Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 182

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Prison Break Drill! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio When the audiences heard Jon say that he would not participate in the bank robbery drill, the comments exploded.

Because a lot of people were looking forward to Jon’s next drill.

But they didn’t see this coming.

Therefore, a lot of the audiences on the chat begged Jon not to give up on the drill.

After all, everyone loved to watch Jon’s drill.

Not just the viewers in the livestream, even Raymond, the commander, the squad leader, Gal Gadot, and Will Smith were shocked.

Before Jon made this decision, no one had expected Jon to make this choice, because the profits of the drill were outrageous.

They didn’t understand why Jon wasn’t going to participate in the bank exercise.

Venus looked at Jon in low spirit, she had been worried that she wouldn’t have another chance to cooperate with Jon.

But now, her worry had come true.




If Jon didn’t participate in the drill, then she probably wouldn’t have another chance to contact Jon anymore.

She did not know when she would meet Jon again.

At the thought of this, Venus’ heart felt empty.

She was not the only one, there was also Will Smith and the others were also disappointed by Jon’s decision.

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COM After two drills, they had formed a special bond with Jon, like the bond between comrades on the battlefield.

But if Jon did not participate in the drill, then they probably would not have the chance to reunite again.

However, all good things must come to an end, everyone understood this.

In life, it was inevitable to part with someone that you knew.

“Then you don’t plan to participate in the drill.

What are your plans from now on?” At this moment, Gal Gadot asked again.

Actually, Gal Gadot was rather happy that Jon did not participate in the drill.

That was because Jon would not be too busy and had free time.

She also had the opportunity to go home with Jon every day after work.

“I’m not saying that I won’t participate in the drill, but I’m going to try other types of drills, such as doing a prison break.

” “After all, the security of the prison is also very important.

” “If a prison is willing to cooperate with me in a prison break drill, I’m willing to do it.

” Jon answered.

“Prison break drill?” Gal Gadot was stunned.

“I’m dumbfounded.

So, it’s not that Jon doesn’t want to participate in the drill, but he wants to challenge a brand-new role?” “Good guy, the role of bank robber can’t satisfy him anymore.

He wants to lock himself up in the prison” “Wow, I really don’t know what Jon is thinking.

Why would he want to go to jail?” “If you think about it carefully, it’s quite made sense.

After all, after he robs a bank, isn’t he going to jail?” “However, let’s not bother about Jon participating in what kind of drill.

As long as he will be in a drill, we can watch the live broadcast again.

” “Haha, that’s true.

” “Jon’s words about not participating in the bank robbery almost give me a heart attack.

” “Actually, a prison break drill sounds quite exciting.

It might even more hype than a bank robbery.

” “Yeah, I’m already looking forward to it.

” “I’m also starting to look forward to it.

In a heavily guarded prison, I wonder if Jon’s high intelligence will still be of any use.

” “It should be of no use.

Do you think that a prison is a bird cage? That it’s so easy to get out?” “However, to be on the safe side, I still hope that Jon will be locked in a top-notch prison.

Only then will he be able to live up to his identity as the best robber.

” “You’re being too serious, but I like it.

I don’t think that a normal prison can hold Jon.

If he wants to come, then he’ll come to a heavyweight prison.

” “Highly secure prison, how about the Aga Mountain Prison?” “The Aga Mountain Prison? What is this place? How secure is it?” “Good lord, you don’t even know about the Aga Mountain Prison?” “Okay, then I’ll explain it to everyone.

The Aga Mountain Prison is a world-class prison.

It’s said that the prisoners inside are all who committed felony!” “Please invite Jon to the Aga Mountain Prison for the drill!” When the audiences in the livestream heard that Jon was going to participate in a prison break drill, they were happy again.

It wasn’t that Jon wasn’t going to participate in the drill, so they were happy to have more drills to watch.

And not long after, the news had spread out.

Under the official Twitter of the Aga Mountain Prison, there were a lot of comments asking them to invite Jon to participate in the drill.

In the temporary command room, after they came back to senses after being stunned by Jon’s word.

“Boss, you have to think it thoroughly.

The prison break drill is not as simple as a bank robbery drill.

There are high walls and electric fence in the prison.

It’s not so easy to escape.

” Will Smith quickly approached Jon and spoke.

After all, a prison break was much more difficult than robbing a bank.

What kind of place was a prison? It was the place where were all sorts of criminals were locked in there, and it was strictly guarded.

Jon wanted to be in a prison break drill.

Wasn’t he afraid of failing? Will Smith felt that Jon was a little too impulsive.

Hearing Will, Jon only smiled and didn’t say anything.

Since the mission given by the system was a prison break drill, then he had to try it no matter what.

Whether or not he could successfully escape, he had to try.

Moreover, this time the system only said that participating in the prison break drill would be rewarded.

It didn’t say that he had to win.

Of course, winning was the best to him.

After all, it was the only way to get a higher score.

Commissioner Raymond stood at the side, wondering if this kid had been blinded by sweetness of victory and way too confident that he could break out a prison.

Jon needed to be locked in the jail.

It was not like being surrounded by police officers.

That place was heavily guarded.

How could he escape? “You, you are going to participate in a prison break drill?” Gal Gadot calmed herself down and asked anxiously.

If nothing else, a prison break drill was definitely more dangerous than a bank robbery drill.

She did not want Jon to participate in it.

“Yes, I do have the idea to participate in a prison break drill next.

If a prison is willing to invite me, I’ll happy to agree.

” Jon said with a certain tone!