Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 215

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Jon’s Escape Plan! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio However, in a prison, any place needed to be guarded 20 hours a day.

The prison guards worked three shifts.

They were not allowed to doze off when they were at work.

Therefore, when Jon was preparing to escape, he could not take advantage of the time when the prison guards were dozing off.

However, when Jon arrived, he noticed that the guards in the guard room were reading the newspaper.

Obviously, guarding the confinement room was a relatively easy job.

They didn’t need to be tense all the time.

And now, they were still on the day shift.

When they were on the night shift, they might be even more relaxed.

Jon was locked Room 10, which was about 20 meters away from the guard room.




Hence, no matter how careful Jon was, it’s impossible to get to the guard room without being seen by the guards.

After all, the gate to the guardhouse is facing the confinement room.

The guard could see what was going on at the confinement rooms by lifting his head in the guard room.

Therefore, Jon had to be careful with his movement and not alerted the guard.

Only then would he be able to leave the confinement room.

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COM But then again, this was not an easy task.

The distance was twenty meters.

Even if his combat skills had been upgraded to master level, even if his physical strength was much stronger than ordinary people, it was impossible to do so.

As for how to solve this problem of the prison guards, he needed a flawless plan.

Another problem was when Jon and Brown wanted started the escape, how should they inform Will Smith and the others outside? Although they couldn’t blow up the prison wall, they could make some big scene.

They could attract the attention of the prison guards inside the prison.

This would be of great help to Jon’s escape plan.

Jon and Brown Williams were both in prison as prisoners.

Naturally, they couldn’t bring their phones and other communication devices.

Of course, if Jon wanted to, he could buy a cell phone from the system store at any time.

However, this would affect the system’s rating.

After all, using the cheat or his own hard work would definitely result in different ratings.

Furthermore, he wouldn’t be able to tell others where he got his phone.

Therefore, Jon didn’t plan to use the system store.

He couldn’t bring anything to jail but this was within Jon’s expectations.

After all, any prisoner had to hand over their belongings to the prison guards before they were sent to jail.

During the preparations before the drill began, Jon had also made arrangements.

The equipment that Will Smith and the others brought this time included a few walkie-talkies in addition to guns, ammunition, and bombs.

Police officers, prison guards, and other public officials usually used walkie-talkies.

The frequency range of the police walkie-talkies was different from that of the civilian walkie-talkies.

So, the civilian walkie-talkies cannot be connected to the police walkie-talkies under any circumstances.

However, he walkie-talkies that Will Smith and the others brought are the police walkie-talkies that they borrowed from the Pennsylvania State Police.

If they know the frequency, the walkie-talkies in their hands can be connected to the signal of the walkie-talkies in the Aga Mountain Prison.

Even though Will Smith and the others didn’t know the frequency of the walkie-talkies in the prison, their walkie-talkies weren’t used to eavesdrop on the conversations of the guards in the prison, but to receive Jon’s orders.

Before this drill started.

The walkie-talkies they brought had already been set up.

As long as Jon could get the walkie-talkie from the prison guard and connected the channel that his teammates had set up beforehand, he could use the walkie-talkie in the prison to contact Will Smith and the others.

After all, the effective range of the police walkie-talkie was very far, and it could cover the outside of the hotel where Will Smith and the others were.

Standing in the dark confinement room, Jon’s face was very serious, and he was thinking about the specific details of the escape plan.

The best time to escape from prison was after midnight.

Although at this time, the prison guards would not fall asleep, but they would loosen up their alert.

After all, at this time, most of the prisoners were already asleep.

So, the guards would definitely be more relaxed The prison guards worked three shifts.

The changing times were six o’clock at evening, two o’clock in the midnight, and ten o’clock at morning.

The time that Jon chose to escape was between 2am until 10am.

But the guards just changed the shift, it was naturally not the best time.

But as time went by, after daybreak, it would be very difficult to escape.

Therefore, it was best to choose 3am or 4am.

Jon needed to care of the guard, he took the walkie-talkie in the hand of the guard and contacted Will Smith and the others outside.

He waited until they made a move outside and attracted the attention of most of the guards.

As for himself and Brown Williams.

After they left the solitary confinement building, they escaped from the nearest wall.

However, the height of the wall was quite high, it was six meters tall, it was impossible to climb the wall with bare hands or with Will Smith.

However, hen Jon entered the isolation room, he saw a prison guard tidying up the storage room on the first floor.

In the storage room, there was a folding ladder.

He could use the folding ladder.

Plus, he and Brown Williams could support each other.

They could still climb up the six-meter-high wall.

Jon thought for a long time and finally felt that the plan was good enough.

Now, it was time to wait for the next morning.

There was nothing else to do.

So, Jon lay on the bed in the confinement room with his eyes closed, trying to figure out his escape plan in his mind.

From the moment he entered the confinement room to the moment he entered the room, Jon memorized everything he could see in his mind.

Therefore, Jon was completely able to figure out his escape route and estimate all kinds of situations that would happen.

Even though the plan to escape from prison had already been formulated, Jon still had to visualize what might happen when he escaped from prison.

He also had to visualize how he would solve the problems he would encounter.

Only in this way would he be able to increase the chance of his escape.

Of course, whether this plan would succeed or not, he would only know after he took action.

Before action is taken, even if there is a 90% chance of success, he might still be ended up failing and all his previous efforts would be in vain.