Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 2

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Collapsed Door Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Three days passed quickly, Ye Feng was engrossed in forging, he simply could not stop.

After three days of continuous forging without rest, Ye Feng finally obtained the result he wanted.

Each time he succeeded in forging something, he would receive a certain number of fire elemental points as a reward, after absorbing the fire elemental points, he would be restored to peak condition.

Sensing the energy surging in his body, Ye Feng revealed a smile on his face.

“Right now, I should have strength equivalent to an Apprentice Knight?” “Maybe I can try forging stage one superior-grade weapons?” Right when Ye Feng was about to take the materials, he heard someone knocking on the door.

Ye Feng subconsciously stopped in his tracks, showing some suspicion in his eyes.

It was late at night now, who would come over at this time? Did Nyzo return after getting his materials? .



Thinking about that, Ye Feng went to the door.

After opening the room door, the one standing outside was not Nyzo, it was a beautiful young woman wearing a Knight’s Armor, she carried a helmet in one hand and a Knight’s Longsword in the other, she smiled as she looked at Ye Feng.

Right now, her attire showed that she had just completed a mission, the blood on her armor had not yet been cleaned.

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COM “Brother Ye Feng, did you miss me?” Avril said in a joyful tone.

“Of course I did, but why did you come over at this time? Why didn’t you go home after completing your mission?” Ye Feng smiled and replied.

“You are not honest, you say you miss me but you want me to go home?” Avril rolled her eyes.

He knew about Avril’s love of course, he liked her as well, but he soon thought of her father.

The one who stood between them was Eric, one of the three Advanced Knights of Osborne City.

He did not think highly of Ye Feng, he naturally would not let him date his daughter Avril.

“Avril, it’s too late now, hurry up and go home, we can talk tomorrow.

” “I refuse, Brother Ye Feng, do you not like me anymore?” “How can that be, I’ve never stopped liking you.

” “Hehe, that’s all I want to hear, I’ve decided!” “Decided what?” Ye Feng asked in confusion.

“That I’m not leaving tonight.

” Saying so, Avril went past Ye Feng, entering the Blacksmith Shop and making her way to Ye Feng’s room in a familiar manner.

Seeing this, Ye Feng smiled bitterly as he quickly caught up with her.

By the time Ye Feng reached his own room, Avril had already taken off her armor.

Because of Avril’s initiative, the two had a sleepless night.

After waking up, Ye Feng looked at Avril who was beside him and showed a gentle and warm smile.

After looking at her for a while, seeing that Avril was still sound asleep, Ye Feng did not interrupt her, he went to the front courtyard.

Now, he was no longer alone.

After last night’s event, he was officially a man now, he had to bear the responsibility of protecting his woman.

Becoming stronger was no longer a choice, it was a necessity.

In the warehouse, as Ye Feng’s gaze swept over various materials, the details of each material would quickly show up in his mind.

Suddenly, Ye Feng’s gaze landed on a black rock.

Grade: Stage Two Superior-grade Special Trait: Because it came into contact with the blood of a powerful vampire, a change occurred, there is a slight chance that forging an equipment with it will grant the bloodlust attribute.

Even though he did not know what the bloodlust attribute was, it sounded very impressive.

“I’ll use you, maybe I can forge a stage two weapon and gift it to Avril as a token of my love.

” Ye Feng observed the changed black iron stone for a while before making up his mind.

“Ding! Detecting that the Host has found a special material, the Host will be rewarded with the forging blueprint of [Bloodlust Sword].

” Once the voice said that, Ye Feng gained a new wave of information in his mind.

After digesting his new information, Ye Feng showed a smile on his face.

Good luck could not be blocked.

All the materials needed to forge the Bloodlust Sword were in this warehouse.

Thus, Ye Feng prepared the materials and lit the furnace, starting to forge the Bloodlust Sword.

Stage two materials were very hard, their melting point was much higher than stage one materials.

Focusing on feeding the furnace, after two hours, the black iron stone finally melted, Ye Feng then added the rest of the materials in, fusing them with the black iron stone.

After the fusion was completed, Ye Feng started to forge the Bloodlust Sword.

Different from stage one weapons, forging stage two weapons would sometimes require specific hammering methods, if one was careless, the might of the weapon that was forged would be lower than expected.

The preparation of the materials took two hours, while the forging took an entire day.

During that period, Avril stayed by Ye Feng’s side, she did not speak or interrupt him.

But her eyes were filled with curiosity and surprise when she looked at Ye Feng.

She knew clearly what Ye Feng was capable of.

Even without mentioning his forging techniques, just the fact that Ye Feng was not even at the level of an Apprentice Knight meant that it was impossible for him to forge for an entire day without rest.

Furthermore, there was the huge battle the previous night.

At this moment, Avril could not help but think of a question internally, since when did Ye Feng become so powerful? At the same time, Avril also made preparations to ask Ye Feng these questions later.

But right at this moment, under the illumination of the lamp, a trace of blood light flashed past her eyes, causing Avril to look towards the Bloodlust Sword in Ye Feng’s hand.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging the stage two superior-grade [Bloodlust Sword].

” “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining 100 fire elemental points.

” “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining [Offensive Skill: Bloodlust].

” A series of system notifications rang.

Before Ye Feng had time to rejoice, he felt that his body was being filled with energy.

And at this moment, he had successfully become a knight! After his energy stabilized, Ye Feng revealed a smile that could not be concealed.

Was this the feeling of being filled with strength? Ye Feng felt like he could kill a bull with one punch! After checking the strength in his body, Ye Feng turned his gaze towards the Bloodlust Sword.

Grade: Stage Two Superior-grade Special Trait: When in combat, bloodlust attribute is automatically active, increasing the user’s combat strength by 10%.

Nearly a thousand attack power and also a combat strength boosting effect.

It was simply equivalent to a stage two supreme-grade.

Ye Feng did not expect that his first attempt to forge a stage two weapon would succeed like this, it was even a stage two superior-grade that rivaled a supreme-grade.

Not just him, even Avril was completely stunned.

Was this the Ye Feng that she knew? “Brother Ye Feng, when did you become so amazing?” “I had some fortuitous encounters a few days ago.

” Ye Feng smiled and replied.

“Fortuitous encounters? What sort of encounter can make a person so powerful in just a few days? In the past, you could not even forge a single stage one Knight’s Longsword.

” Before Ye Feng replied, a huge sound could be heard.

Ye Feng turned around subconsciously and saw that the door had collapsed inwards from the outside.

A middle-aged man with a dark expression appeared outside the door.