Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 195

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Preparation Work Before the Drill! Five of them booked five rooms.

All of them used their own identity information to register.

Each person’s room had the view of Aga Mountain Prison more than 100 meters away.

The Aga Mountain Prison was very big.

According to the information Jon had read online, the area of the Aga Mountain Prison was 300,000 square meters.

There was a factory in the prison.

The size of the factory was about 60,000 square meters.

The entire prison was surrounded by a high wall.

If one wanted to get out, they had to fly through the air.

After getting the room, Jon led four people to the prison.

They drove around the prison.

There was only one gate in the entire prison.

There were several armed guards guarding the gate.




The other places were all surrounded by walls.

On the walls, there was an electric fence.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the electric fence was not on.

Only under special circumstances, such as when a criminal wanted to escape and was discovered, would the electric fence be turned on.

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COM “This prison really lives up to its reputation.

Looking at the security facility here, I feel that it’s simply impossible to escape from the inside.

” “Now, I finally know why the warden of the Aga Mountain Prison doesn’t object to you wanting a weapon like a bomb.

” “But it’s still impossible to blow up these walls.

” As the car circled around the prison, Will Smith already had a direct understanding of the prison.

After understanding it, he was simply stunned.

As expected of the Aga Mountain Prison.

It was just like a safe box! There was no opening.

There was simply no flaw! How could he escape? “Is it impossible?” Jon frowned slightly.

As an explosive expert, Will Smith naturally had some knowledge of all kinds of buildings.

“Impossible, not a chance at all.

It’s different from the outer walls of ordinary prisons, they didn’t reinforce the outer walls during the renovation.

Instead, they built another wall next to the original outer wall.

This was quite a huge construction.

” “The reason why they did this was also because at that time, they intentionally upgraded Aga Mountain Prison to become one of the safest prisons in the world.

” “Therefore, this prison has two outer walls “The original wall is one meter thick.

It was built a long time ago.

With buildings like red bricks and cement, it’s very easy to blow it up “But the outer wall that was built a few years ago was completely made of reinforced concrete.

It’s 1.

2 meters thick at the bottom and six meters high.

” “The two walls add up to a total thickness of 2.

2 meters.

There’s no possibility of blow it up at all.

” Will Smith explained to Jon.

Because he was going to participate in the prison escape drill this time, Will Smith had a thorough understanding of the prison construction.

He had done his homework.

Jon nodded.

He didn’t say anything.

Based on the safety of this outer wall alone, it was probably the best in the world.

There weren’t many prisons that could compare to it.

“Boss, even high strong explosion is useless against these walls.

After we go in, will we have a chance to escape?” After listening to Will Smith’s explanation, Brown Williams, who was driving, could not help but ask Jon.

Even strong explosives couldn’t blow up the wall.

Moreover, the outermost high wall was six meters high.

Brown Williams really could not think of how to get out after entering.

“I did not say that the bombs are used to to blast through the outer wall.

However, this drill is really difficult.

I really don’t have a hundred percent confidence in escaping from here.

We can only go in and take it one step at a time.

” Jon said slowly.

After hearing Jon’s words, Will Smith felt a little incredulous.

After seeing the Aga Mountain Prison, he no longer had any hope of winning this drill.

However, Jon said that he didn’t have 100% confidence? In other words, He was still certain that he could escape? Will Smith found it hard to believe.

He really didn’t know what plan Jon had to escape from such a prison.

… A few days of preparation time.

Jon took Will Smith and the others around the prison.

Of course, while they were wandering around, they needed to avoid the prison guards.

Otherwise, with their frequent wandering, they would have been caught by the prison guards as delinquents.

They arrived at the agreed time for the drill.

Early in the morning, the warden called Jon.

“I’m the Warden of the prison.

You’ve arrived near the prison, right, Jon?” “Yes.

I’m at the Four Seasons Hotel next to the prison.

” earing the Warden’s question, Jon replied.

It had already been agreed that Jon and the others would be sent to prison as ordinary prisoners.

Therefore, he naturally had to tell the warden of his specific location.

Then, he asked the warden to send someone to pick him up.

“Okay, at two in the afternoon, I’ll bring someone to pick you up.

You should prepare well.

It’s best to have a good meal at noon.

After all, you won’t get such treatment in prison.

” The warden said with a smile.

“Okay, at two in the afternoon, I’ll wait for you in the hotel.

” Jon replied.

Then, he informed the team.

At noon, they had a meal, and Jon told the team something.

Then, Will Smith and the other two went back to their rooms.

Jon and Brown Williams were in the lobby of the hotel, waiting for the warden to arrive.

At the same time.

At the Aga Mountain Prison.

The warden was preparing a car, while Gal Gadot and the cameraman were in the warden’s office.

As the official live reporter for the drill, Gal Gadot and the two cameramen from City Television had arrived in Philadelphia yesterday.

They had a night off somewhere else.

They arrived at Agatha prison this morning.

After entering the warden’s office, Gal Gadot started to prepare for the live broadcast.

It was already 1:20 pm.

Gal Gadot knew that the warden would pick up Jon and Brown at the hotel.

So, now that they were ready, Gal Gadot and her crew were ready to start the live broadcast.

Because, after picking up Jon at 2 pm, they should be leaving early.

Looking at the time, they should be leaving soon.

After checking the camera equipment, Gal Gadot checked her appearance.

Then, Gal Gadot told the cameraman to start the live broadcast.