensely, but he could not get away from Ye Feng’s pincer-like hand.

Soon, a Heavenly Snake tribesman shouted out and answered Muse.

“Last time, the useless dwarf that we kidnapped is called Claude! However, after the Auction House warned us, we did not make another move.

” After listening to the explanation, Muse understood who Claude was.

This person had gone missing from Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop today, he had even heard of the news that Ye Feng was looking for him throughout the city! “Who took the initiative to kidnap Claude, come out now and apologize to Sir Ye Feng! Otherwise, if I find out who it is, I will rip your head off…” Muse shouted towards all the Heavenly Snake tribesmen in the casino.

His own head was currently held by Ye Feng! If he did not give Ye Feng an answer, with his mid-tier Bronze Knight strength, Ye Feng could easily kill Muse.

The Heavenly Snake tribesmen looked at each other, they were all confused! Without Muse’s orders, who would dare to take the initiative to provoke a Master Blacksmith like Ye Feng! Last time, after fighting against the Auction House’s guards, a Bronze Knight from the Auction House had come personally to warn them.

“Master Ye Feng, we don’t have him, we did not do anything! If our Heavenly Snake tribe did this, we will definitely admit it.

” Ye Feng’s head was pressed on the ground, he was still bleeding and in a pathetic state, he cried out in pain.

He was peacefully staying in the casino but someone fought their way in and accused him of a kidnap that he could not prove otherwise, he even got beaten up for no reason.

“Didn’t your Heavenly Snake tribe leave this in my Blacksmith Shop?” Ye Feng also sensed something amiss, he took out that piece of paper and tossed it to Muse.

The anger and sadness in Muse’s eyes intensified.

“Even if you want to frame us, you need to find a better excuse! Everyone knows that us Heavenly Snake tribesmen in the City of Chaos are illiterate…” Ye Feng walked out of Muse’s Casino and frowned, he finally realized that things were not so simple after all! Someone was trying to manipulate him to fight against the Heavenly Snake tribe.

“I do not have many enemies in this City of Chaos, other than the Heavenly Snake tribe who are strong enough to do this, there can only be… Clayton?” Even though Clayton was an Elementary Knight, he hailed from the Divine Forging tribe, he was also a stage three Blacksmith, he had sufficient influence.

Ye Feng did not lack gold coins.

He immediately brought boxes of gold coins to the Bounty Hunters in the City of Chaos, as well as inviting the Auction House, to help and investigate who the culprit was! “Clayton framed the Heavenly Snake tribe, he likely wants to stir the animosity between us so that I will get killed.

” “After all, I had never displayed any great strength as either a Knight or Magician before him!” After Ye Feng handed out the request, the Bounty Hunters and Auction House started investigating the matter.

After leaving the Auction House, before any results came out, Ye Feng was already targeted by two fierce Vast Eagle tribesmen who looked like eagles with wings on their backs.

In the small alley, two Vast Eagle tribesmen blocked Ye Feng’s path from the front and back, but they did not speak.

“Are you trying to rob me?!” Anger surfaced in Ye Feng’s eyes, he clenched his fists and looked towards one Vast Eagle tribesman, wanting to work out his muscles.

In the City of Chaos, there were no laws or rules, in this secluded place, even if he was robbed, he had no choice but to accept his fate! But if they wanted to rob him, these two Vast Eagle tribesmen had found the wrong target.

Two Intermediate Knights wanting to rob a Bronze Knight, they were simply trying to dig their own grave! “Master Ye Feng, our elder would like to invite you to our Vast Eagle tribe as a guest!” The two Vast Eagle tribesmen laughed and said.

However there was no respect in their eyes, only endless ruthlessness! It was as if they would break his legs and drag him to the Vast Eagle tribe’s location if Ye Feng refused their invitation.

“If I refuse to go, what will you do?” Ye Feng snickered coldly.

He knew about the Vast Eagle tribe, because some time ago, the Heavenly Snake tribe wanted to turn a Master Blacksmith like himself into their personal weapon making slave.

Near his Blacksmith Shop, many tribes came after him, among them was the Vast Eagle tribe, it seemed like they had not given up yet! “You will come with us.

” One of the Vast Eagle tribesmen laughed sinisterly.

Saying so, he took out something from his pocket, it was a small notebook covered in mud, there were lots of notes written in it.

Immediately, Ye Feng’s gaze was locked onto the book, he did not look away.

Ye Feng was extremely familiar with it! This was Claude’s notebook.

Claude had terrible talent, each time he imparted some forging experiences to him, Claude would write it down in the book and study it at night.

“So Claude is in your hands!” “It seems that the ones sowing discord and trying to get me to fight against the Heavenly Snake tribe is also the Vast Eagle tribe.

” “Good, excellent! Hehe.

” Ye Feng laughed, but his voice was exceptionally cold.