Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 222

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Changing Clothes! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Boss, what should we do?” Hearing the footsteps outside getting closer and closer, Brown Williams lowered his voice and asked Jon.

“Knock him out!” Jon also lowered his voice and replied.

Since he couldn’t disguise himself as a prison guard and deceive this prison guard, the most efficient way was to knock this prison guard out.

That way, they wouldn’t be exposed.

From the sound of footsteps, there was only one prison guard.

With Jon’s skills, he would be able to knock down this prison guard immediately.

Moreover, after knocking out the prison guard, they would be able to get another set of clothes.

Then, both of them would be wearing prison guard uniforms.

Even if they were carrying ladders around the prison, they wouldn’t be suspicious by the others.




Brown Williams nodded and didn’t say anything else.

The prison guard outside had already arrived in front of the door.

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COM From the slight noise, Jon could tell the prison guard was opening the lock.

He stared at the door handle.

The prison guard who came to check on the situation was a little cautious.

He pushed the door very slowly.

As he pushed the door open, he shone his flashlight in.

After all, there was a sound coming from the storage room at night.

It was indeed a little scary.

It might be something like a mouse, or something else.

Therefore, the prison guard had to be more cautious.

As the storage room door was slowly pushed open, Jon and Brown Williams appeared in the prison guard’s field of vision.

The moment he saw the two of them, the prison guard was so scared that he squealed.

Originally, he was also mentally prepared, he was thought that there was some kind of animal making a noise in the storage room.

But when he saw Jon and Brown Williams, his heart skipped a beat.

Jon didn’t give him too much time to react.

He pulled the guard into the storage room.

He covered the guard’s mouth with one hand and grabbed the guard’s collar with the other.

He didn’t let him shout or make any noise.

Although the isolation room building was relatively remote in the prison, if the guard made too much noise, it was very likely others would hear it.

“Don’t make a sound, or I’ll kill you.

Do you understand?” In the pitch-black storage room, Jon threatened the guard, and the weak light coming from the window reflected on his face.

The guard was completely intimidated Jon.

The prison guard quickly nodded, indicating that he would not make a sound.

Jon saw that the prison guard was still cooperative and let go of him.

Then, the guard was knocked by the neck, and he passed out.

“Quickly change his clothes, so that we can break out of the prison!” Jon dragged the guard to the side and said to Brown Williams.


” Brown Williams quickly responded, and then began to strip the guard’s uniform.

Meanwhile, Jon continued to search the storage room for the pliers.

Brown Williams changed into the prison guard’s clothes.

After all, he only needed to change his outer clothes.

As for the clothes inside, no one could see them, so it was not necessary.

Then, the two of them searched the storage room for a few minutes.

They only found a steel pliers the size of a palm.

“Boss, can we cut the electric fence with this small pair of pliers?” Looking at the small pair of pliers, Brown Williams asked with uncertainty.

The most ideal pair of pliers was naturally the type of hydraulic pliers that could break steel bars.

However, there were no such pliers in the storage room.

“It should be.

This thing can even cut nails.

The prison’s electric fence uses iron wire, how can it be as hard as nails?” Jon slowly said.

Although the pliers looked a little small, it should be enough to cut the electric fence.

Then, the two of them did not waste any more time.

They quickly carried the folding ladder and walked out of the storage room.

At this time, besides the two prison guards and cameramen, there were two more technicians.

The technicians were checking the monitoring system while the two prison guards in the monitoring room were waiting.

They looked a little anxious.

That was because they had heard a few explosions outside.

They were not sure what had happened.

They wanted to use the repaired surveillance camera to take a look.

“What happened to the explosions just now? Did the boiler room of the prison explode?” “Good lord, Aga Mountain Prison is a well-known prison in the world.

It uses modern machines, so there won’t be a boiler room.

” “Those sounds might be the sound of a bomb explosion!” “A bomb explosion? It doesn’t make sense at all.

Who would dare to use a bomb to blow up Aga Mountain Prison?” “Don’t say that.

There really are people who would do it.

It’s Jon’s rescue team.

So, the current situation is that Jon is already preparing to break out of the prison.

They must be making some noise to attract the attention of the prison guards.

” “Is this the time when Jon decided to break out of prison tonight? It can’t be, right? It can’t be? Shouldn’t he familiarize himself with the prison first? How could he break out of prison in such a hurry?” “I think so, since most of the audience thinks that Jon should familiarize himself with the prison first, he should wait until he’s familiar with it before breaking out.

” “Similarly, the prison guards should think the same.

So, if Jon take few more days to familiarize himself with the prison, the prison guards will also be stricter with him.

” “Jon chose to break out of the prison now at a time that the audience didn’t expect, and neither did the prison guards.

So, breaking out of the prison at this time might have unexpected effects.

” “Huh, so that’s how it is.

So this time, Jon predicted the prison guards’ move?” “You can think of it that way.

After all, he’s a highly intelligent robber.

His thinking is indeed different from ordinary people.

” “Impressive, impressive.

I have to admit that he was outstanding.

Everyone thought that Jon will take action after he become familiar with the situation in the prison.

However, we did not expect him to act so quickly.

He was able to catch the prison guards off guard.

” “Moreover, Jon’s team is really strong.

They even used bombs.

It seems that the probability of success of this exercise is still very high.

” “Not necessarily.

I know about the Aga Mountain Prison.

As one of the most secured prisons in the world, the walls of the prison are six meters high and two meters thick.

Unless it is a super strong bomb, it is impossible to blow up these walls.