Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 174

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Before the Breakthrough! The possibility that the robbers were hiding in the police car of the officers who had already been killed was something they had not expected.

After all, all the officers in the hunting team had already been killed, and if the robbers had taken their cars, they would not have been able to resist.

And they would not have been able to report it to the temporary command room.

Although, doing so would have been a bit of a cheat for the robbers, there was no rule in the drill that said that it could not be done.

So, it was very likely that Jon would take advantage of this loophole.

And when the audience in the livestream saw this, they also praised the squad leader, using good words like “Awesome,” “Thorough” and “Rigorous” to describe the squad leader.

However, to everyone’s disappointment, Jon and the other five people were not in the car.

There were only eliminated police officers in the car.

Some of the police officers even took photos of the robbers and compared them one by one.

After careful inspection, they did not find any robbers.

Moreover, there was no place to hide people in the police car.

Similarly, they did not find $10 million.




They also did not find any guns or ammunition.

The robbers were not in this car at all.

In the end, Team A did not find any robbers in the car, so they had to let them pass.

Twenty minutes later.

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COM Team A arrived at the Little Alps, near the abandoned factory.

All the special police officers got out of the car and bent over from a distance.

They made sure that they would not be discovered by the robbers quickly.

After all, no one was sure that the robbers would not set a trap in the parking lot again.

They were waiting for them at a certain place.

After all, more than 50 people had been eliminated in this drill.

If a few more of them were eliminated as well, the situation would be even worse.

Therefore, Team A led the special police very carefully.

They didn’t go directly to the abandoned factory.

Instead, they went to the mountainside opposite the Little Alps.

This place was exactly opposite the place where Jon had ambushed the police officers.

And from here, they could also observe the inside of the abandoned factory.

After arriving here, a team captain took out a telescope.

He wanted to see if he could find the robbers.

In the temporary command room.

Looking at the image transmitted from the helmet of the team captain of Team A, everyone held their breaths.

This was because no one was sure whether the robbers would choose to break out or stay here to continue the ambush.

If the robbers were still at the abandoned factory, this would be good news for the police.

This was because if the robbers did not plan to break out, the police would still have time to plan the arresting operation.

However, if the robbers had already left the Little Alps and were looking for an intersection to break out.

Then, it would be very stressful for the police.

After all, the robbers had heavy weapons in their hands.

The squad leader didn’t dare to guarantee that the police force he had deployed at the intersection of North Freedom Road would be able to stop the robbers.

Because this drill wasn’t like what everyone had expected that the robbers would only run away.

From the moment they killed the commander, it had already indicated that the robbers would take the initiative to attack.

And if the robbers could rush out of the city, it meant that the police had lost.

Therefore, if the robbers were not in the Little Alps, the pressure on the police would naturally be not small.

At the Little Alps.

The team captain did not see the robbers through the binoculars.

He also did not see the robbers’ vehicle.

At this moment, he could confirm that the robber had most likely run away.

Because if the robbers stayed to ambush the police, there was absolutely no need for them to hide the vehicles.

“Sir, the abandoned factory did not find the robber or the robber’s vehicle.

There was also no sign of them on the small Alps.

They should have run away.

” The team captain quickly reported the situation to the squad leader.

The squad leader frowned when he heard the team captain’s report.

Although he had expected this outcome, he still felt discouraged when he found out that the robbers were not in the abandoned factory.

Then, he looked at the map and guessed where the robbers would escape.

He calculated the time.

From the moment the hunting squad was wiped out and after the robbers cut off the communication with him, nearly fifty minutes had passed.

If the robbers had stopped at the abandoned factory for five or six minutes before they set off, then it had been forty minutes since then.

Forty minutes.

He ignored the intersection where Team A came, because the robbers would definitely not choose to break through at this intersection.

Then, there were still three intersections left.

These three intersections, the furthest intersection, was only a ten-minute drive.

The robbers had another forty minutes or so to get there.

But until now, there was no news from these intersections.

Could it be that the robbers were deliberately stalling for time? But stalling for time did not benefit the robbers.

Instead, it was beneficial to the police.

Jon would never do that.

And there was indeed an intersection that required 40 minutes of driving.

However, this intersection was not the one that left Liberty North Road.

Instead, it was the exit from Moses District, the exit from the city! It was very likely that the robbers were tried to escape from here! Thinking of this, the squad leader picked up the walkie-talkie.

“Attention, police officers from Team A and Moses District, the robbers are most likely breaking through from Moses District!” “Police officers from Moses District must be on high alert.

Team A will go to support them immediately.

” Judging from the time, this intersection was most likely the intersection the robbers chose to break through! But he didn’t know if Team A would be able to make it to this intersection in time.

He had never let down his guard at Moses.

Now, there were twenty-two police officers deployed at this intersection.

It could be said that there were already quite a number of police officers.

However, whether these twenty-two police officers would be able to stop the heavily-armed robbers or not was still uncertain.

At the intersection of Moses District.

“Boss, there are twenty-two police officers at this intersection.

There are roadblocks and tire breakers set up at the intersection.

It’s not very likely that we’ll be able to rush out from here.

” Will Smith looked at them as he spoke to Jon.

Jon nodded The five of them used the terrain to conceal themselves.

He had observed this intersection before.

There were roadblocks set up at this intersection, and tire breakers were set up behind the roadblocks.

If they tried to drive their way out, it wouldn’t work at all.

Therefore, if they wanted to leave from here, they would inevitably have to fight with the police.

Moreover, Jon had heard the deployment of the squad leader in the temporary command room just now.

He was not surprised that the squad leader had thought that they would break through from here.

After all, they had chosen to break through at this intersection.

Jon did not hide it.

He did not even make any confusing tricks, it was a matter of time that the squad leader figured it out.