Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 199

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 199

Chapter 199: The Reaction of the Audience! At this moment.

Jon didn’t pay any attention to those gazes.

As a former Navy SEALs team and now an FBI agent, he naturally knew the habits of prison inmates.

He also knew that those prisoners who been around a long time must be thinking of some plan against him.

After all, this was something that would happen in every prison.

But Jon didn’t care.

He just slowly walked forward.

After all, he was a prisoner now, so he naturally had to act like a prisoner entering a prison for the first time.

The cameraman was filming Jon from behind, then, he also filmed the situation inside the fence.

A group of prisoners who were standing inside the fence and watching Jon enter the prison were on the camera.

In the livestream.




“Good man, as expected of the Aja Mountain Prison.

As expected of the prison where all the vicious criminals and felons are imprisoned.

With just one look, I can tell that these people are not to be trifled with.

” “Yeah, these criminals look fierce, it is still the famous Aja Mountain Prison.

Ordinary criminals would definitely not be imprisoned here.

” “Is this the real prison? But it looks pretty good? Why do I have this illusion?” “Ya, believe in yourself.

It’s really not bad inside.

This is not your illusion.

If it really feels good, you can also go in and experience prison life.

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COM “Haha, there’s a special car to pick you up, food and accommodation are provided, and there’s a big boss in the prison who wants you to pick up soap.

Life can be said to be very good.

” “Being picked up by a big boss in the prison is very badass, but you guys are wrong.

Nowadays, the prison doesn’t provide food and accommodation.

There’s a fee, 300 dollars per month.

” “What the f*ck? I even have to pay to go to prison?” “What do you think it is? Let you waste the country’s resources?” “Good God, these criminals look fierce.

Jon’s prison life will definitely not be peaceful.

When do you think the first conflict between the old criminals and Jon will erupt?” “It should be soon.

I don’t think it will happen today.

Don’t you see those criminals watching Jon and mumbling?” “Yeah, I think they are already thinking about how to deal with Jon.

After all, a newcomer in prison must be taken care of as soon as possible.

” “What kind of care are you talking about, is it serious?” “Something serious, which is to find trouble with him.

It depends on Jon’s attitude.

If Jon can endure it, he might be found fault with every day.

” “What if Jon resists?” “Are you dumb? It’s obvious.

If Jon resists, the conflict will definitely escalate.

At that time, it won’t be as simple as finding fault.

” “I feel that with Jon’s personality, he definitely won’t tolerate it.

At that time, I don’t know what will happen.


” “But to be honest, if Jon can’t win against these old prisoners, he won’t have time to plan a prison break.

” “Yeah, if his regular activity is affected, how can he have time to plan a prison break?” “I hope Jon can hold on.

” “Hold on? I feel that it will be difficult for him to last through tonight.

After all, these prisoners are all tall and sturdy.

Any one of them looks stronger than Jon.

” “Here it comes again.

The classic “Jon is definitely losing this one, he won’t get through this night” bullsh*t.

Bro, was it you who said that last time? You haven’t even learned your lesson yet.

Why are you here again?” “Hmph, you don’t have to be so cocky.

Although I was slapped in the face last time, this is clearly not a bank robbery exercise.

Both of them are rookies in the prison.

Let’s see if he will be taken care of by the criminals.

” “Haha, you’re so pathetic.

You have no idea that Jon will definitely be able to defeat these old people.

Let’s just wait and see.

” “Hehe, how about we take a gamble? If Jon doesn’t appear on the live broadcast tomorrow with a bruised face, I’ll eat sh*t while livestreaming!” “Oh my God, you’re here to freeload again?” “Sure, when the time comes, you have to share your livestream.

Although it’s a little disgusting, I still want to see you finish eating.

” “Hehe, he’s just a hater.

He’s just posting his irresponsible comments on the internet, don’t hope that he will really eat it” “He’s just a trash.

There’s no need to pay attention to this kind of person.

He’ll do anything to vilify Jon.

” The audience was discussing crazily.

There were a lot of comments.

After all, this time’s drill was no longer like the previous bank robbery drill, but a prison break drill.

Now, through the camera, the audience saw a group of prisoners being held in this prison.

These prisoners were all felons.

After all, ordinary criminals couldn’t be held in this prison.

After seeing these felons, some of the audience started to worry about Jon.

After all, these prisoners looked like they weren’t to be trifled with.

They were worried about what Jon would do to them inside.

There were some people who just wanted to watch the show and hoped that Jon would be dealt with by the criminals in the prison.

Now, no one cared about the outcome of the drill.

That was because, in most people’s eyes, whether Jon could live a rather peaceful life in prison was a big problem.

If Jon didn’t even overcome the most basic obstacle in front of him, it would be a lot of trouble to him.

If he wanted to escape from prison, it would be very difficult.

However, there were some people who still believed in Jon.

After all, Jon had completed one seemingly impossible task after another during the previous few drills.

Therefore, these people who believed in Jon, and those who didn’t believe in Jon.

It was inevitable that there would be quarrel on the livestream.

Jon and Brown Williams arrived at the iron gate under the escort of the prison guards.

On both sides of the iron gate stood four prison guards.

Two of them were guards on guard duty, while the remaining two were there to welcome Jon and Brown Williams.

After all, Jon and Brown Williams were not sent to the cell area.

They were new prisoners, and they had to be brought in by the guards.

They had to experience the tedious process of receiving daily necessities in the cell area.

After handing Jon over to the two guards at the door of the cell area, the warden and the others stood outside the door and watched as the two were taken away.

Gal Gadot looked nervous, although Jon was confident that he would be safe, Gal Gadot still very worried.