Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 3

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Special Trait Offensive Skill Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Seeing the middle-aged man, Ye Feng was not in the mood to care about the collapsed door, he quickly tried to think of a way to respond to this man.

Even though he was a knight now, in front of this man, he still had to lower his head.

One of the three Advanced Knights of Osborne City.

He was also Avril’s father.

When Eric saw Avril who was standing beside Ye Feng, his expression turned livid.

Avril did not return home the previous night, she stayed at his place until now, Eric did not need to think to know what had happened.

“Rascal kid, you dare to defile Avril, I am going to slaughter you today!” Saying so, Eric released a terrifying aura as he prepared to charge towards Ye Feng.

“Father, what are you doing? I’m warning you, don’t think of touching Brother Ye Feng, I am a willing party in this.

” Avril quickly stood in front of Ye Feng.




Seeing this, Eric’s expression turned even colder, he stared at Ye Feng fiercely, not concealing the killing intent in his eyes.

“Avril, step aside, I’m going to slaughter this kid.

” “No, if you dare to touch Brother Ye Feng, I will die in front of you!” “You… Avril, you cannot be so foolish, he does not suit you, you are trying to ruin your own future!” Eric had a helpless expression, “I don’t care how you help him normally, but I will not agree to you two getting together!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Father, I am not a kid anymore, I have my own right to choose, you cannot interfere!” “Avril, can you be more rational? Ye Feng is not even a knight, how can he protect you in the future?” Right as Avril was about to speak, Ye Feng stopped her.

Ye Feng pulled Avril behind him and showed a smile to indicate to her that she should leave this to him.

“Uncle Eric, I reached knight level strength some time ago, but I did not have enough time to go get the certification.

” Next, Ye Feng turned to look at Eric, not showing fear towards that killer gaze.

Eric was slightly stunned, he carefully observed Ye Feng’s aura.

“You really broke through?” “That’s right, Uncle Eric, can I be with Avril now?” “Of course not, you only broke through to become a knight at this age, Avril’s future will be ruined if she is with you.

” Eric refused to agree as he asked, “Ye Feng, I know you like Avril, but are you willing to ruin her life like this?” Seeing that Avril could not be convinced, Eric decided to try convincing Ye Feng instead.

But Ye Feng was not going to waver because of Eric’s words.

“Uncle Eric, don’t worry, not only will I not hold Avril back, I will also try to help her!” Ye Feng said confidently.

A few days ago, Ye Feng would not be so confident, but now, he had the assurance.

“Help her? With what? So what if you became a knight? So what if you succeeded in forging something? Do you think that with your talent, you can be of help to Avril?” “With this!” Ye Feng raised the Bloodlust Sword in his hand, tossing it towards Eric: “Uncle Eric, if you think that I cannot be of help to Avril after seeing this, I have nothing to say, but I will not break up with her!” Avril looked at Ye Feng’s broad shoulders while feeling a warm sensation internally, her small hands grabbing Ye Feng’s large hand.

“Father, I will not break up with Brother Ye Feng either!” Eric received the Bloodlust Sword and stared at Avril snappily before looking at the sword.

“Stage two superior-grade?” Eric was slightly surprised: “You made this?” “That’s right, I completed it before you came in here.

” “A stage two superior-grade sword with stage two supreme-grade power, kid, did you find this somewhere to try and deceive me?” Eric looked at the Bloodlust Sword again: “According to what I know, you have never succeeded in forging anything, how can you create a stage two superior-grade weapon all of a sudden?” “Father, Brother Ye Feng is not the same as before.

I watched the entire forging process myself.

” Avril quickly added.

Eric was unhappy with Avril’s interjection, but after staring at her, he looked at Ye Feng again.

“Uncle Eric, why would I lie to you, if you find that I have deceived you, I will leave Avril immediately, is that enough?” “Hmph, I will believe you once, but if I find that you lied to me, you will die a terrible death!” Eric snorted loudly.

Right now, Eric’s expression had become calmer, the killing intent in his eyes vanished without a trace.

“Uncle Eric, don’t worry, I won’t ever lie to you.

” Ye Feng was speaking the truth.

Eric was an Advanced Knight, his strength could not be resisted.

If Ye Feng lied to him, he would suffer a horrible outcome.

“Since you can forge this weapon, I need twenty stage two weapons, I will let you make them.

” At this time, Eric said.

Speaking so, Eric tossed a bag of gold coins to Ye Feng.

“I will come collect the goods in ten days.

” “Leave it to me!” After taking the bag of gold coins, Ye Feng said confidently.

Next, Ye Feng gave Avril the Bloodlust Sword before Eric brought his daughter away from the Blacksmith Shop.

The Bloodlust Sword was meant for Avril to begin with, he was also just a Blacksmith and did not need to fight, thus the sword was merely an accessory to him.

Even though he was a little upset when Avril left, Ye Feng had to concentrate on forging weapons, he did not have time to waste, thus he did not ask her to stay.

Furthermore, Eric would not allow Avril to live together with Ye Feng without a proper status.

After the two left, Ye Feng did not enter the warehouse immediately, he checked his new reward after forging the Bloodlust Sword.

[Offensive Skill: Bloodlust] Special Trait: When combat begins, increase the user’s combat strength by 10%, lasting for five minutes.

Offensive skills that raised combat strength seemed powerful, but they were useless to Ye Feng.

Ye Feng had no interest in fighting or killing others, if he had the time, he might as well forge more weapons.

Since forging could raise his strength, what was the point of fighting? If not for that fact that it was nontransferable, he would have given the offensive skill to Avril.

Putting the matter of the offensive skill aside, Ye Feng entered the warehouse and started to prepare and forge the weapons.

Twenty stage two weapons in ten days.

The truth was, Ye Feng was not absolutely confident of completing the task.

But at this point in time, he had to do his best to try and complete it.

The question now was, how much would his strength increase after forging twenty stage two weapons, would he be able to reach the level of Intermediate Knight?