Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 9

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Healing Effect of Nature Dagger Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Soon, at the other side of Osborne City, many people gathered.

Most were the Knights of the various clans, as well as some lone mercenaries.

For some people, the beast tide was not just a beast tide, it was a great opportunity for them! Every demon beast had a demon core, within the demon core, there was the origin energy of the demon beast, and even without the demon core, the demon beast’s skin and bones were all great forging materials.

Of course, the price would be high if they were sold as well.

But in Ye Feng’s view, be it demon core, beast skin, or bones, they were all materials for him to forge weapons.

In the blink of an eye, the beast tide arrived at the city.

The Knights and Mercenaries quickly engaged in battle with the demon beasts.

There was a constant stream of shouts and fighting sounds, mixed with the roars of countless beasts.

Ye Feng was not idle either, he rushed into the beast tide to look for prey.




Stage one demon beasts were too weak, he had no desire to attack them, they would only waste his time.

His targets were the stage two or even higher demon beasts in this tide! But the demon beast forest near Osborne City was not big, there were few stage two demon beasts.

Thus, in this beast tide, most were stage one demon beasts.

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COM As a result, Ye Feng quickly moved through the beast tide, going towards the mountain near the back of the beast tide.

That was the ideal destination, it had a large number of stage two demon beasts! At this time, a wild bull with a weird appearance attacked Ye Feng suddenly.

Grade: Stage Two Inferior-grade Special Trait: Charging horn attack.

Ye Feng was still worrying about where he could find the stage two demon beasts, to think that one would come to him the moment he arrived.

The bull’s horn rammed straight at Ye Feng as he leaped up high, without even using the magic energy in his body, with one punch, he broke the hard horn on the bull’s head and caused its brain to splatter as it died.

Ye Feng stepped forward, using the Nature Dagger to remove the wild bull’s durable and flexible skin, he then found a shining brown demon core in the wild bull’s broken skull! Special Trait: When used to enchant a weapon, attack power will be raised.

When used to enchant armor, defense power will be raised.

Ye Feng could not help but show a smug smile, he had not even tried to forge defensive equipment yet, one reason was that he lacked suitable materials, the other reason was that he did not have anything that could raise the defensiveness of an equipment.

This stage two demon core of the wild bull satisfied the requirement.

After this beast tide ends, he could try to forge a defensive equipment! Thinking so, Ye Feng continued on his way.

Before he even walked for a few steps, he was attracted by a rock nearby, there was an aura on that rock that could prickle one’s skin! This demon beast forest did not just have demon beasts, it also had materials that were nurtured for many years! Ye Feng quickly ran over and wanted to excavate the rock when suddenly, he heard some sounds near him as he subconsciously jumped and dodged the fatal attack! Grade: Stage Two Middle-grade Special Trait: Extremely high defense, able to unleash wind that acts like blades.

The steel boar’s eyes were red as it stared at Ye Feng, as if something had been taken away from it, it snorted again, and right when Ye Feng thought it was going to pounce, but it actually opened its mouth and a gust of wind shot out from within.

“This beast! I haven’t even touched it right? Little beast, you are way too stingy, you are a disgrace to all beasts.

” Ye Feng, who was still teasing the beast, did not show any mercy.

A stage two middle-grade demon beast was already enough for him to get serious, although the other party was just a boar… As the tornado wind that resembled blades attacked him, a huge and heated lump of magic energy gathered in Ye Feng’s hands, a fireball was produced that shot through the wind, landing on the steel boar’s body! But this steel boar’s defense was really amazing, even after getting hit by this fire magic, it only flew away and shook its head before standing up again.

Ye Feng reassessed the immense defense of this steel boar, its skin might be even tougher than the wild bull! This time, the steel boar did not use the wind attack, it charged at Ye Feng with its tough body! Retreating was not Ye Feng’s style.

Even though this demon beast was fierce, it was not threatening enough for him to use his full strength, thus he raised his dagger and stabbed at the steel boar’s head! There was a metallic sound from the clash of the dagger and boar, Ye Feng’s hand turned numb from the impact.

But that beast was not having an easy time either, its red eyes were going to roll white, it started to stagger around, there was a huge wound on its head that exposed its skull.

But this demon beast was still forcefully standing.

Ye Feng gathered magic flames in his hand again, pressing down on the steel boar’s head, frying this demon beast’s skull into a roasted boar head, a demon core shining in golden light rolled out on its own.

Special Trait: When used to enchant a weapon, attack power will be greatly raised.

Ye Feng did the same thing as earlier, taking the skin of the steel boar, this metallic skin made Ye Feng frown, it was not a material that suited the forging of defensive equipment, it was more suitable to make bows and arrows.

“It is better than nothing.

” Next, Ye Feng kept the demon cores away and was about to see what was below the rock when a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere, slashing at him! The silvery white heavy sword directly tore across Ye Feng’s chest, he subconsciously retaliated with the Nature Dagger before taking a few steps back while scattering medicine on his wound.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed on Ye Feng’s face.

He was sneak attacked again! After stabilizing his injuries, magic flames surged as a fireball shot towards the attacker.

But that person easily avoided it, he then arrived before Ye Feng and slashed with his Knight’s Heavy Sword again.

Seeing this, Ye Feng quickly raised his Nature Dagger to fight back! At the same time, lightning gathered in his other hand, while blocking the attacker, he also sent out one lightning bolt.

Caught unguarded, the attacker was hit by the lightning bolt and fell into temporary paralysis.

Ye Feng did not hold back, his Nature Dagger slashed at that person.

As the person lay in the pool of blood, a warm green light appeared on the Nature Dagger, healing Ye Feng’s wounds rapidly.