Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 218

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Operation Started! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Let me ask you again, did something happen?” The prison guard who spoke first said to the guard of the confinement room.

“Did something happen at the fourth floor of the isolation room?” the prison guard asked again.

Then, he saw the guard quicken his pace and walk towards the security room.

Then, he picked up the walkie-talkie on the table.

“Nothing happened.

” hearing this response, the two prison guards in the monitoring room nodded.

It turned out that he had placed the walkie-talkie on the table in the guard room.

No wonder he didn’t reply before.

Now, both of them were relieved.

In the guard room, Jon pretended to be the prison guard continued to flip through the book.

The real prison guard was lying on the bed in the confinement room.

Now, Jon was already a prison guard.




The first step of the escape plan had been completed.

And this was also a very important step.

As long as his disguise was not exposed, the next step of the plan was very easy to carry out.

However, Jon did not plan to release Brown Williams yet.

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COM Because there must be guards on the surveillance cameras.

If he released Brown Williams now, he would expose himself.

Then there would be no hope for escaping.

So, what Jon needed to do now was to inform Will Smith and the others.

Let them make some scene outside the prison and attracted the attention of the prison guards.

That would be his chance.

Jon pretended to read a book while picking up the walkie-talkie on the table, pretending to be bored and playing with it.

But he had already started tapping on it in secret.

He tapped on the walkie-talkie with the secret signal that he had told to his team before the drill.

After about a minute, Will Smith’s voice sounded from the walkie-talkie.

It was already past three o’clock in the midnight.

However, before Jon went to prison, he had told them that he could contact them at any time.

Therefore, there had to be someone guarding the walkie-talkie 24 hours a day.

“It’s me.

Where’s Leon?” Jon did not waste any time and asked directly.

“Leon is sleeping now.

I’ll go get him.

” Will Smith responded from the other side.

They could take turn to guard the talkie-walkie, so that was no need for all of them guarding it at the same time.

Therefore, only one person was enough to guard it while the other two rested.

“Boss, what are your orders?” Soon, Leon Evans’ voice sounded.

“Leon, can you see if you can hack into the surveillance system of Aga Mountain Prison and cut off the images of the surveillance cameras?” Jon said to the walkie-talkie as he flipped through the book.

Even if he could make some noise and attract the attention of the prison guards outside, the prison guards would still pay attention to the situation in the detention room.

After all, once there was any movement outside, the prison personnel could completely determine that it was their partners who came to rescue them.

Naturally, all the prison personnel would know that Jon and Brown were preparing to break out of the prison.

Therefore, they would not let down their guard against the detention room.

Hence, Jon could only rely on Leon to hack into the surveillance system of Aga Mountain Prison.

“It’s a little difficult.

The prison’s surveillance system is usually encrypted with more than 80 digits.

For a special prison like Aga Mountain Prison, it’s very likely to be 100 digits.

” “I can only try.

I’m not 100% sure.

” said Leon Evans.

“Well, give it a try, and then tell Will and Venus that we’re good to go.

” “According to the original plan, we are now in the confinement cell at the east wing of the prison, and you will make some scenes outside the south wing fence to attract the attention of the guards.

” Jon said slowly.

If Leon Evans can hack into the prison’s surveillance cameras and cut them off, it’s going to be very beneficial to Jon and Brown But if he couldn’t hack into it, Jon would have to take the risk.

Because his escape had begun, there was no way out.

“Good! I’ll give you an answer within 15 minutes whether I could hack it or not.

” Leon Evans replied.

Jon didn’t say anything more.

He continued to flip through the books on the table.

At this time, Will Smith had already woke Venus Alice up.

Then they picked up their prepared backpacks and left the hotel.

They drove the rented car toward the south side of the prison as Jon said.

The three of them had their own jobs.

Venus Alice was the driver.

Will Smith was preparing up the bomb in the backpack.

Leon Evans was typing away at his computer, lines of code appearing on the screen.

He was trying to crack the surveillance system of the Aga Mountain Prison.

Ten minutes later, they were at the outside the high walls of the south side! When they arrived, Will Smith was carrying his backpack and preparing to deploy the bombs.

Venus Alice and Leon Evans were sitting in the car.

In the guard room, Jon was reading a book and waiting quietly.

It had been more than ten minutes since they had spoken on the walkie-talkie.

But Leon Evans did not respond.

Jon was not in a hurry.

He knew that Leon Evans was trying hard.

This situation was not the worst.

He believed in Leon Evans would successfully crack the security system of the prison Time passed slowly, Will Smith had set the bombs outside the south wall.

The purpose of the bombs wasn’t to break the wall, because the wall couldn’t be broken with these bombs, so they were just to attract the attention of the prison guards.

In order to attract the maximum attention of the prison guards.

Will Smith scattered the bombs to ensure that they would make the most noise.

Then, he returned to the car.

Leon Evan’s serious and stressed expression slowly relaxed.

The security level of the surveillance system of the Aga Mountain Prison was indeed very good, but with his hard work, he successfully cracked it.

Looking at the time, almost twenty minutes had passed.

Leon Evans quickly took out his walkie-talkie and reported the situation to Jon.

“Boss, I cracked it.

” “Well done!” hearing that, Jon smiled.

It was very important for him to hack the security system.

“Also, have you arranged the bomb?” “Yes, we’re waiting for your arrangements.

” Leon Evans replied.

The escape operation was about to start, so the three of them were quite nervous.

After all, the operation this time was related to the success or failure of the exercise.

If the operation failed, the prison guards would definitely strengthen the surveillance.

At that time, if they tried to break out of the prison again, it would be even more difficult than ascending to the heavens!