Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 210

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Try to Enter the Confinement Room “Indeed, there aren’t many.

However, in a place like a prison, there will always be people who cause trouble.

Therefore, there will often be people who are locked up.

” “Under normal circumstances, there will be a few people in the solitary confinement room every day.

” “If there is a large-scale fight, it is very likely that the confinement room will be full of people.

” Scarface replied.

Although he did not know what Jon was trying to do by asking these questions, he still wanted to explain it to Jon.

“What is the situation in the confinement room? Are there many cameras inside? How many guards are there?” Jon asked slowly.

Hearing this, Scarface was confused.

He brought Jon and Brown around for almost an hour.

Jon wasn’t interested in other places, but he was extremely interested in this confinement room building.

It made the Scarface think that Jon wasn’t a well-behaved person.

After all, how could a well-behaved person be interested in a place that punished criminals? .



The only possibility was that Jon knew that he would cause trouble in prison in the future, so he thought that Jon would be locked in the confinement room.

That was why Jon wanted to know about the confinement room in advance.

“The building are all separate rooms, so every room was locked.

The entire confinement room is only a few square meters, and there are toilets in every room.

” “There is also a bed and a stool.

Other than that, there is nothing else.

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COM “There are no cameras in the room, but there are cameras in the stairwell.

As for the prison guards, there is one on every floor.

” Scarface told Jon everything he knew about the confinement room.

Jon nodded.

According to Scarface, the security at the confinement room was not as strict as he had imagined.

Instead, it was much loosened.

They probably felt that after the prisoner was locked in the confinement room, there was no chance of escaping.

And in the confinement room, it was easy to understand why there were no cameras.

After all, there was a toilet in the confinement room.

No matter what, they couldn’t install cameras and watched the prisoners to relieve themselves, right? That would be too much.

“Boss, what’s your plan?” At this moment, Brown Williams approached Jon and asked in a low voice.

He knew that Jon wouldn’t be interested in the confinement room for no reason.

It could only mean one thing — Jon was preparing for the escape.

The reason he was interested in the confinement room was that he had included this building in his plan.

“We need to enter the confinement room!” Jon replied slowly.

This confinement room building was relatively close to the prison walls, and the guards were not that strict.

The confinement room might be a good place for them to escape.

However, if they wanted to escape from the confinement room, the most difficult thing would be how to escape from the individual cubicles.

After all, every confinement room had a lock.

So, it was undoubtedly safe.

Anyone without the key was unable to open the lock.

However, Jon was different.

After the last drill, his Godly Lock-picking Skill had been upgraded to intermediate.

Now, he could even open a bank safe.

Not to mention the prison’s confinement room.

Therefore, the biggest problem of escaping from the isolation room.

For Jon, it was not a problem at all.

As long as he could enter the confinement room, Jon would naturally have a way to get out.

After listening to Jon’s words, Brown Williams nodded.

Then, he looked at Scarface and asked, “Scarface, under what circumstances would a prisoner be placed in isolation?” “The most common situations are fighting, provoking the prison guards, and hiding contraband.

All of them will be placed in isolation.

” “But don’t worry, as long as I’m here, I’ll try my best to prevent you from being grounded.

” “No matter what, I’ve been here for almost ten years.

I know the rules of the prison well.

” Hearing Brown’s words, Scarface quickly promised.

He thought that Brown was asking because he wanted to know the rules of the prison.

But he didn’t know that Jon wanted to enter the confinement room of his own accord.

“Fighting?” Jon muttered these words, then looked at Scarface and slowly said, “Scarface, now take us to the people who were trying to provoke us.

” “What? ? ?” Hearing this, Scarface’s face was full of question marks.

He even suspected that he had heard wrong.

Jon actually took the initiative to look for the Black Dragon? “Boss, why are you looking for the Black Dragon?” Scarface looked at Jon with an extremely surprised expression.

At this moment, he wondered Jon did not understand his words.

Didn’t he just say it? He would be locked p in confinement room if he involved in fighting! He just mentioned the consequence earlier, but why Jon still wanted to look for Black Dragon? “No one has ever dared to cause trouble for me.

Since this Black Dragon has come to me, I will teach him a lesson.

” Jon’s lips curled into a cold smile.

It seemed like Jon was going to find the Black Dragon to vent his anger on him.

Jon could not tell his real purpose to Scarface.

Even though Scarface looked very loyal to Jon right now.

But with his personality, after knowing that Jon was going to break out of prison, he would most probably betray Jon.

Even though most of the prison guards knew that Jon was participating in the prison break drill.

However, if the prison guards knew that he got himself in the confinement room to break out of prison, they would definitely increase the defense of the confinement room At that time, it would be difficult for him to break out of prison.

“Boss, I know that you can’t stand this anger, but if you get in a fight with Black Dragon now, the prison guards will find you.

” “At that time, it is very likely that you will be locked in the confinement room.

That place is not a place for people to stay!” Scarface looked at Jon and said, wanting to dissuade him.

“Don’t talk nonsense.

My boss asked you to lead the way, so you can lead the way.

It’s none of your business.

” seeing Scarface’s hesitation, Brown Williams said impatiently.

“Alright, Alright.

I’ll bring you there now.

” Scarface quickly replied.

He had already made his words very clear, but Jon and Brown Williams’ attitudes were very clear.

They wanted to find trouble with Black Dragon.

In fact.

Scarface also wanted to teach Black Dragon a lesson.

It was just that he did not have the ability.

If he really went to provoke Black Dragon, he would just beaten up by Black Dragon and his men.

And now, since Jon wanted to take a flight with Black Dragon, it was a good thing for Scarface.

The reason why he explained it so clearly was because he was afraid that when Jon came out after being locked down in the confinement room, they would blame him for not making things clear.

Then, they would beat him up, and that would be miserable.

However, now that he had explained it a few times, Jon still wanted to cause trouble for the Black Dragon.

Scarface was not worried anymore.