Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 170

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Audience Were Shocked! In the temporary command room.

Jon’s image appeared on the display screen.

At the same time, his voice was heard by everyone in the temporary command room.

Hearing Jon’s word and looking at his faint smile in the screen, the squad leader’s expression was extremely gloomy, the muscles on his face moving.

He was obviously gnashing his teeth.

After eliminating so many of his own police officers, Jon was now speaking to him as a victor.

This was simply a provocation! This was simply showing off! The squad leader was so angry that he almost slammed the table.

At the side, commissioner Raymond and the commander did not look happy at all.

It wasn’t just them.




All the police officers were very angry the moment they heard Jon’s voice.

After all, the robbers had already eliminated another 50 police officers.

Jon even provoked them.

His words caused rage flowed throughout their bodies like lava.

In the livestream.

“I really didn’t expect that Jon would be able to counterattack in such a situation.

It’s really amazing.

” “Yeah, before this, who would have thought that not only did Jon not abandon his money to escape, but he also even laid in ambush here and caught the police off guard?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “This is simply amazing.

Before we all thought that Jon would take advantage of the encirclement of the police to think of a way to escape, we didn’t think that he didn’t even think of escaping.

” “This is really a jaw-dropping reversal.

When the police saw the money here, I thought that the police were about to win.

I reckon that the police also thought so.

” “That’s right.

They also thought that Jon had temporarily given up on running away and then thought of a way to snatch the money back.

But they didn’t expect that Jon didn’t run at all, and instead ambushed them here.

” “The police were careless, but that’s understandable.

After all, the drill had been going on for so long, and it wasn’t easy to see a major breakthrough point.

It was inevitable that they would get excited.

” “But it was just that excitement, and Jon directly caught their openings, and then the whole team was wiped out.

” “Actually, this is a very good lesson.

We shouldn’t get carried away at any time, especially when we see success.

Perhaps there’s a major trap waiting for you ahead.

” “Yes, the moral of this incident is too important.

We must not be complacent.

” “What about the people who said that Jon will definitely be in a desperate situation this time and will definitely be arrested? Why aren’t they coming out to talk?” “Their faces are all swollen because there were too many slaps on their faces, do you think that they still have the nerve to come out to talk?” “Haha, the people who don’t think highly of Jon are probably the same group of people.

Every time Jon is in a difficult situation, this group of people will jump out like a clown.

They won’t think highly of Jon, and then they will be slapped in the face by Jon.

” “I guess they’re all f*cking hate Jon now.

After all, they’ve been like the clown for so long, but Jon won’t let them see the result they want to see.

” “Haha, but the most ridiculous thing is that this drill has continued until now.

The police have lost a total of 56 people, but none of the robbers have died.

” “Yeah, I have to say that Jon is really too strong.

Without his plan, the robbers wouldn’t have been able to do this.

” “I didn’t expect Jon to be so strong not only in defense, but also in offense.

This drill should be the first time that Jon took the initiative to attack the police.

I didn’t expect him to achieve such a brilliant result.

” “It seems that in this drill, it won’t be Jon who capsizes, but the Florida State Police Department.

” “I guess the commissioner of the Florida Police Department is also betting.

After all, the reason he invited Jon to participate in the drill is to show the strength of his own police department.

But he didn’t expect thi outcome.

” “Florida’s commissioner: I called you here to show the strength of our police department.

In the end, you slapped my face again and again?” “Haha, Good job.

I guess Mr.

Commissioner is already regretting it.

” “Yeah, Jon has participated in three drills, and the police are getting more and more miserable.

Do you think that after this drill, there will still be people who invite Jon to participate in the drill?” “Yeah, Jon has already shown such strength.

What if after this drill, no one will invite Jon?” “Although the police department really wants an opponent like Jon, now that they see that Jon is too strong, they definitely won’t invite him.

” “Then what are we going to watch next time? We strongly request that Jon don’t push too much pressure on the police.

Otherwise, no one will invite him again.

” “Everyone, don’t panic.

Jon has performed so well.

There will always be people who are not convinced by him.

Someone will definitely invite Jon to participate in the next drill.

” “I hope so.

Otherwise, my source of happiness will be gone.

” “Good god, he’s starting to brag.

No one dares to invite Jon anymore? Wake up, don’t talk silly things, like Jon has already won this drill.

” “Yeah, these people are fantasizing about anything.

Now that the police have blocked all the intersections on North Freedom Road, Can Jon still escape?” “Even if more than fifty police officers were eliminated, so what? In the current North Freedom Road, not to mention the five robbers, even a fly can’t escape.

How can the robbers escape?” “Hehe, to say the least, so what if Jon ultimately fails? He has already eliminated more than fifty police officers and a police commander.

That’s already very strong.

” The audiences were still discussing crazily.

This reversal caught everyone off guard.

After all, a large portion of the audience thought that Jon had already lost a few minutes ago.

There was no chance of winning for Jon.

But they did not expect that Jon would actually ambush the police here.

And then directly annihilate the police’s search team! In just a few minutes, no one would have thought that things would turn out this way.

After all, the search team had already seen the robber’s stolen money.

It could be said that they had grabbed the robber’s throat.

However, reality was so unexpected.

And the audiences, who had always supported Jon, were naturally excited when they saw this scene.

They knew that Jon wouldn’t let them down.

They knew that since Jon dared to put ten million dollars here, he would definitely have a way to reverse the situation! And in reality, Jon did not let them down.

He directly wiped out the opponent’s team.

Moreover, the bandit team did not lose a single person.

And the audiences, who had been slapped in the face by Jon, were acting strangely, thinking that Jon would definitely lose.

At this moment, the popularity of the livestream had already reached 112 million! The new viewers were all attracted by Jon’s move!