Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 175

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Annihilate the Police Again! “We still have thirteen minutes.

In thirteen minutes, police officers from other junctions will come to support us.

” “We have to successfully breakthrough in thirteen minutes!” Jon looked at the time and whispered to them.

“Thirteen minutes? Time is running out.

” Will Smith frowned when he heard that.

In thirteen minutes, they had to break through the heavily guarded intersection of twenty-two police officers.

Moreover, there were roadblocks and tire blowers set up at this intersection.

This made him feel a little urgent.

“Will, go out and attract the police officers’ fire.

Brown and Leon, cover Will.

Venus will take down the three police officers in the guard box.

” “And I want to test the power of the grenades on them.

” Jon said slowly.

Twenty-two police officers, this number was not a lot.

Moreover, they had better weapon than the police.

Jon was confident that they could make it.

Now they still had a lot of bullets left.




Moreover, there were still more than ten grenades left.

Moreover, in the intersection ahead.

The police officers were all gathered at that intersection.

Most of them were crowded at a spot A few grenades could be really convenient in eliminating the crowd.

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COM “Alright!” “You guys better cover me up.

I don’t want to be shot into a honeycomb.

” “I was eliminated last time, I ain’t gonna do that again.

” Will Smith didn’t have any objections to Jon’s arrangement.

However, after replying to Jon, he turned back to Brown and Leon.

After all, they were the ones who escaped in the bus with the fake hostage during the last drill.

They successfully attracted the police’s attention.

Thus, Jon and Venus successfully escaped.

As for the three of them, they were caught by the police and could be considered to have lost in battle.

When he said this, the few of them smiled.

“Don’t worry, we got you.

We will cover your ass.

” Brown said with a smile.

Then, just as they were about to make a move, everyone became serious.

“Everyone, get ready.

Whether we lose or win, it all depends on this move!” “Three…” “Two…” “One!” “Begin!” Jon instructed and counted down to three before starting.

As soon as he finished counting, Venus sniped a police officer.

The next moment, it hit the helmet of a police officer in the sentry post.

In an instant, red smoke emitted from the police officer.

He was eliminated.

At the same time.

Will Smith also walked over from the corner of the street.

Then he kept shooting to the police with his submachine gun.

Now, he didn’t care whether he shot accurately or not.

He only hoped that he could quickly finish shooting the bullets in the submachine gun.

Under the random firing, he actually hit a few police officers.

He was even more accurate than when he was carefully aim at the target.

Behind him, Brown and Leon were also shooting crazily, covering Will with fire.

Jon took out a grenade.

He pulled the fuse and threw it at the crowd of police officers.

As a former Navy SEALs team member, his throwing was professionally trained.

After the grenade left his hand, it drew a parabola in the air.

It fell within three meters of the guard post.

Then, Jon’s hand did not stop.

He pulled open another grenade fuse.

He threw it at another guard post.

Then, another one! From Jon’s order, to Will Smith’s rush to shoot, and then to Jon throwing three grenades.

All these things were done within five seconds.

It was extremely fast.

Completely caught the police off guard.

Even though.

The squad leader had ordered them to be on high alert a few minutes ago.

However, their equipment was inferior than the robbers’.

Moreover, they out their attentions on the robbers’ vehicle.

They did not expect that the robbers would get off from their car and attacked them directly.

“Sir, the intersection of Moses District has been attacked by robbers.

The robbers have heavy weapons in their hands.

We can’t resist them at all!” “Request for backup, request for backup!” In the midst of gunshot, a team captain quickly picked up his walkie-talkie and called for help from the temporary command room.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he was hit by a sniper bullet on his helmet.

He was eliminated.

He had no choice but to put down the walkie-talkie in his hand.

In the temporary command room.

The squad leader had already asked the technicians to pull up the surveillance footage of this intersection during the attack of the robbers.

So, before the team captain reported back, the people in the temporary command room had already seen the situation on the scene.

They saw the police officers being crushed by the robbers, and the police officers had no ability to fight back.

The squad leader’s face was extremely gloomy.

The arresting team was still a long way from that intersection.

It would take at least 15 minutes to rush there.

And the police officers at the nearby intersection, even if they were the nearest police officers, would also need five or six minutes to rush there.

It was too late.

Judging from the robber’s fearsome attack, the officers at this intersection would not last long.

This time, he did not give any more orders.

Because it was too late for all the deployment.

He could only place his hopes on the officers at this intersection.

He just hoped that they could hold on until the backup arrived At Moses District.

The battle was coming to an end.

The police who had set up a post at this intersection were basically wiped out.

There were only two leave to take cover.

Jon didn’t walk over.

Instead, he used the grenade he still had.

He threw it towards the intersection.

After the bomb exploded, the two police officers were also eliminated.

They could only helplessly walk out.

At this point, the 22 police officers at this intersection were all eliminated! “Will, go and count the people.

Brown, go and bring the car over.

” Then, Jon said to the two people.

The two people responded.

“Boss, there are quite a number of people.

Twenty-two of them!” Soon, will returned after counting the number of people.

His face was full of excitement.

After all, the drill had ended, but he was not eliminated in the battle.

This was something to be happy about.