Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 197

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Jon In the Prison Van! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The audiences were discussing crazily.

Because Jon was in prison as a criminal.

So, the audiences were curious about what Jon would experience after he was in prison.

After all, for most people, prison was a place they would never go.

It was full of mystery and unknown.

Even though they had seen some prisons through TV dramas, movies and so on, they had been modified to suit for the movie and were not real.

So, they were very curious about what real prison life was like.

And some viewers had already started to send the gifts.

But it the drill had not officially started yet, the number of gifts they was relatively small.

Meanwhile, Gal Gadot was watching the live broadcast through her tablet.




About four to five minutes had passed since the start of the live broadcast.

The number of viewers in the live broadcast room had already reached 15 million.

The surge in the number of viewers was mainly because before the start of the drill, the live broadcast platform had added a notification function.

Once the live broadcast started, it would be notified to the viewers through their apps on phones or computers.

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COM Therefore, the number of viewers entering the livestream at the very beginning was very high.

Seeing how good the reaction was, Gal Gadot was very excited.

Because the number of viewers for this drill might exceed the previous record of the drill held in Florida.

“Knock! Kncok! Kncok!” At this moment, there was a knock on the office door.

The door was opened, and the warden walked in.

“The van is ready.

We can set off now.

” the warden walked in and said.

Although this was his office, Gal Gadot and the cameraman were still here, so the warden knocked on the door before entering.

From this, it could be seen that the warden was a very polite person.

Gal Gadot nodded and replied.

Then, together with the photographer, they followed the warden out of the office.

The prison vehicle had already stopped downstairs in the office area.

A prison van that was specially used to escort prisoners had already quietly stopped here.

Under the arrangement of the warden, Gal Gadot and the cameraman boarded the vehicle to film the whole process of Jon’s arrest.

Besides the warden, Gal Gadot and the cameraman, there were two other guards on the vehicle.

The other was an armed escort.

They said that this was a normal escort configuration.

As the prison van slowly drove out of the prison, there were already a lot of media waiting outside.

After all, there were too many media outlets that wanted to take some of the profits from Jon’s popularity.

So, just like the previous two times, even if this drill had an official live broadcast.

It was already difficult for the other media outlets to split the profits.

But there were still many media outlets rushing over.

After all, even if they split a small amount of traffic for their website, there would still be a lot of profits.

It was just that this time, the prison break drill was really not convenient to these media outlets.

Because, other than Gal Gadot, the other media reporters couldn’t even enter the prison gates.

During the previous bank drills, the other reporters could still film outside the police cordon.

They could even film the temporary command room of the police.

They couldn’t enter the prison.

Even if they were to film, they could only film the gate of the Aga Mountain Prison.

The drill was destined to be exclusive to Gal Gadot.

It would be hard for others to get even a little bit of latest news of the drill.

As the prison van came out, the media vehicles outside also followed.

They drove toward the small town near the prison.

Jon and Brown Williams were sitting on the sofa in the hall and chatting.

Brown Williams looked a little nervous.

After all, he had been a police officer for so many years, but this was his first time being a prisoner, Moreover, he knew nothing about life in prison, so it was impossible to say that he was not nervous.

In contrast, Jon was much more relaxed.

He looked like he did not care at all.

Some people came in the hotel to watch.

Although the town was just beside the prison, it was not a new thing for the prison van to escort prisoners.

However, it was really unusual to bring so many news cars to transport the prisoners.

This kind of situation was really uncommon.

So people ran out one after another.

Of course, people in the town also watched the live broadcast.

These people took out their phones one after another to take photo.

The prison van stopped in front of the Four Seasons Hotel.

The warden took a group of officers out of the van and entered the hotel.

They saw the group of people walking in.

Jon and Brown Williams, who were sitting on the sofa, also got up.

“People outside call you the strongest robber in history, but I think you should be given another title, the most popular robber in history.

” “Look, even though the drill hasn’t started yet, so many media outlets have already gathered here.

” The warden walked over and said to Jon with a smile.

He even reached out a hand to Jon in a friendly manner.

Jon also reached out his hand to shake the Warden’s.

He smiled and did not say anything.

“It’s not the same to be surrounded by so many people.

Let’s get in the van first.

” After shaking hands, the warden said with a smile.

Even though the warden could already imagine that this drill would definitely be more popular.

However, before the drill had even begun, there were already so many media outlets surrounding them.

This was something that the warden had not expected.


” Jon nodded and said.

Then, he left the hotel with Brown Williams.

Because the two of them were in prison as prisoners, they did not need to prepare anything.

After all, after entering the prison, all of their belongings would be taken away.

Walking out of the hotel, dozens of cameras immediately shot at Jon.

In addition, there were many people watching from afar.

Under everyone’s gaze, Jon walked into the prison van.

And the cameraman naturally filmed this scene.

“Hello everyone, I’m just come.

May I ask what’s the situation now? Why is Jon being arrested?” “Let me tell you what’s going on.

After robbing a bank and having a fierce confrontation with the police, Jon finally couldn’t hold on and was arrested.

” “F*ck, does that mean that Jon is going to lose? I’ve always heard from my friends that Jon is very impressive.

How did he lose this time?”