Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 15

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Assault of the Three Forces Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios In Osborne City, in a secluded area.

Osla and Apal, the two great Advanced Knights, gathered together once again, discussing the matter of dealing with Eric.

At the same time, they casted their greedy gazes towards the newly emerged stage two Blacksmith in Osborne City, Ye Feng.

“A stage two Blacksmith!” “Not long ago, the combined force of our men clashed with Eric’s forces, but we did not manage to gain an advantage over him, it is all because of that lad.

” “Twenty stage two weapons, it is simply unthinkable that he created them all by himself, how did he accomplish that?” Apal and Osla had cold expressions.

But beyond the cold expression, there was even more greed.

“I have an idea, this lad is relying on Eric, one of the three Advanced Knights, to back him up…” .



“After we kill Eric and hold Avril hostage, wouldn’t that Ye Feng be at our beck and call?” Saying so, Osla started to laugh smugly.

Stage two weapons were not low level weapons anymore, if they could be mass produced, Ye Feng could be forced to work day and night, if they sold those weapons to mercenaries or used them to equip their two forces, it would be a huge amount of wealth.

Apal’s gaze also flickered for a moment.

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COM The two reached a consensus.

Outside the house, there was the Advanced Knight that the City Lord of Osborne City, Donjedo, hired to support them! With three Advanced Knights, they could definitely kill Eric! Today, the four strongest forces of Osborne City gathered their strength and collided intensely.

“Everyone, charge with me!” “As long as we can kill Eric and take down his clan, you can choose and take any of the treasures that they have!” “Come with me, charge!” Osla brought his subordinates along as they broke the door of Eric’s clan and advanced towards their core area.

This assault was coordinated with Apal and the Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor, he, Osla, was here to lead the attack and try to lure Eric out! After Eric appears, Apal who will be hiding behind, as well as the Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor, would appear and work together to kill him.

Without his support, without an Advanced Knight, Eric’s clan would be meat on the chopping block! But Eric’s clan was prepared for this clash long ago.

One by one, Intermediate Knights came out and fought, the scene was extremely chaotic! “Why has Eric not appeared yet?” Outside of Eric’s clan’s territory, behind Osla’s forces, Apal and the others from the City Lord Manor who were hiding and waiting to attack, felt a little anxious.

Three Advanced Knights against one Advanced Knight, each of them knew many details regarding each other, this was simply too easy of a battle.

If Eric did not appear, everything in his clan would be looted and taken by Osla’s men! By then, what gains would they have?! In this clash of the four forces, there were four Advanced Knights involved, as well as tens of Intermediate Knights.

This commotion was not small at all.

Ye Feng, on the way back to the Blacksmith Shop, suddenly turned around and hid at the peripheral area of this battle.

There, he stared deeply at the two figures who were hiding in the shadows.

They were Apal and the Advanced Knight of the City Lord Manor.

“Together with Osla, they have a total of three Advanced Knights trying to kill Eric? The City Lord is bent on getting rid of Eric.

” But Ye Feng was not too worried.

Even though there were three Advanced Knights here, Eric and himself were sufficient to deal with the situation.

“Eric you old fool, I’ve found you!” “Hurry up and get out!” In Eric’s clan, Osla’s excited voice could suddenly be heard, next, one could sense the fluctuations as he activated the Advanced Knight strength that he had to the limit.

A figure flew out with a sound.

Next, as if it was a huge flaming meteor, the figure moved rapidly and descended from midair, landing on Osla’s body fiercely.

Osla was like a kite with its strings cut, he flew outside of Eric’s clan’s territory, shouting pitifully under the attack of this flaming meteor.

The battle that only lasted for an instant ended in his defeat! Furthermore, Osla also suffered considerable injuries! As the attacking Advanced Knight, the fact that he ended up like this in an instant made Osla’s subordinates feel fearful as they quickly ran out of Eric’s clan area like they were escaping frantically.

“You want to fight against me?” Eric laughed in disdain as he carried the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword and looked down at Osla who was lying down on the ground, half his arm was charred because of the Flaming Meteor attack.

“Stage three weapon?!” “Where did you get that, your clan cannot possibly possess it, even in the entire Osborne City, there are no stage three weapons…” Osla stared fiercely at the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in Eric’s hands.

This was a stage three middle-grade weapon, once it appeared, it changed the entire battle situation! Ordinary Advanced Knights were no longer a match for Eric.

They needed at least two Advanced Knights to contest against Eric! If they wanted to suppress him, they might need a total of four Advanced Knights to barely succeed.

Apal and the Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor who were hiding also noticed this stage three middle-grade weapon, Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, their scalp turned numb.

“Why does Eric have a stage three weapon!” Apal was almost about to jump from shock.

If not for the City Lord’s people here, if he was not afraid of offending the City Lord, he might have turned around and ran already.

With the stage three weapon, with the Osla currently injured, even if he became two people, he was not Eric’s match! “What are you afraid of?” “Let’s attack together, he used the secret skill in the heavy sword which contains the power of fire, it has been used up for the time being.

” “We need to kill him during this period of time!” The Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor stared at Apal with a cold expression, he pressured Apal into attacking with him.

Apal stared at the dim Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, he showed an expression of ruthlessness and greed, he said in a fierce tone.

Saying so, Apal and the Advanced Knight from the City Lord Manor charged into the battlefield and went straight for Eric.

Osla was screaming smugly.

“Eric! To have the combined attack of three Advanced Knights, you must be the first person in Osborne City’s history.

” The power of fire contained in the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword had been used up earlier when attacking Osla and instantly defeating him.

Right now, against three Advanced Knights, cold sweat emerged on Eric’s forehead as he held the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword in his hand, feeling a little regretful and anxious in his heart.

“Had I known that the City Lord Manor has an Advanced Knight, I would not have used up the power of fire within this heavy sword.

” “Now, the situation has gotten a little problematic! Eric had gotten into a predicament.